Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Star, My Sun

Since when me & her start to have our own star from the company
at the beginnnig, they are the ppl that motivate us to work everytime met them
but my fren, she got many stars , from outside and also from inside
for me, i only got 1 star
until now i still wondering y i take this as my star
my star is a cool ppl,... never smile to ppl if u not the person who smile to him 1st
my star seldom meet him here as we work diff time
my star always bring a bag
my star is too dark until my dear fren tot he was malay>>wahahhaa
Star could be very cool as night is very cold
but the Sun must be very sunny
Since sometimes i working at morning, starting to find another one to be my Sun
My Sun is the ppl who always block the sight when look at the star
My Sun only appear if my star is not around
My Sun always can hear his voice everytime he was here
My Sun is more talkative (due to his job) than star
My Sun always use the Skpe until here also can hear the conversation
My Sun & star also quite dark due to thier job functions
never met My Sun at old place
My Sun & My Star bcome the motivation to come to work
they are the ppl who can cheers up me

suddenly thinking of my ex colleague, Kreisler Buy
he is the first ppl come to intro himself when my 1st day at GSC
he is a happy go lucky ppl
always can cheer ppl up when u r sad
he always cheers me after i scolded by my dear boss last time
never had a nice colleague b4
anyhow after i left there, he also resign...
i like the movie Kreisler handle>> The Shutter
He really proved to other ppl this movie can earn more profit after iimplement his marketing plan
ppl expect the movie only can be 300k but at the end the movie managed to reach 900k
feeling very warm to had such a nice colleagua last time..
appreciate for his encouragement ,thanks my dear fren
In Fact, i still finding the ppl to be my star & sun in my life

**Jieio>>Jie li is NA de... someone juz inform me.. hahahaaaa...


today at the lobby, met 2 guys from other companies...
one of them keep smiling & look very sunny...
great man.. when see someone smile, the mood also bcome nice...
hahhaa no wonder my colleague said my mood is good..
seriously i prefer frenly ppl v smiling faces..
Mood change very fast at night
after chatting v tat N, found out he quite like Mr S
hahaha... well.. i wont so stupid this time,..
but duno y..
feeling wanna cry..
may be mind flash back the stupid thing again...
sumore the YiDa song>>Yi MIAO DE GAN DONG keep in my mind..

Net Fren

recently know a net fren from i think... really cannot recall
as usual, we chat in msn messanger..
again the chatting life
this netfren, N
while chatting v N, find out he really similar with Mr S
N start thinking tooo much b4 even really meet...
Really dun wan to repeat the last experience anymore
dun wan to hurt myself again
may be last time too easy to blieve things that chatting at the messanger, tat y cause the 66 happen
for me, i wont take things too fast.. coz i know, i will hurt myself
As a normal Taurus ppl, i only suitable to take things step by step
if ppl unable to take things step by step , then very sorry...
this is my way to protect myself..