Wednesday, January 30, 2008

CJ7 Press Conference

got the call from Amanda regarding the CJ7
helped her participate the spotlite online of CJ7 contest either win Press Conference tix or gala premiere of CJ7 tix
who knows
she got the Press Conference
due to the Press Conference of CJ7 on 5 Feb 10am
she unable to make it
and she is the one who subsribe for spotlite
hence need her go there to collect the ticket..
as a result, i miss out this Press Conference..
really no fate v CJ7 ><


以前的yee ling原来是这么好玩



听到了那Astro在MY FM的广告

Monday, January 28, 2008

回忆唱K@ Red Box 2004

2004年,考完final semester's final exam 的那一天
大伙儿便迫不及待的到Red Box唱K






Saturday, January 26, 2008

What Type Of Gal Are You?

Get this when playing facebook.... juz wondering..

"Your the type of girl that cares about everyone

and excepts aol diffrent personality's. You love making new friends

and would NEVER hurt the one's you have. (hmmm..)

Your a very social person who often hangs around many types of people.

Your honest and trustworthy and your friends can always trust your instincs. "

Friday, January 25, 2008










Thursday, January 24, 2008


watch this dizzy movie in mv last week

the story is quite nice

but the stupid idea type of shooting the whole movie is so shit

dizzy from the beginning to the end

sumore plus the coke that drankmade me feel wanna vomit after the movie

Story Rating : ♥♥♥♥

Overall Rating: ♥♥

**bcoz duno how to type the star sign, hence using heart to replace it, keke **

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Types Of Activities, Which One You Want?

Had our 1st meeting of Committee 2008
2/3 committee attend to that meeting
thinking and discussing of the games and event of the year
some ppl think of treasure hunt, pantball, go kart, charity to visit old folk and given the collected things and so on
pantball & go kart should be quite fun if really can organise it..
as never play pantball b4
and its only having fun if play in groups of ppl
quite looking forward to this..

in feb there are few events and some of them are annual events which is related to the CNY
and also the grand opening of RCC new building..
how nice if spent whole day in these event and noneed to work .. :P
well know tat is impossible, even can also only timeoff 2 hours for these events

some of them really got very good idea.. but let see how they can really make it or not..

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Blur Blur Joce

由于没注意提示,就使用hot iron
怎么知道这件衣只能cold iron
hot iron时那衣服就粘着那另一边的布

Monday, January 21, 2008

Concure MV

went to MV for cny shopping
had a nice lunch in "tu2 long2"
frankly speaking, their noodles are nicer than Dragon I

met LV and get the discount card of T
spotted 2 quite special shirts in T
and started mumbling to myself how come Msia currency so low
if not we all noneed to pay so high for the uk thingy
juz 10% off also save alot to me

find out Levis is very damn good..
their recycle bag really impress me
i think all the shops should learn from Levis and P&Co
bcoz recycling is not only bz talking but no action

continue the day by head on to the GSC again..
1st time using kiosk..
and they should implement this to all the cinemas of their branches
noneed human for ticket processing anymore
everything can gao tim via online is very very convenient

but this year cny movie, GSC distribute the movie from China,集结号
can expect their movie response is not really well response among CJ7 & Jay new movie
really looking forward to watching CJ7
should be another good movie after kungfu hustle
anyhow, cny is happy festive season, and there is no point to watch the movie like 集结号

**sat shopped alone, ppl buy cny shirts i bought working attire =.="
the shopper asked me whether wanna apply for G2K member card
haha guess my amount oredi reach the amount to apply the card
realy no eyes to see my cc bill next month..
coming weekend target is to buy shirt for papa and send my car pom pom
then that all for my cny shopping**

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Michael Never Apart Concert 2008, 12012008 @ Genting

