Tuesday, September 30, 2008



sorry to hear about your dad news
hope everything is ok for u
from ur chat, u sounds ok
no matter how, the sadness still there
bcoz i did really very unfamiliar with the feeling
when my popo left us
suddenly feel like lacking someone who was staying together v u for the pass 17 years
i think i really not able to lose the only 2 ppl in my life now
for sure, i will insane

no worries bout the parking thing at rcc
i oredi forwarded ur email to kneight frank and copied u
have a good rest and accompany more v ur family esp ur mum
be strong..

please dun stressed urself even ur desk is going on live soon
take care..


Wedding Dinner On 27092008 @ Penang

Isabelle + Susan

Izumi + Yoke Fun


Small Gift , i 4got to bring back >.< Beer Gal

Monday, September 29, 2008

MPV Driving Experience + Sleep Buddha

went to Penang for our boss wedding
1st time drive MPV
when on the way to pick up the car
i fetched fren with 120km/h
manatau once i start with the Nissan Serena MPV
very not used v the height, handbrake, even gear
along the way juz 6okm/h i guess
so much diff

driving along highway to Penang
we reached Good Hope Inn Hotel at 3am
sleep at 4:30am

start our next day journey by 12pm
get loss in the Penang when we wanna hunt for food..
GPS bring us to no where
we end up simply find a shop and gao tim lunch
followed by going to Sleep Buddha at Jalan Bhurma (should be this name)

so coincident
that temple is having a ceremony for the monk soon
bought the thing to the monk by putting their names - juz to do little things for them as not able to accompany them always
and follow the ppl go to another place for the monk for very short handling the thing to them
i will visit more to the temple to try other thing like 布施

to be continued...with photos + text

Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers

another songs that quite frequent play in FlY FM

Empty - The Click Five

really like the song
with the base + little rock song

Friday, September 26, 2008


Finally move place from east wing to west wing and my cubicle is W3X08

Finally... my room looks like smaller again
and get hurt on the leg

Finally .. packing the needed things
waiting for 2nite..
pls dun bully other state ppl like me when driving..

2nite.. wl also going pg for her next trip
2nite... ann ann jie jie also will take off from penang airport for her business trip + holiday..
**ann ann jie jie, i m waiting for ur postcard..kekeke**

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Recap Weekend

Sunday went to that shop v WL and Jul
this would be my last or 2nd last visits at that place for this year (this is becoz WL oredi acc me to that place for so many times)
bumped into Andy when testing on the office chair
if u wanna meet some IBMer, pls visit this shop

spent few hours for 3 things
super tired after settle everything
my housemate is going to laugh at me until rolling on the floor if i move out from that house within a year
this is bcoz 1 big lorry is not enuf especially for the big big things

finally, i can sleep well now..

Monday, September 22, 2008

Someone Familiar

View Joel's blog
Julian went to search about participant info
and found this from some blogs
duno hows the latest result but this was her photo during last 15
congrate her
at least
she is the 1st person from Perlis in the last 15

Congrate My Dear Fren, Ember

as expected
dinner at 7pm
asked that fren to reach by 6:30pm
and she only reach by 7:30pm
me and Joel sitting at the open area of that restaurant
suddenly get shocked by the "BOOM" sound
from the roadside

humid + no aircond + the smell from the kitchen made me getting mad when the time is running but fren not yet turn up
summore few cheh meh waiters
whether chinese or their skin
also ignored me
but only serve another 2 tables customer (1 table are foreigner , another one are malay)

really damn mad bcoz nearly die of thirsty
tat dear fren bring the good news
she is the 1st one going to start her new life
very soon
this is under our expectation
during 2ndary school days
our guess are right

Congratulations to be Mrs Yuan
keke =)


moving from current place to new place, from East to West
luckily its not in the aquarium
going to miss out those ppl who passby my place and kacau me
ok maybe i kacau them more..
no longer sit next to the walkway
no matter wat..
i hope new place can bring me some good luck..
my place is very deep inside and quite hard to say hi to those passingby
looking forward =)

Jue Yin's Birthday Celebration 2008

Cappucino Pie - taste of Choc instead of Capp

Happy Birthday my deearest fren
this is her big day
bday celebration photos :
Date: 20 Sept 2008
Venue: Italianies @ 1U
Time: 7pm (officially start at 7:30pm)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bye For Now, the twins

