Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lai Wee Birthday 2007

Lai V Birthday


Titon + Jimmy Ryan + Xin Er

**due to eliz request, deleted the photo of us wahahaha**

Daily Note

30 Sept, Sun:

Finally go out celebrate piggy Ember belated bday
booked the Neway at 11am manatau woke up on 10.50am =.=
Piggy Joel was the first ppl reached there..
Neway is located nowhere until the room has been released.
hahahha... this is the first time sing K also late
looks like piggy's date always late
end up the lunch at Sushi Groove
started my target of the day after my Miracle was broken as a result of falling down from table
tried out many brands until the nose also cannot tahan
finally end up with Intuition which impressed me few years ago at the Intiball

Once came out from Parkson, dearest Joel kena shocked by little guy who is playing hide and seek ahha
then this cute lady suddenly hit on the long bench when ahead to the Akemi
muaahahhahaa...this proved that this cancer never look at the floor when walking
Ended up spending the card with that Akemi thingy

then move on to Delicous
spending time on chit chatting and discussing each things
still cannot fulfill the wish of Sing K of this weekends...
grrrr.... >_<

*recall today is bday of Suki's cousin, wish him happy bday*

29 Sept, Sat

Kia Min juz back to PJ
K room that has been booked and movie tickets all have been cancelled
hope still have other chances go out sing K to celebrate her blated bday
duno since when 3 of us keep celebrating each other Bday at Karaoke Box and ended up with movie in GSC
and this always recall our pass days when working together

*2molo is Jun Yi big day >> Happy Bday Jun Yi, the cutest little chilli*
*Asian Heritage Row is our next target, looking forward*

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


很不顺 总是会错失一些机会
明明时间很恰当时 就会有突发事件
下一次会顺 是什么时候呢??



Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wrong Information

>>FutSal 2007 Merdeka Celebration

well, our dearest exil coach pointed out the 2nd match result should be we lost 2-3
the goal he score from the start is thrid match

*finish the 1 2 1, very happy and tired..
again, we will have hapenning nite
again, duno hows the story goes this time*

to whom want to know how bad u r, i will let u know...

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


tring few ways
-listen to some radio statos such as fly fm
-buy many chocs and eat lots of chocs
-drink kaokao v frenz after work
-the next should be take a fresh air on the top of the hill
(would fast fast change the tyres b4 go up)

whats next after this??
m i oredi find the way to release>??? or i still finding?

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happening Nite

14 Sept, Fri

looking forward for this night quite some time after few times of postpones.

Again, we back to Bumbubali
again we all start chit chatting, makaning and drinking
again we meet ex coleagues and new friends

But this time, 5 of us went for the 2nd ground as we planned
Qbar was our next destination
Feel wanna release after few weeks have been tied up with problems and tix
(even dreamt of my tix on sat >_<)
juz wanna release and release
chivas + dance + play are the main things that night
each of us really like to help each other pour the drink
until we start playing the Ice
getting crazy and wilder
throw each other with the Ices
until our table and place so wet
until the cleaner had to come and mopped it

no matter how crazy but i still so awake
i tot i will act wildly
i tot i will cry loud loud
but everything is under my control
may be i oredi cried on the way i came

something happened and make that night really happening
feel very glad that night so safe after they reject to be friend with other


Recap Wed night
went to the Grapes And Hopes Again
tat pub is quite happening every wed nite
got ppl singing there
got many orang hitam gathering there
went v a fren
chit chatting until middle
suddenly a male orang hitam sit down and join us
quite uncomfortable with a stranger juz intro himself and join our chat
i start guessing the real purpose
i know i should't have that thought but may be i lost trust to ppl esp guys

when its time for us to leave after 3 Jar of heineken
wannted to pay v CC
manatau that lousy bar said the CC machine spoiled
have to paid by cash
we not enuf cash
my fren go to the atm nearly
juz the few mins he left
and i was alone in that pub
this pub were full v orang hitam
omg i m so so so so scare
can't imagine wat will happen to me if they all attack me

wat a terrible experince~!!

