Thursday, December 22, 2005

Concert Of Celebration For YTL

very excited to attend this ochestra as this is my 1st time to attend such occation
heard from fren's bro that even the PM also attend

reach my fren house using the NKVE
start to prepare by simply "coloring the faces" & change the dress
then 2 pigs waiting at the dining

when reach KL sentral, many ppl park the car at the parking which was sponsor by the YTL
many ppl wearing formal dress v the tie & shirt going to the platform 3
pairs of eyes looking at so "dress up" ppl appear at the KTM
waiting for the KTM at the plartform 3
so long didn't have such feeling... we only have such experience when we were still at inti nilai last time...
everyone at the platform 3 with their own dinner dress
some of r the VVIP of the YTL
the train reach & headed to the Sentul
then follow by the buses
b4 the concert start, every ppl going to diff colors tent for the beverages..
the band play the song
and made me flash back for the time when my school , smkps also got the pancaragam..
every year sport day sure din miss their show time
but everytime , if better dun go to the so call"toilet"
tis is the 2nd time of using the "toilet", dont feel will go for the 3rd time..

Agong & permaisuri Agong & PM also attended the concert
the concert start at 8.30pm
Russell Watson>>a new name to me as i seldom listen to these type of songs..
i tot it was a boring concert but...
my eyes turn sharp after see the program as one of the song was the --Music Of The Night > song of Phantom Of The Opera..
He sang some of his album songs, some in diff language until duno whether he ssang right anot..
quite like another Song--Volare
he is a great singer & the chior also a great team..
the Sentul Park full with nice song & nice music..
until the end, the audience keep clapping for "enchore"

the rain come & when everyone going to leave the place..
suddenly the fireworks full up the air..
OMG, 1st time saw the fireworks juz above the head...
its so so so so amazing & the air also filled up v the smoke..
playing around for 5 mins, then one part of the concert showing the "YTL50" fireworks
my fren, she keep recording this
feel so touch~

good job for all the YTL employees include those ppl from JWmarriot (F&B) , starhill , ritz carlton & so on...
-start to search these kind of songs~