Wednesday, May 31, 2006


recently juz fail 1 thing...
haihhh feel very useless
where got ppl fail the 2nd interview?????
shit joce..
pass the walk in one.. but fail the phone one
dream to be in pg broke into pieces.....

long time never cry when driving car
that night, on the way to the office...
duno y..
tears drop..
& outside raining heavily
its really my moody day..
cry may be recently bit stress..
feel sad about the frenship
also feel useless...
cannot see my road in front of me
duno which step i need to take...
this the 1st time i cry after i left GSC (previously cry more times)


is the time for me
to decide wat i going to do...

Friday, May 19, 2006

Weird Day

Another OT Friday..
Notice another leng lui join here..
either is TS or NOC
recenlty the star keep stay until very late
wonder y he suddenly msn me
then only know he interested in the leng lui
unfortunately i duno her yet.. hehee
so still not able to intro to him
it seems sumone also quite 8
even sumone said bz , still so free to notice the new ppl in company
when i was on call.. suddenly someone juz stand bhind me and stare at me
really shocked when turn around, find out is tat star v his smiling face
OMG, really feel weird
then again notice the star with his black glasses waving his hand when he want to go back..
again, feel shocked
once again, he said bye to me.. v his smiling face..
wat a weird day..
this is the 2nd time say hi after met him at the entrance tat morning..
+++ +++++++twinkle twinkle little star++++++++++

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Luck -- where r u..

long time din hangout v them at KLCC
quite happy after 2 years finally can have early celebrattion v them
enjoy the food at secret resipe until 2 good buddies straight run to the toilet after taken the cakes v empty stomach
once everyone okie oredi, is the time to go back
3 of us keep busy giving the $ to the machine for paying the ticket..
while i was bz taken my coins ,nobody aware about the paid ticket
once in the car, juz realize none of us took the ticket
oh shit.. we loss it
sumone has been taken it
wat to do, go to the secutiry office and paid rm50 for such a good lessons
continue our next stop at BU starbucks
i tot i cancountdown & having a wish there after 12am
already finish my only cake before 12am in 10 mins
manatau our goodfren, marcus called
keep asking to come over MV starbucks
whats diff between BU starbucks & MV starbucks?
thinking of marcus just bluffing v us.. so doesn't want to come over there
but when Nan called, still thinking he juz helping his bro to convince us to come over there
by telling tat might be some surprise
straight away back hom after 12am
continue with zoe for some TW programmes of Jimmy Lin & Jolin when i slep also no idea
I was dreamed of "William Ma" on such particular day
William is one of my far far relative i met at perth tat day..
also the most regret thing is never took picture v him
dreamed of we are actulaly having some performance
when me & William are going to have our performance together that time, i was awake by Nan called
wat the ....
when Nan told me i throw Marcus alone at the MidValley starbucks alone last nite
feel abit guildty
guildty, guildty & guildty
IF went to meet him last nite.. i think will still spend the time at the genting for such day like last year
Haih..Sorrie my dear fren........

Monday, May 08, 2006



6/6/06, 是蛮特别的日子。

大略的让她知道从RedangTrip 到KLIA看飞机甚至到他家看《Hi上班女郎》
从《May I Love You》到《我难过》