**since when i keep drinking recently? i think i need fresh air, looking forward to have fresh air at the top of that shan ding again
i know this time the felow accompany is sure is not my goodfren marcus anymore**
Time will never turn back

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

CCAM Award

IBM AP CRM Helpdesk Team: Azmi(1.5), Karen(TL), Susan, Yoke Fun, Jocelyn, Izumi, Tomomi, Liz, Afiza

Not In The Photo: Kim Lee(1.5), Rozaidi, Jeff, Asha(OM), Celina
In The Team between Apr 2006 to Apr 2007: Ray, Yvonne, Thomas, Tat Kee, Mizan, Erin, Rezal, Audrey(ex-OM)

Bronze Award in 8th National Contact Center Awards

CCAM Award : Bronze Award year 2007
Category : Best In-House Services Contact Center (under 50 seats)

CCAM Award : Bronze Award year 2007
Category : Best In-House Services Contact Center (under 50 seats)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Missing Disturbance Days

mumbling to my fren last nite
i said

miss the days in Phase 1 where got ppl passby my place sure cubit me
althogh is little pain but is fun (mmuahahaha, since when i bcome 被虐狂?)
but then his Nokia team move to TTDI branch and since then no more ppl cubit me liao
hahahaa anyhow he also my netfren b4 meet him in rcc

miss the days where everytime my dear 2k colleague passby my place sure play my calendar
his hands always so itchy until i had to grabbed it back
he left rcc 1 month ago

miss the days where always kena shocked by someone by knocking on my table if i m dreaming that time
luckily the period is not long or else i will kena heart attack
he oredi left ibm where juz know him < 1 month

the next will be our dearest sunshine guy in 2k
if he left 2000 oredi, then nobody else i know in the 2000 liao..
so pity
then no more ppl always show wanna shoot me v his hand, no more ppl help me buy fruits

y those cutie coleagues all left??
Y Y Y Y Y.........
may be they have to go back from where they belongs to
who knows
i will never know

Monday, September 10, 2007



很难得,我们 AP CRM Siebel 竟然会夺得CCAM 8th Annual Contact Centre Awards 2007's Bronze "Best In-House Service Contact Centre of the Year (Below 50 Seats)"
印象中,以前只有IGA和SIA Team 会夺得
虽然只是Bronze 还不错啦

太突然了 才认识他不久
看来明年futsal已没有看头 更不会有PonyTail出现了

应该高兴 魔鬼教练 走了

Saturday, September 08, 2007


went to putrajaya watched that fireworks v wanling last sat.
walked for 7 to 8 km go to the funfair there to watch..
raining night made the environment more cold

and the lights in Putrajaya town looks nicer

lights make everything difference

Putrajaya night view

Fun Fair


Pub In CyberJaya


Irish Beeer~

relax after working

Peter And Jane

Peter And Jane was a kindergarten in Kangar
was not very good in knowing ppl during that time..
shy? or does like to mix around?
not really recall
but there oredi meet some ppl who also bcame classmates in primary schools
like wan ling (who looks lke little princess that time), yee zhen, chaojie, pamela, lin mei, yig hui, ah por

how many do you still can recognise in the photos?? :)


Saw a teacher in the Peter And Jane at Block Damai and take the same lift with me
passby one of the shop lots and find out there is a kindergarden at my block..
since when there is another Peter And Jane Kidnertarden here?

hahah could be open by the teacher last time in Kangar Peter And Jane Kinderkarten..

Monday, September 03, 2007

Busy Busy Busy

today and 2molo would be the bz days for us..
due to 2 of our dear coll are enjoying their leave now..
users keep calling and asking the status of some issues
also keep in touch to check with us via Sametime..
how nice if i can put the Sametime status to Busy..

*went to watch fireworks at Putrajaya last Saturday night v one of the piggy friend, wan ling
*enjoy alot and will update the blog once got time
*joel piggy article remind me the days of Chorus Speaking of Snow White And The 7 Dwarfs, hai hooo hai hoo~*