Recently say bye bye to the speakers used for 6 years since final year of BIT
with its replacement

believe will use it > 6 years hopefully
now leave the old old keyboard and cpu

**housemate, dare not blast songs, no worries..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Relief . Smile

checking the email
finally the statement reached
this time
read carefully
the data charge really alot.
luckily they only capture the max...
and deduct the rest...
suddenly feel so relief

check online PA
the unbilled amount still showing -
and quite surprised with this
still wondering why...

at least now postpaid oredi bcome prepaid
for the following few months

Thursday, September 18, 2008


As usual
Keep login to online PA
To check for the unbill amount
This time really shocking..
Showing me with the amount with negative
And the amount is almost my salary
How come..
If this is real..
Then its good..
If the negative sign has to be removed
Then really have to eat oat everyday
I knew I oredi overpaid it..
But certainly not tat much
Do this is the final amount of that lesson?
Tat MV of Beijing Welcome U really costly

**pray hard hard**

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

光良- 右手边(2008全新EP)


那么美 不适合掉眼泪

你要好好的去飞 不需要对我想念
有一天 当你看过世界

而我也会继续地 奔驰在这长长的街
左手边是我的心 右手边没有谁
因为我相信 说过了再见

那么美 不适合掉眼泪

你要好好的去飞 不需要对我想念
有一天 当你看过世界

而我也会继续地 奔驰在这长长的街
左手边是我的心 右手边没有谁
因为我相信 说过了再见

你要好好的去飞 不需要对我想念
因为我相信 说过了再见

**this song looks nth special..
surprisingly still can be the theme song of visit malaysia
maybe need to listen few more times..**

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sametime - Connecting Empoyees

Sametime is really a good tool for employees in a company to communicate with each other
no matter when and where
Chat v SK (ex colleague in ITT)
and he mentioned one of the AU Ops Manager of ITT last time oredi join IBM
get his name and found J in the Bluepages
reply to SK with J's latest info getting from Bluepages

Bluepages + Sametime connected employee in the same company in diff country

Surprisingly, J sametime me today..
2 persons in previous company duno each other
chat via Sametime about ITT
discussing about the LA
frankly speaking, really enjoy working v ITT ppl during that time
we hang out together, yum cha, go penang, celebrate mooncake festival, etc
really had a good time v them
enjoy chatting v J over Sametime

if got chance to visit Sydney, sure will visit J one day =)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fish . Concert

listening to fish leong's latest collection album
all the songs are from her concert in taipei i guess
Fish 1st concert in Msia..
went v dearest cousin, an an jie jie
how nice if can go v her again next year
same concert, same concert buddy, same singer, same place
have to book her b4 she continue v her next traveling plan..

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Something Special..

found this card given by some piggy and doggy fren

"Snoopy cost us RM 40, remember to pay us.

Body , soul, any valuable can be paid, even virginity

Don't always naked in front of Snoopy or else he would become Spirderman and run away.

Remember to find gf for Snoopy and good bf like me (tong or schwyn)

If not, we got to buy u a lot of Mobiko or else it feels itchy. (hand written of marcus)

WHO 'R' WE? >Enter > Log in

old liao, graduated liao, sang sang seng seng lah,

don't waste lai ting sang's money too much,

don't go out yumcha with guys too much.

Oh yeah, who are we? We're aprider fren

Better learn driving, don't be tauke all the time.

Your Honey - Joel

Your lesbian friend - Jue Yin

Just Do It - Schwyn

Spiderman - Chong Tong (marcus aka Cybertong tat time)


Snoopy stil looks same

**thanks guy for attending my grad ceremony last time..
sorry for unable to make it for u guys grad ceremony**

$$ Not Enuf 2

went movie v ex gscian..
this story is comedy + touching
many ppl keep laughing when the mum asking the son "have u had ur lunch?" and after a while ask agian..
but this is not funny at all..
one day our parents.. even ourselves will getting older..
will also keep asking the same Q
but if the children answer like this..
that is really terrible..
tears keep on dropping down

**memories fly back the old days
when tat time she ask me about my work

i know i m not a good daughter
esp that day is ur bday
but i din celebrate v u
and go to celebrate fren's bday
i feel so sorry
sorry, mum**

Friday, September 12, 2008


we always learn how to smile
learn how to cope v some situation
learn how to cheeer ppl
learn how to tell funny joke
learn how to be naughty
learn how to be good
learn how to practise something
learn how to be polite
learn from the pass experience
learn how to face the life
learn how to appreciate
learn how to be strong
learn how to be steady
learn how to cook
learn how to cure the wound

and wat are the things you are learning now?


