Wednesday, August 31, 2005

these few days really did somethings that i had planned for long time
Firstly go for ear piercing at S Piramid...
it jus took 2 hours tp eat & finish all my things at Piramid...
so crowded there on sunday....
even the ATM also full v ppl...
after finish ear piercing, both ears a bit pain
but quite luckly coz until now my ears stil not yet bengkak or itchy
may be i control the food... not dare to have itchy ears like last time


Monday, 29 August
finally go to the uptown to apply another line for the internet
really very malaysian, all the things done by last minute
hahaha luckily, its very fast & easy
Appreciate the TM ppl there... so frenly & patient
on tuesday TM ppl oredi come to the house to install the phone
hopefully they can faster settle my modem...
hehehe waiting for the day~~~~

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tayar Puncat

1 week ago.. after come out from Giant...
accidentally spotted something
omg, tayar puNcat Again..
faster do a quick search my HP
-oh no.. unable to find any guys which are close to me & can help me to solve this thing..
-its time for me to maintain my frenship v my guys' frenz...
hahahaaa... pity.. the only ppl tat i can look for is tong.. but this fren he helps me alot.. cannot always trouble him...
luckily the workshop i always go got open on sunday
this is the chance i can take out the workshop name card & calling the ppl
thank god, everything settle after the work shop ppl come and fix it..
sometimes, its quite important to take the name card from ppl & always keep it on the purse as u will need it one day~~

Mega Sales

最近在杂志上看到的1件裙, 很适合dinner dress
可是没缘分, 从midvalley 到One U 甚至 Sunway Piramid,
Miss Selfridge brown color dinner dress 都卖完了


these few days... really wasted a lot..
anything i tot i can finish, manatau everything left half then through away..
Not sure whether is bcoz of last week the mood was not good bcoz influence by SOMEONE
hahhaa... anyway.. spend the money is my most happy way to release myself..
feel very 败金 oredi..
Its so enjoy spending when u use the money tat u earn by urself..
Rm500 in 5 hours habis at Mid Valley...


i slep very early form sat until last nite..
after back then stuck in front of the TV then nap at the sofa..
wake up then go to rooom continue sleep
not sure is my mental tired or my body tired or juz wanna escape something... or juz wanna hide myself out


speding the whole evening at the Apsent Spa at TTDI
start another course
then trying the spa which included in the course..
very shy when changing the clothes..
really had fun time at the bath tub... hohohoohooo
next time wanna try the"hot Blanket"
hope i will finish my couse b4 Dec....

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Haze Gone, Mood Back

2day... finally able to see the KLCC & KLTower from the office..
hehe yeah.. everything get to normal..
even my mood.. also get to normal..
although sometimes still geram of the ppl
>>coz never choi me for the msg..
but anyhow.. thanks those show the concern on me..
hey frenz.. i know wat i mm doing,,
so dun worry k? hehe..

Friday, August 12, 2005


this morning, finally raining after hazzy for so long..
finally can feel ab it fresh air....

browse some web & go to one blog....
read & read,,,,
suddenly i clear my mind....
push myself out from the pass memory
yess PASSS memory...
then i moody again...
dunno y i always so easily influence by ppl.....
suddenly feel very diff to breath...
so sad in heart...
long time dun have such feeling oredi...
i think i was addicted....
not by the drugs but by ppl...
I believe i can manage to control myself...
will recover as long as no more contact, chatting, msn, yahoo or anything ...
pls bless me...