Michael Never Apart 2008 - 01

Michael Never Apart 2008 - 02

Michael Never Apart 2008 - 03

Michael Never Apart 2008 - 04

Michael Never Apart 2008 - 05

Michael Never Apart 2008 - 06

Michael Never Apart 2008 - 07

Michael Never Apart 2008 - 08

Michael Never Apart 2008 - 09

Michael Never Apart 2008 - 10

Michael Never Apart 2008 - 11

Michael Never Apart 2008 - 12
2nd part of Encore

Joce + Xavier

concert at 8pm but then started at 8.05pm which was very early to us
due to we reach there around 8.07pm
thus miss out the starting part
this is the first concert start quite "sharp"
and this is the 1st concert i m late
thanks to my fren whom i waited for 20 mins for the person >><<

very glad as this was the first concert sitting so near to the stage
3rd row from the front !!
and also the vip seats
can view michael so close and clear
but due to the lousy phone, i can't capture the photos and video clearly
**why other ppl N73 can capture clearly but not mine ?!!**
surprise michael play piano and sing at the 2nd encore
maybe next time he can has a concert which only got piano & michael

**thanks to Xavier for the clear photos**

**updated the name of CZ to Xavier **
**in previous post that stated of zy also referring to same person**

Surprise. 春达 VS papa

received sms from Chun Tat
shared v me about he yesterday met a senior in Langkawi
and he respects the senior by his knownledge
and had a happy hour at d night
and at the end he finally knew that person is my papa
wah, so coincident
they had 2 days some kind like "trainning" in Lankawi on sat and sun
juz to prepare the election which is around the corner
looks like those ppl who join the 2 days in Langkawi are mostly from Padang Besar

**Chun Tat, the funny fren who last time also the Pen. K. PK, always visit him in Padang Besar when back to Perlis**
**who is the winner or loser in this "gamble"??will know it once it come**

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Memory @ RTM 1997

Found this photo from the SMKPs in Facebook
at first I totally cannot recognise which one is me =.=
but then wl pointed out i were juz next to Joel
this was the photo taken in 1997 during the trip with Persatuan Bahasa Cina tat time visited RTM and Radio 5

Standing: 5th from the left, Joel, 6th from the left, Jocelyn

**wl and li fei hidden from sumwhere**
**LC was the standing and the darkest one**

Driving License

recently susan remind us about driving license expire date issue
mine one also going to expire this apr
when took out my license
my collleagues can't believe that was me
yes i knew
that was my photo took in 2000
when i was still a Pengawas Keceriaan (form 5 tat time)
even show to some frens
and they laugh nonstop
maybe the photo is so much diff v my look now


meeting up ah tu & wl again
had late dinner
and spoke about driving license
my dear fren is very cute
D.L expired on 6 or 8 jan 2008
and only found out last nite >>.<<> 10 days and only realise now
and luckily ah tu willing to help her extend it by coming mon..

**do jocelynlai's fren always so blur blur one??**

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Memory @ Peter & Jane

Peter & Jane was the kindergarten i went
not sure i posted the old photo or not
anyhow grabbed this photo from some also study there
and at that time, i oredi know yi zhen and wanling these 2 cousin sister
so sad when wanling tell me that time she duno who m i =.="

Teacher Ooi, also my mum's fren, who oredi move to Crimson some time ago
accidently met her in the lift at my block
and also saw ling ling visited her last year when she back to Msia for holiday
for sure TO cannot recognise me
and i guess this is the kindergarten she open here once she move to here

Peter & Jane @ Taman Mutiara,Kangar

Peter & Jane @ Crimson

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

牛车水 @ Ara Damansara

morning view:





Night View:






this is the place which officially grand opening on 1 Jan 2008
and thus make my place very jam even reach there around 8.30pm ==..==
the place make me like and hate as well
like >> quite special especially the lightings at night
very very nice
new place for yum cha as well
hate>> the one who went there b4 sure know why

Thing To Be Collected

Since when i like to collect such thing to hang in my car
trying to collect diff diff things from diff countries that can hang
and previously Tomomi gave me the thing to hang in the car with the words of Japanese and English "I will show u the way"
but lost it when i sent my car to wash
and again this year
she bring me something quite special
i love it
Thanks, Tomomi

