Thursday, July 30, 2009

Accidents @ Cyberjaya

this is the Gen 2 looks like after burning
Note: this is the EB of Maybank there

still burning

this is a very common incidents
it almost happen once a week
when we on the way go to work or on the way back home
and this one is one of the serious accident happened in Cyberjaya on 29 July 2008 morning
I didn't use that road to work and i miss out

from the 2nd photo
i really amazed those passing by the car still can take photo
coz for sure, i worry there would be explosion since the car on fire

and this Gen 2
one of the passanger was not able to escape from the car
and she was burnt
this is really sad..

why ppl still speed so fast even in front is the traffic light..
drivers out there, think of ur love ones, please slow down ur speed =)

**photos taken from blog>, thanks for sharing this out and sorry for the victim**

the victim v her son

photo taken from :

more news >

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hair Cut

received the email from the Gardens Club
well, they are having some promotions for the card holder..
this saloon's promotion make me wanna try
I guess, this is cheaper than the charges of hairstylist, Ken
should I have a try??

Monday, July 27, 2009

Result of the Poll, how long would it LAST?

well, even though the poll is ended on 2nd of Aug
99% votes shows Msia is not a safe place to stay and 99% are negative for other Qs
and here we can see the actions started taken by big ppl
but how long
would it LAST? or
does it really effective? I doubt and curious

Ads by Yasmin Ahmad

bit similar like sepet..

very touch and meaningful ads...

another touch one..

Sepet Trailer:

it reminds me "its time to go back home, but.."

another touch and nice CNY ads =)


this one i thin ki haven't saw it...

haha tang kok kuan is in the ads eps at 00:23 next to the "bill"

thanks, Yasmin Ahmad >

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Polls Of Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN)

we always can read the news if there are some big persons launched or announced something via TV or internet
however, we seldom see any follow up cases / news after those big launching or announcement have been made
i wonder
the poll at this web
will there be any further follow up actions or steps will be taken even 99% of each Questions shows the residents feedback

do you think do these poll help?
if it do help, why ppl only take actions NOW after seeing so many facts around us everyday?
it seems like Malaysians only do work if there is any Black and White (complaints of emails / letter/ internet) received by them..

Note: this poll only for Malaysians bcoz everything is in Malay...
perhaps they should also need to have English version to get feedback from other foreigner who are working and staying here..

**seems like i criticize a lot lately
haha this should becoz of i m daughter of my papa
well, the only diff is
he shoot ppl by posting in Sin Chew newspaper
however, i post it in blog (internet)**

Room 18 @ Tropicana City Mall

Date: 11 July 2009
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: Room 18 @ Tropicana City Mall
Purpose: joel's bday celebration

Location : G-35
Tel : 03-7728 8128
Website :

celebrate yap lee's blated day at this Tropicana City Mall
well, the food, is really so so only
not much surprised..
Food Rating: **

RIP , Yasmin Ahmid

we will never expect wat would happen to us the next moment...

a director of SEPET and numerous Petronas ads director:

Paddington House of Pancakes @ the Gardens

closer look

<photos taken using N85>

had this early July @ the gardens
this is the first time to try on the food
wanted to choose the salty one...
manatau the beef food i ordered are decorated with some sweet food such as peach
and found out most of the customer order mineral water only might due to some of the food really too sweet

Lot LG-216, Lower Ground Floor
03-2287 4872

The Garden's Club Lounge

having revision for Japanese B1 exam at The Gardens Club Lounge
few parts there
internet part, meeting side 9 with round tables and bright surroundings, beverages part, dim and comfortable seats for reading magazines and washroom side

washrooms are shared (gent and ladies)
however, each washroom got its own basin

enjoy the hot milo, chocalate drink, mocha, and coffee there with some sweets provided
one thing very not convenient is
internet usage limited for 20 mins and every time had to fill in the form when wanna use it

Saturday, July 25, 2009


July contract juz started
still in the training period
I oredi wrote on the white board
total 10 days for the 2 times leave
my gosh.. now i only left 4 days..
then april need go back
left 2 days for cny??? ><

now study hard
for the coming jan hehehhe
finally the book i bought 2 years ago
can use it now

Friday, July 24, 2009

Blog War Starts VS Rasuah

here is another blog reveal the truth of the current Selangor Gov.

well we duno this is how truth
but i guess no matter who is the team take over the state
for sure, they will get extra $$
the difference of current and previous team/ ppl are
whether how much $$ they get
whether they are using smart way or stupid way to get..
this happens around the world

