Sunday, July 31, 2005

Bless You, Fren

Someone very happy & having sweet times recently..
may be this fren finally found wat she want...
as her goodfren, i always support her choices ( although i wanan be the HONG NIANG but no choice, i dun have the chance to be the HONG NIANG )
just wan my frenz bside me always happy
sadness go far far away from her..
She is a nice & "straight forward" ppl....
she is the one who always acc me go to the sri petaling pasar malam every tuesday to eat the "Tau Fu Fa Tong Yuen"


Someone very down recently
He got alot of choices need to decide,...
study ? work? work? study? gal A? gal B? gal C?
he also facing his problems since the secondary school until now..
there is no returns in love
just be urself..
i know he might be angry me.......
he seems to be so bz until 1am still in the GSC IOI Mall
hey my dear fren, morning is ur part time only... better concerntrate on ur study although its twice a week at night
this fren really enjoy the time working part time there..
this means that my recommendation for u is the right thing right? hehehhee


Someone is looking forward to going back home..
Almost 5 months working in the new company....
feeling that she is a bad gal...
Always only think go back home everytime facing problems & getting hurt & sad
but this time..
she just wanna go back watch her fav Astro.... ahahahhaah
bad again.. so miss the Tv right there
anyone wanna meet this bad gal, pls meet her bet 8 Sept until 16 Sept in Perlis

Saturday, July 30, 2005


I was so angry when i trying to make the booking at the Air Asia juz now

the stupid AirAsia calendar didn't show the month of September.... keep showing 2 months of October..feeling very irratating & totally not convenient to do the so call online booking...

SUmore when i check on the call center... trying to make the toll free call.. 1300 889933
the operator sound" thank you for calling Air Asia, our operating hours are off from 8am to .... bla.....

shit.. cannot make booking right now.. feel very low mood.. & wanna punch ppl.....

Friday, July 29, 2005


The moment in the snow house
Step Into this place after 1 year ++
same place, same snow, same staircase but ppl are diff
having a fun time with 2 frenz by thowring the "ice" to each other..
but their attack still can tahan
but still unable to play something in the snow house


juz a bit miss the time when we finish our viva on Friday last year...
most of us go up genting..
we gather in the small snow house..
each other release the tention by throwing the "ice"
some give fierce attack..
i was the victim..
even the shirt inside also wet
really miss my ex classmates..
this is the first time & also last time so many ppl gather & play around after so many semester
now everyone at diff places...
hope they enjoy their life now
hope they really Xing Fu -- 幸福

wish everyone 幸福

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Blind Mind

Recently my mind getting blur blur...
i like to lay down during the raining day & start day dreaming...
dream a lot of things...just as if i was in the movie... put myself into something...
& think of the romantic thing... m i getting someting wrong???
but in fact.. everythihng i dream wont come true...
most of the time if my mind suddenly cross by something... tat thing might bcome true as i had experience for many times like
If i was the gal inside the red iswara car next to the driver seat... But at the end, he fetch me using the bike... had some sweet & sour memories for few days.. I need to thanks him for giving me the chance to force me to learn & grown up after 1 week
Suddenly thinking of sumore & praise him deep in the heart & he was one of the ex classmate in ICM & after the trip from genting, theres rumours between us...and the guy now still in his hometown while i in kl...


quite enjoy the raining day ... may be bcoz of the wet wet weather & can have a nice dream night.. but most of the time i sleep at the morning...
its very very very very irratating if somebody call at the time while i was still asleeep especially during my working days..
hopefully the person ask for the favor "SEK ZOU" la..
if wanna call me, also call me during my off days...
else i also lazy to lend a hand

Sunday, July 10, 2005


很多時候 不知道自己是為了甚麼而活
也許只是 盲目地過著重覆又重覆的日子
時間一天一天過了 心卻一天一天老了
是自己太累了 還是太早看穿了,看透了?

從小 一直不停地聽到很多關於自己身邊的事物