Thursday, August 30, 2007


Still got 11+days july only pass
Had a terrrible nightmare again last nite
this dream was so real
until i stunned


i read the newspaper only find out my dear Ann Ann Jie Jie hurt in an accident..
in the report, doctor said sheonly have 50% for the brain to function..
rush to the place, its too late
she alerady passed away..

i was like oh no.. how come.. Y Y Y
do the person in july is her?
i cannot believe my eyes.

all relatives go to a place for the funeral..
the place we stayed is quite unique
each room has limited space.
I could hardly get into the sleep
as i dun wan close my eyes
hurt keep crying thinking of her death
really cannot believe my eyes
the gal who intro me to listen Michael and Victor song in 1995
until i also bcome one of their fans for so manyyears
the gal who go to Fish Leong and Michael Wong concert just disapeared suddenly
the gal i treat her as my big sister who always play v me during my childhood juz leave me like tat
i totally cannot accept it.
feel like something in the heart is missing

and duno how long it pass, i juz awake from my dream.
its a terrible nightmare
and i still wwanted to know
who is the person in July..
I Wonder...

**after awake, i decided to do something i won't regret>> to have photo with all the frenz from nowonwards**

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


last nite chat v cheh hang.. wow this ppl really rare to catch him online
he will come to kl recently
well had to grab some time to meet v this senior..
gonna take the chance really thanks him for the days in 2ndary schoool
hahaha bcoz of him, i got really good memory.

Thanks again,哲航 >> for the Xue Hai Xue Ji and Pengawas Keceriaan~
sorry if i disappointed during PK that time.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

not smooth

duno y recently many things are not that smooth
even juz now oredi join the chat room also being kicked out by the system
yesterday went to petrol station, use right hand to take the nozel and my right thumb juz no energy and force to use 2 hand to carry that nozel
gosh thumb is not tat pain oredi
i can feel wat is the feeling if one day i old..
juz like u wanna do something but u can't do it anymore

rainny day is a nice day~

Monday, August 27, 2007

明明是很讨厌 为何却陷了下去

Moody Moody Moody

Today found out something and this proved my guess is correct..
i nearly fall to someone who is not supposed to.
gosh quite dislike those who like to play UG
i should aware it early oredi if i notice more
>to those like to play UG: better change the status to other status in F site as this can aviod many things
I had to fast fast find other to fall in order to get myself out of this stupid hole

Sunday, August 26, 2007

SponSored Child

Get my first ever credit card in the beginning of August
thinking what is the first thing i planned to do
selection: 1. go to Sponsor a child of World Vision (
2. go to online buy my favourite Nougat (thanks Zoe Yaw bought some Nougat from Australia for us)

Sponsor Child-
1. just wanna do something i can contribute little help
2. World Vision keep having ads in the radio and since i din join for the "Hungry for HOPE - 10th Anniversary 30-Hour Famine" hence i juz do something other than that

1. Love this nougat (especially original crunchy) when WanLing bought it few years ago from Aus
2. Went to Perth few years ago and bought few packs of 1KG Nougat from there (that time 1KG = RM 68 or more)
3. Find out this is sold in Msia Jusco 100gm for RM13 or RM14 (means 1KG = RM130 or RM140)
4. If online buy this 1KG pack juz $28.60 AUD (could be around max is RM80)

-I choose the 1st one, is to sponsor a child
Fares, Zakaria Ali from Lebanon
-a 9 years old child who is not having any siblings (sounds familiar,haha)
-not yet started write any mails to him and quite looking forward to receive his first mail.
-quite exciting as if i oredi got 1 child (muahahaha)

The World Is Small

This morninng one of my PIG fren called.
wow what happened do Joel called me?
then only found out one of PonyTail team member is her cousin
wat a small small world haha
and she misunderstand and tot the one i told wanling was her dear cousin
muahahaha wat the funniest joke

Thursday, August 23, 2007



Wednesday, August 22, 2007


last week being informed by KL that our name are in the name list of Futsal..
oh my god.
fine..looks like being "forced" and "cheated"