不伦专用In The Hotel

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

RCC Fun Club

this is the club that always organise events for IBMers in RCC
from my memory, i only participate in the events held by RCC. which was the futsal last year
every year the committee members of the RCC FC are selected by IBMers
still remember last year my name was in the list of the vote
and again this year
kl took my photo v iguanna and posted in the list of the vote
my god, whole RCC ppl know about iguanna and me oredi
and hence, i get a new name from Susan, IG --Iguanna Girl

after one week of voting
the result out recently
and they sent out all the commmittee member list
again, the photo v Iguanna sent out to RCC ppl
my gosh...
thanks for kl, bcoz of the Iguanna photo, i m in the RCC FC now
see some ppl i know in RCC FC except EW
he is not been selected..
really no fate

some of the ppl are from GMC (Global Main Chat)
and most of us voted our GMC president, Chee Wan
as the president of RCC FC
and our reporting gal quite suit to be treasurer
2molo is the day of the 1st meeting of RCC FC
not sure wat is this transition meeting for
lets see how it goes

**unexpected some of them voted for me, thanks for guys eps those in GMC**
**yl failed her 2nd interview of SIA recently, anyhow very glad she gonna be IBMer soon**

Do This Accurate?













Sunday, January 13, 2008

GooD LucK, Joel

back from Genting
reach home at 6am and slept at 7am
but then woke up at 10.30am after receiving sms from Chiang Chuan
no idea y i canot continue sleep as per my style (piggie style)
i should be able easily get sleep no matter wat happen
3 hours 30 mins sleeping time really not my style
11.13am now
and Joel must be oredi at Concorde for the interview
I lose the $$ in casino and its fine for me
as I know I oredi pass all my good luck to her for this inviteview
hope she really can pass all 5 interviews
evernthough I really hope she can be IBMers soon
bcoz this is her dream since childhood
good luck fren, aza aza fightings


still no news from ah tu for confirmation of today outings
while waiting breakfast v CC
juz updating something here
yesterday the concert was damn good
juz v miss out the beginning as when we stepped in Arena Stars at 8.10pm
the show juz started
this is the most earlier concert start at 8.10pm if the show written 8pm
and again, i miss out to buy Mic T-shirt last last time sold in Stadium Putra in 2006 Sept
bcoz they were not selling it yesterday
I swear, I will buy it one day

**mood of the day: do I start my CNY shopping today or next week??**

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Missing Cute Fren

Yan Yan, quite some time didn't meet with her..
a bit miss her now..
only can get her news from internet..
and chatting via msn
**missing someone**

Tuesday, January 08, 2008




打架不一定是pillow fight











Monday, January 07, 2008

Move Options

still back to the moving house issue agian..
and this timei force myself
either move house or change job
but so far, think 1st one is the most possible for me

talk about move house
have 2 options
1st is find a house and stay v that pig fren again
(1st time move to wangsa maju he also stayed in our house b4)
and Equine Park is his only choice
and if he really stay v me, we have to go to view house again
the good thing stay v this fren is i can get master bedroom

2nd option, move to my fren's house
and the room is medium roomand need to share the toilet v gentlemen =.="
still have to conside the size of the room
and have to consider of the kitchen utensil thingy

no matter wat, if i move out to Equine Park
my fren include guys can overnite my place
even if my SG fren wanna come over
also can can have bbq in the house
more convenience in terms of many many things..
but i have to deal v changing addresses
for phone, banking, worldvision, etc
this is most reluctant thing
and have to convince papa of staying v guy
and if ask around my frens
i oredi know their answer



这一次,并不是和我的concert Kaki去看


第二次和这两兄弟看演唱会(之前是jolin 2005)






Sunday, January 06, 2008


my housemate called and ask me to buy the newspaper 2nite
and only knew this morning she was the one who managed to cal in MY FM for the game of char bou mar bou
and answer 9 Q!!
haha the only Q made her fail was the
Ou Yang Jing's ENglish Name -- JIN >> who sing a song v Daniel Wu recently

and now the price oredi reach 4900 ++
goodluck to those who participate this game..

