Sunday, July 31, 2011

Story of London 5 - Jocelyn @ Jocelyn's Road

When I was staying at Richmond, I notice JOCELYN ROAD from the bus.
Finally when me & Sha went dinner @ MAKI, I managed to take a photo v this road name :)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Story of London 4 - Lim Kok Wing In London

walked passed this place after we had the yummy French food
ok Malaysian should be very proud since we got LKW here
even though its really not that big

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

London Spring 2011 Day 12 : Dining @ MAKI Japanese Restaurant, Richmond

ocha - Japanese Green Tea

this one, so so

this yakitori (chicken) still not bad

Date: 20052011
Restaurant: Maki Japanese Restaurant
Address: 147-149 Kew Road
TW9 Richmond

this is the restaurant open by Hongkey I guess coz overheard the staff were talking in Cantonese
when I purposely tested the waitress I want ocha (おちゃ) - Japanese Green Tea as my drink,
the waitress gave me the expression of never know such thing
when I asked they got served chawanmushi (ちゃわんむし) - steam egg
the waitress asked me what is that and I , as the customer, had to explain what is that dish =.=" and of coz, they dun have this kind of simple thing
as a service line, u not even know the basic dish or drink of the line u involve
this was very disappoint me
If you wanted to try out Japanese food own by native Japanese, this one is not ur choice

quite disappointed as I was not able to try out the real Japanese restaurant that open by native during London.

Rating: 5/10

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

London Spring 2011 Day 11 : Dining @ La Buvette Restaurant, Richmond

yummy crab pie * I 4got the name as the menu in their website is for current month*
Rating: 9/10

my not so up to expectation duck.. I would expect crispy type more.. Perhaps, its my problem since i only prefer duck skin which is crispy

Date: 19 May 2011
With: Gwen. Joce
Restaurant: La Buvette Restaurant, Richmond
Address: 6 Church Walk, Richmond. TW9 1SN
Tel: 020 8940 6264

After trying out 2 French restaurants in town, we decided to try this at Richmond
this one.. I was so impressed with the crab pie
once bite on the pie, the smell of the crab immediately giv u the satisfaction
seriously, It was so so so yummy

however the main dishes were just average..

Saw some review online and they giv good review for this one in Richmond
this restaurant definitely better then the previous one
as there were few group of customers had their dinner as well

Saturday, July 16, 2011

London Spring 2011 Day 10 : Dining @ Ratatoille, Richmond

Scallop again
Scallops on crispy Catalan Chorizo £8.95

the horrible beef steak
Sirloin premium steak with Prowancal herbs and garlic butter £13.95

Date: 18th May 2011
Time: 7pm
Restaurant : Ratatoille
Address: 7 The Square, TW9 1DZ

I was attracted by the name itself as same name with a movie.
Once I stepped in, I was so regret as no customer at all
however, the restaurant was quite cozy
I order 2 dishes
and the main dish - Beef steak was really disappoint me
that was bcoz the meat was not fresh, texture is not smooth , horrible!
I was not able to finish it

NO second visit

Rating: 2/10 ( 1 mark is for the deco and another mark for the service)

Note : only CASH is accepted. NO credit card accepted here

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Story Of London 3 - Daily Transportation

This is one of the buses that I took during that time.
Obviously I was sitting at the front part of another bus to take this photo... hehe
took 371 from the apartment to The Quadrant, Richmond then continue with this 65 Ealing Broadway to reach the road nearby office.. then continue with 10 mins walk
everyday walk and shivering due to too windy in the morning :)
Fall in love v the weather there coz cold is better than hot here

additional: I miss the natural air in the buss hahhhaa

Monday, July 11, 2011

London Spring 2011 Day 9 : Dining @ La Trompette

125ml wine normally < £8

our starter - Foie Gras
My first even Foie Gras and its a little bit salty and with nice smell :) simply love this

the bread while waiting for our starter

crème brûlée, famous dessert of French, Rating : 8/10
To me, this one is not too sweet, just nice..

Lemon grass panna cotta with passion fruit, pineapple and coconut madeleines
I ordered the wrong dessert ><

Chocalate with hot choc inside. The hot Choc melt on ur mouth, yummy!! Rating: 9.5/10

Complimentary choc from the restaurant after we paid the bill
Simply love it
Date: 17-May-11
Time: 6:30pm
Venue : La Trompette
Address: 5-7 Devonshire Road
W4 2EU
Tel: 44 (0)2087471836
Food Type: French
With : Gwen & Chee

Went to a French restaurant that intro in a book after work
we reached there quite early as we were the 2nd group of customer there
we order Foie Gras (鹅肝) as our starter
and follow by some main dishes which I totally 4got the names and type
I checked the menu and found out current menu is for July not for May
and paid for £39.50 for 3 courses (starter, Main and dessert)
we did enjoy the food as its really taste good :)
Don't miss out if you would like to try yummy French food

The main dishes overall also quite nice, just I could not remember them.

Note: A discretionary gratuity of 12.5% will be added to the total bill.

Overall Rating: 9/10