Monday, 20th Aug

Our first ever traning in the "club house" of cyberjaya.
wat a nice place to play squash, badminton, swimming, futsal, tennis etc
a very nice environment for the residents here
first time meet up other team members of our team
first time play the futsal
Hema, Shirley, KL and Me start out first time play futsal
our dearest trainer is.....
quite "torturing" momoent..
after 45 mins of non stop running and chasing the ball
the feeling of vomitting started as v just finish our dinner (just sandwish) 1 hour ago
learn a good lesson
>> cannot eat too full b4 the match start>>
> still not even know the totaly ppl in the team and duno the team name yet.

Tuesday, 21 Aug

We feel not good in running, hence, kl and me go to gym after work.
looking for the futsal shoes and i bought the wrong kind
continue workout running in the gym later

Thursday, 23 Aug

Tranning of futsal >aim is to meet up all other members > has been cancelled due to many reasons
quite disappointed as everything is ready hahaa
our team name is PONYTAIL

Friday, 24 Aug

Wanted to had extra tranning at the field as both of us need to train more
continue being "torture" by our 魔鬼教练, Xav
kicking, runnnig, passing ball in the rain

Saturday, 25 Aug

The time has come.
Ponytail members: Paul (captain), Xavier, David, Hema,KL,Shirley, Me (except Sharma)
First Match: Ponytail VS Play For Fun
Result: 2-2 > draw

2nd Match: Ponytail VS Kickers
Result: 1-2 > lose
>first and 2nd match, we did't use tactic to play, nobody defence. Left leg kena kick by the opponent guy player in 2nd match when both of us kick the ball. Nowt that part is OO Cher liao.
>good shot of Xav in the 2nd match first kick of the ball and thus we get 1 ball.

3rd Match: Ponytail VS Be Winners
Result: 2-1 >win
>Be Winners is a strong mixed team as these members always having traning for the futsal. B4 the match, we had to win over them in order to get a place in the final.
>We start to use some tactics. Some ppl go chase the ball and some defence it. Haha Paul get the point and ask me to defence in front of him and thus also kick out many balls.. It works.
>quite surprised when we win over them kekek
>quite enjoy of this match as we oredi improved ourselves

Final: PonayTail VS Play For Fun
Result: 1-1 > draw, Penalty: 3-3> draw, last ball: lose
this is a touch match. 3 of the guys take turn to be the goal keeper, and play in the match (Rules: Goalkeeper (guy) + 3 gals player and 1 guy player in a match)
>accidentally use hand to touch the ball and cause 1 penalty kick. Luckily kick is out, or else i m the culprit.
>we have 1-1 draw i the match, penalty kick is the moment we waiting for. Manatau, all the balls kick by guys all in, but by gals all out.
>referee decided to throw the silling to decide striker of goalkeeper of the penalty.
and we really no luck, opponent to be the stricker and hence our goalkeeper unable to catch the ball.

And then v bcome the 1st runner up.

What a good play and experience of the futsal
>fun, exciting, tired, hurt

Xavier, KL , Jocelyn, Paul, Hema , David, Shirley (3 guys played for mix group and men group)

my Jersey

with the medal

魔鬼教练, Xav

captain, Paul

sporty look

result after kena kicked by ppl







Friday, August 03, 2007


当你在穿山越岭的另一端 我在孤独的路上没有尽头。。。

love this songs without any reason
miss someone could be one kind of sickness
could be you already used to it
could be always motivate you do something
could be make you stronger
many many could be

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Rush HOur 3

This is another box office movie of Jakie Chan. He seems to have the faith whenever he invoved in Hollywood movie and sure the movie is not well response as his Chinese movie.

Still can recall few years ago, his comedy + action movie of Around The World In 80 Days, the response was quite bad. Mr Tung concluded that Jackie Chan only can have a good response for his Chinese movies but not any of his Hollywood movies.

Recently some radio station keep promoting his Rish Hour 3. Even his trailers looks interesting and funny but still wonder how well for the response of this new movie as this movie also action + comedy?

I wonder and looking forward to this.