Xmas Decoration

MV 01

MV 02

MV 03

Genting 01

Genting 02

1U 01

1U 02

**cny getting nearer and the day also gonna reach

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Xmas 2007 ( Muar > SG > Muar)

22rd Dec, Muar

the day to go Muar again

(the number of times go to Muar is same like the number of time i go back home =.=)

as usual, 2 cars head on to Muar

reached there around 5 or 6

after dinner, continue our PS2 game

and again, i still lost to them for the racing car

23th, Dec, SG

woke up very early in the morning to take the bus

from the way to JB , keep playing on Fish's

reach Woodland Checkpoint 11 something

queing up for > 1 hour and finally get the chop =.=

y so many ppl entering SG during this time?

during queing up that time, still play tat fish song love so much..

after check in Bayview Hotel at Bencoolen Street

5 of us, Eliz, Jimmy, Titan, Laura & Joce

go to the Bugis Junction to meet up some friends

1st time having lunch v bunch of friends of Eliz,Cai Rong , and her friends, 17 ppl having lunch and all are Malaysians

after that, contacted Ze Hao and finally met up v this fren after 7 years

and he din change very much

stil the Ze Hao i know last time

Bugis Junction01

Bugis Junction 02

Bugis Junction 03

Bugis Junction 04

Bugis Junction 05 - The Golden Compass

this was followed by the Ochard Road

here is some photos took at the Ochard Road

OR 01

OR 02

OR 03

OR 04

OR 05

24 Dec,2007 SG

Early in the morning went to the Tiong Bharu had some delicious food.

Food 01

Food 02

Went Bugis Square in the morning then head on to OR and Vivo City

Planned to buy the hp cover in Vivo City manatau maybe too excited after meeting up Vincent, totally 4got the hp cover

most regret thing in SG>> HP cover

Vincent joined us at the Thai Express for the dinner + xchange gift

they all keep praying for not getting my gift as my gift is lighter + ashtray

Vincent still does not change much..

2nd time meet up Jennifer's fren

stil very gentleman and very nice

managed to take photo v Vincent in the MRT there but who knows my frends all very helpful, took at least 5 times =.="

Here was the article i wrote about this nice fren:


Vincent's Gift >> Dice (lighter + Ashtray)


Joce + Vincent

**after dinner, Vincent was the person who took out the cc very fast and paid .. again =.="

all of us very sek jou and paid our meal personally to him eventhough he dun wan show us the resit**

Eliz + Jimmy (the Director) who edited the photo of mine =.="

Took some photos when go back to Bayview

Night 01

Night 02

Night 03

Night 04

Vivo City 01

Vivo City 02

25 Dec, SG > Muar

Checking out Bayview at 10am

Managed to take some photos of the hotel

Bayview 01

Bayview 02

Bayview 03

Bayview 04

Bayview 05

Unable to meet Kok Kuan due to too rush

hence the 3rd xmas gift din giv out

Xmas Gift that din giv out (previous 2 had given to Ze Hao & Vincent)

26 Dec, Muar

had BKT in Muar as breakfast



zhu jiao chu

Back to Muat cut the hair at Jeffery's Saloon

Eliz asked me whether regret but since juz 1 inch and nth much diff

juz the hair bcome V shape and since nth much diff, nobody notice

its time for me make it curly or straighten it again??

ST back to Muar as well

and Lai V also came muar on 25

me and LV play the PS2 again

haha and finally won over her of the car racing

getting familiar v this game after some training

3 Vios in ST & Eliz house :

Eliz + LV + ST



luggage + souvenir

my sling bag spoil when juz reach SG
hence go to buy this bag as my luggage
aiks, found this at Genting Nike juz RM 169 but the price i bought is around RM205 (include tax as using cc to pay) =.=

Flu Panadol

having bad flu during 2nd day in SG until now still having flu =.="

Nougat >>not nice

bought this Nougat to try
still prefer Bolonies one... kekekeke