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Cats And Dogs

cats and dogs always fight v each other from the moment they were born

the smart cat normally is the leader among the cats
and cat is trying hard to be fren v the dog
eps when the story below happened:
one of the dogs found dead recently
every living creature in the forest feel sad and they feel a big loss due to the dead dog
even some of the cats also show their sympathy (no matter from the bottom of the heart or not)
when this issue getting more and more sympathy
it started to get more and more living creature support the other dogs to further find out the reason of causing this death
dog raised the concern by "requesting for Special investigation by getting the Prefect to investigate into this issue as prefect can have more power and fair"
in order not to make the situation get worse and to maintain their so called name of Cat
the SMART leader of cat brought out the brilliant way
"ok we decided to have Special Investigation where:

1. prefects are to check whether the rules and regulations are followed in proper way
2. the reason of death is investigate by class leaders (ketua class) which is not having so much of power in their daily job if compare with prefect

some BIG Question marks here:
do the rules and regulations are more important than a life ?
why put the persons/ team who are having much more power to investigation on the stupid rules and regulations?
dogs request A and get the B from the cats.
guess someone who helped the cat leader provided such a SMART way
and they only think they are the person think SMART way

WHY dun wan to giv Prefect - the one with more power to investigate on this? bcoz worry of the real fact would be found and need to be reported to the biggest one ?
and these brilliant tot other are stupid
well, very soon the cat leader will know the reactions from the STUPID and young dogs from the annual select as the leader in the forest..

sometimes i really pity cat
bcoz u can easily find cat
die on the roadside or in the middle of the road when these cats trying to across the dog
would u normally found dogs dead due to hit by the car when they wanna cross the road? the answer is seldom
this prove
dogs always smarter than cats

**well, this is just a virtual story of cat and dog
not referring to any specific issue
if u really terasa, this shows u admit that u r one of the creatures mentioned in the post**

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

IBM RCC Grand Opening 2008

only posted some completes photos after 1 year of the launch of this new building office
was involved bcoz of the RCC FC
and everyone from RCCFC enjoy that event :D
that was also the first time
everyone bz taking photos in a call center (no photo taking allow during normal time)
photos do not include some official launch event in level 2 with a lot of press and VVIP included minister

flag of different countries shows RCC support different langugues and countries

guest registered at the Registration Counter @ Lobby

the big balloon

RCC - ASEAN Regional Contact Center

awards display in the frame (CRM Team got twice - 2007, 2008 =) )

CCAM awards again

group photo v part of the RCC FC committee member

line up to welcome guest

balloons around

Adeline + Huey Keng + Ashwin + Celina + Joce ( committee member)

ready to welcome VVIP local + from other countries

i like Susan's dress ;D , very da chang jin feel

pantry get ready v the food

VVIP in VVIP room and others at pantry

group photo 1 (with committee members + other)

group photo 2

RCC Manager with CRM Team's ladies
Joce, Afiza, Susan , Tomo

2 of the committee member - Huey Keng + Alia

another committee member - Priya, Chu Heng , Hardeep, Ainul from MP

chee wan and the guy hit me till super in the futsal 2008

ladies v the cameraman of the day aka cameraman of RCC FC Committee 2008

ladies with the Country Manager of IBM

Alvin (ex FTS SM) - the camera man

the CCAM awards in 2007/08

Note : all photos taken by RCC FC 2008 cameraman

Job Change

went to MP room this morning
they pass me a paper to show the job name change :D
the official start day is the day i will start my JP Beginner 2 class
now i need to pay extra effort in order to catch up
the work, job, escalation point and many dbs and CQ thing and also reportss
include to know how to host meeting, how they handover the tickets to other geo team everyday, how to deal v business ppl >< at the same time i also need to learn to write katakana.. oh gosh.. from a i u e o , ka ki ku ke ko till the ra ri ru re ro
レポト (repoto -> report)
ボルペン (borupen ->ballpen)
are written in its own katakana
when only i can write a post in full hiragada + katakana + kanji??
my gosh
can see the stars already start spinning around my head
started to feel the stress

Chocolate VS battle

bought another box of Choc yesterday
had some last nite and had some this morning
as this would be one of the thing can get over the moody feel and emo
from school days : pain , rolling on the bed, vomit till output
till nowadays juz pain and can be settled by the menstrual medcine
i guess now improved from physical way
and still learning to improve more on emo side
when i m in emo condition
i dun wan to know , lazy explain and basically in DO NOT DISTURB (DND) mode

and even lazy to follow up some battles happened in plurk and blogss
its juz a story for me to read if i got time and that is not my business
sumore i duno sum of them
i has been added as fren by some of them and i duno the person
when post something on it, get some feedback from the person and some of the icons i feel cold
especially the hug icon
coz to me, i duno u and juz normal fren , y giv me this one?
so weird and feel uncomfortable
gosh.. feel like im getting towards be like japanese.. always feel uncomfortable nowadays of some actions

anyhow, the way of adding bf/ gf's fren as their fren in fb /frenster or watever places
is a very smart way to know more about the partner's fren
no matter is got heart to know the person or is the other way round
she really got the technique on handling something
i need to learn more from this little gal.. haha

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Something Horrible

time for us to go out from here..