**dun wan listen to the advise..
and repeating the same thing again..
the thing I trying to avoid kena again..
ASK – is the thing key in in my mind now..**

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Ultimate Collection Special Edition

after keep repeating that songs for few hours
decided to buy this album
bcoz his previous collection is v eliz now..
crazy again...
went to atria in ex company area
this time Victoria Station music center does not having this album..
wil go 1 U hunt for it..

Traditional Look VS RCC Grand Opening

2 photos from IBM Asean Regional Contact Center (RCC) Grand Opening..

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lazy. Music

lazy Sunday

keep repeating playing Someone Like You

if one day can go to his concert in Plenary Hall or PICC place..

that would be a great experience..

with the live band..

and his voice..

anyone can tell me which language he sang?

missing You Raised Me Up

duet with Faye Tozer
Written by Gordon/ Mahoney/ Watson

Il tempo passa senza che
Lo passo mai insieme ate
Ma ti pensavo sempre
Nei sogni tu con me
Per me il mondo finira
Se non ci fossi tu
Ovunque vai
Voglio che sai

If you need a friend or a lover
Or a place that you can hide
I will always be there
Even though my hands are tied
I know deep down inside
If you'd consider what we shared
Maybe you'll see
You're all that I need

E'una vita che cercando a te
E non importa che io senta per te
Soltanto una notte ancor
Chiamami amor

All my life
I'm been searching
For someone like you

There's never been a better time
There's never been a better place
For you and I together here
Alone and face to face
Oh I'd do anything
If you'd just let me in your life
Whatever it takes
I won't make the same mistake again

E'una vita che cercando a te
E non importa che io senta per te
Soltanto una notte ancor
Chiamami amor

All my life
I'm been searching
For someone like you

Could it be the brightest star
So close yet still far away
Don't you know I've fallen for you
Baby I'm calling for you
Right here right now

E'una vita che cercando a te
E non importa che io senta per te
Soltanto una notte ancor
Chiamami amor

All my life
I'm been searching
For someone like you

Someone Like You - Russell Watson + Faye Tozer

tuned to Red FM around 9 something in the night

suddenly listen this song.. with some part which is not english but other language..

wondering who is the singer..

who knows is the favourite - Russell Watson

and memory bring me back to the YTL group's concert few years ago

they invited him that time

and he is really fabulous

red FM is something similar lilke 988

like to play some songs which is suitable to hear in the middle of the night..

for ppl to relax.enjoy

even driving in the car alone

still really enjoy

and he is really good when singing live..

Thursday, September 04, 2008

BabyLon AD @ Putrajaya

After watching movie with bunch of colleagues, i was wondering y the director giv bad comments on this movie?
juz bcoz wanna create some news?

enjoy to see hows the future city and ppl are
like the cool map which is touch screen (gal love this kind of map which much more better than current GPS)
and the Aurora, juz like an angel when he first met her

this action movie is cool

and rumour still rumour
if u bump into someone during that time
the thing u see does not the thing u think

Monday, September 01, 2008

Changing LifeStyle

Due to recent attack
I had to change my lifestyle
little change but something in plan will still go on.. maybe juz delay a little bit

**spend on something we can see and touch, is the concept trying to do**

1. No More Touch N Go
2. Finding Substitute

used to the Touch N Go when go to S. Pyramid , Atria or any car park accepted Touch N Go. There is very little extra charges but still expensive than the manual payment via machine.
started to walk few more steps to pay at the machine than paying extra juz bcoz of convenience. Since i m not rushing, what for i gonna pay extra?

always believe the higher price is having better quality, so always use the above average thing. now, finding substitution of some goods and trying to find other goods which are also almost same quality or not too bad and cheaper and of coz is safe to use.

practising this now....