Saturday, August 22, 2015

Recap : Jolin Concert 2005

this has been 10 years already
during tat year, we enjoy the good concert from Jolin
watch she sang the 倒带with tears in her eyes
from that onwards, this song is a must song for me eveytime i go Karaoke

it was tat year
1st time drove up to genting at the wee hour during my birthday too
Thanks to the bff in the photos
I will never forget 2005 that concert and that birthday :)

see the lyric i converted from one song in 2007

我问为什么 友情竟变得那么淡

而你为什么 只对那东西有兴趣

我该了解你很享受 现有的这一切

早该知道回不到从前 还不愿意接受

还是希望 至少会收到生日祝福

从什么时候 我们渐渐没有话题

一起出去时 却炫耀现在有多好

甚至常常口不择言  想刀一样尖利

总是微笑面对  是要保住友情



我怀念的 是无话不说

我怀念的 是一起唱K

我怀念的 是看完电影


我记得那年生日 也记得那个夜晚

记得4个同行 在凌晨时分

开车上山顶 吹 吹风

看 风景


想问为什么 我们不再一起玩乐

是不是少了她 就无法在一起了呢

自从我离开了那里 你也随后离开

彼此减少联络 是没了首映的机会


我怀念的 是那年5月

我怀念的 是那场演唱会

我怀念的 是你们的玩笑


我记得那年生日 上了2次云顶

记得那一次被骗 伤得最深的

却是我最好 的 朋友


我怀念的 是那臭豆腐

我怀念的 是Sri Petaling汤圆

我怀念的 是一起逛夜市


我记得你的生日 也记得看那电影

记得搭着Monorail 逛了整个KL

最美的夜景 最好的时光

谁让我变成柴可夫 谁曾经帮助我

谁是我戏院的Kaki 谁和我一起看首映

谁曾是我晚餐的伴 谁是我哭诉的对象

谁让友情变质  谁是我最好的朋友

我还想再看Penchala Link的风景 我记得那年上山

也记得那山顶鬼屋  记得4个朋友

在那Ridley时 所扮的鬼脸

不知道 还可以 再 重来

谁懂我多么不舍得 这友情

这朋友 那回忆 太甜美

Sunday, August 16, 2015

recap : Madame Tussauds London 2013

bought the ticket online.
I swear I will never go to the same place again alone
It was too crowded even during the weekday
the 2nd museum I walked
I pretty enjoy the 4 D movie in this museum
1st time try the 4D movie - only 12 mins
with water and wind blow
pretty love to see the red mailbox and red phone booths around
i still queue a bit for fast lane
half of the pics are blur due to too exhausted (imagine walking fast non stop for the past 5 hours)
spent 4 hours here b4 heading back to hotel

Date :07182013

passed by one of the theatre

 just realised central line is one of the 3 earlier lines of Tube

the owner of this museum



Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Recap : British Museum walkaround

a fren told me he would need to spend 3 days at this museum
I spent 4 hours here and another 4 hours at another museum and as a result the legs pain for whole week.

Pretty enjoy the clock and watches part than the rest. Maybe bcoz the way of how it works quite similar to the Musical Museum.

Standing about 30 mins but still fail to take a better panorama view of British Musuem.

note : watched the and some of the scenes are from British Museum and recall back some memories in this museum

 saw this when on the way to British Museum. The 1st YMCA.

Took the video on how this clock works