Meaningful Song

keep playing No Boundaries
this song and The Climb are very meaningful
suitable for those are facing problems


last year was a year tat not really smooth
the things i tried, applied
failed at the most critical moment
+ 2 days per week to attend jap class after work
i really cannot take it
the first time to have exam and oral exam
and the expected result
then this also the first time to retake the subject since college days

again this year
i got the chance
and thank you for the chance giving and the arrangement made
after working in helpdesk for 4 years +
finally can use other name to describe the job
bcoz i dun wan to answer the Q with the same answer if ppl asked me "what is ur job when the moment u first join the company until now?"
anyhow, I have a great time to work v the ppl in the team :)
this can be found from the trips to Melaka (twice) and penang (once) , the makan makan session even the drinking session
now i need to adept as fresh in the new place , start from beginning
these 2 songs quite suit me

For the Jap class part, the things changed
from 2 days per week to once a week on weekend
+ the せんせえ (teacher) - Miss Hoshino (ほしおさん) is the teacher i like (the ways in teaching) in previous class when she taught us as replacement teacher
recently ppl asked " wat make u suddenly so hardworking to study japanese?"
haha my answer is not bcoz of anyone (japanese)
franly speaking, i only keep spending time at home or The Gardens Club Lounge to do revision when exam is nearer
and this is the thing i can see and touch after entering the working life
i can see and speak something extra
i can touch the cert if i managed to get it
and finally I get the cert
the kata kanda life gonna start soon
i dun have confident at all ><

** to ppl out there who face / fail something, success is still at another mountain if u managed to climb over the current mountain that blocked u right now
life is not easy from the thing i see, i feel
but we need to have our own way to face every mountains to clear our ways**


a name of the hero in some countries
a person / team u can really contacted with if you lost in foreign country
a person / team whom u can reliable on
all the good things of police
really seldom can be found here
here is the place for u and me step on now
from the moment we born
this is a very sad thing
we only see how many "Estarcy" or how many tons of drugs or other things found by police
we only see from the newspaper about many crimes happen here
but we never see the follow up ways or the related news to show they really managed to catch the so called Mak Rempit or any gangster
they only keep patrolling around the neighborhood but we cannot see any different whether they patrolling or not
the basic responsibilities - decrease the % of crimes seems not really done
and i really wonder how they meet their KPI??
i bet > 90% of police cannot even speak the English
how u gonna give ur helping hand to the foreign tourists if they need ur help and service there??


police not only can be found in neighborhood
but also can be found anywhere
they could be the spy in sum places and so on
they like to patrolling around
well patrolling around is someone doing it with purpose
maybe i should use the word of "loitering" around

no matter its really police or fake police around u
guess nobody like to see their existence but did not bring any improvement or help to the neighborhood/ places
and now
i really hate it...

**Dear papa,
i'm sorry, i cannot work v the org that is not speaking English - a common language now in many countries bcoz its international language
stop asking me 2 join them**

Friday, July 17, 2009

Feel Bad

recently the feeling of not comfortable concur me.
I wish my eyes r blind ,haha
i had enuf of it!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Things Change

those frens who know me since college times sure know (y college time? becoz only start online 24 hours during the hostel life)
i m the person who loves drama
but not really into the comics or animation..
things change
and recently i keep watching Conan..
and totally ignore the HK and SG drama now ==..==""
guess ppl around me also wonder y i suddenly so hardworking to study jap more...
i also duno..

Wednesday, July 08, 2009


因为他学习着英语,我又学习着日语, 可以互补
只出现一次就好,真是超尴尬 :")

Saturday, July 04, 2009

More Photos Of Dinner @ Cyberview

received copy of photos taken last time..

Standing: tat kee, yoke fun, joce, Azmi
susan, belle, Tomomi, Kaname

**thanks Miyazato-san for the photos**

Friday, July 03, 2009


finally received the photos after some time..
well.. i really seldom check Hotmail..
still continue waiting part 2 and 3..