Monday, May 02, 2005

long time havent got any target...
memory flash back to the time went to muar...
hahahaa... i start to ask myself..
m i blieve the words tat told by the old guy ?
i not mind wat i had been told... juz very miss the otak otak from muar... very nice..
3 more months "2 years", meant by the old guy pass
wat will happen 3 months later, i duno
but i quite enjoy the card i "play" in the muar

i know every ppl sure assume which person i always mix v will be the one they tot
but this time wanna prove something to those frens
juz wanna shut up thier narrow mind , which always guide them think too much
the only think can prove me & my "gdfren" are innocent is the time
gdfren-is the person who always help me out when i was in touble
-help me move house many times (4 times)
-the only fren tat acc me during dinner when in ex company
-the only fren tat not only ex classmate but also bcome colleague in same company(ex-company)
-always being drag by me to the gala premiere, until the last premiere he went to the wrong cinema(felt so sorry for tat time as i was at BTS but he at MV)
-always bcome my driver if i lazy drive (previously)
-always kena cheat by me for the movie after work
-teach me the ways go to 1U & leisure mall, which is the most familiar place for him
-the person who bring me to kepong --the place i not familiar, until now i oredi can go there by myself)
-thanks him for the bat kut teh in kepong but i still prefer tat jalan ipoh one... still waiting to try bat kut teh at klang
-thanks him borrow his place for me to put my things for temp & also stay there as temp ..... until his family & frens around us also misunderstand our relationship...
-thanks him bring my PIG frens came for my condo on 5 Jul 04
-thanks him for the buddies tat always hang out at BTS recently for movie v ah nan & ah mui & kevin ....
-thanks him, if not of him, i wont able to know frens like suh wuen, kia min, kevin & florence in gsc
-thanks him so patient until able to bear so many things
-thanks him tat he always show concern to my pig fren which is the most cutie one, bcoz most of the news i got from him...
-thanks him help me so much until i owe him so much
-the person who always giv me hands whenever i need while most of my pig frens are not free at that time)
-the person tat who always show his gentleman & helpful to other frens
-the person who will drop tears when sing the song <>
-the person who always bluff & bull shit all the time
-the person who directly talk bad infront of me for this & tat (hairstyle,& so on)
-the person who having same bday v my papa
-the person who sometimes very "TIAO" & always perm his hair & dye the hair until his hair has bcome the crispy maggi mee
-the person tat very like JAY but he giv chance to his bro to see the JAY concert in Malaysia
-the person tat very very perfer sumone but he always got many diff gals bside him until he is confuding which one to chose (eg, A24,J33)

Many ppl din blieve there is gdfren between gal& guy...
well in my case, there really only the goodfren relationship between us although there r lots of rumours bet us (may be most of the time we hang out in groups)
To my dear fren,
"Get the type u want & dun let the chance pass by, i know u can make it.. cheers... my dear fren" >> i still hope u will together v sumone i know>>the cutie pig

many of the frens include tat lai v & eliz keep on mention about the "2 years" thing
but to me , tats nth
may be now my feeling is diff if compare v in coll days
bcoz now oredi used to do things on myself...
movie alone,
eat alone,
drama alone,
shopping alone, driving alone