Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quote Of The Day Jan 31

山色水光为我友 圣经贤传作吾师

** i m definitely not a Christian, quote this from chinese calender**

4th April - Ching Ming

This year Ching Ming fall on 4th of Apr , Saturday
this is the first time after study in Nilai + few years working i go back during ching ming
juz bcoz Da Jiu + Jiu Mu are back from there again
hopefully this time we all can go to PoPo place on the same day

Things That Unresolved

it has been so many years
and again
argue continue
speaking out many things
i really dun wanna know dun wanna cares
but , can I ?
the only way can resolve is
bring them out from that place
to here and hiding from the persons / matters

**again, drive 8 hours journey, not only mind tired, my body also tired**

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Looking For 《滚石98'凑凑热闹新派新年song》合辑 And 《未雨绸缪》环保合辑

For those love Michael and Victor,

Do Anyone got
these 2 albumss?? or where still can buy these 2 CDs...
please let me know..

Thank you very very very much

Monday, January 26, 2009

Monitoring Lifestyle

First Day Of CNY:

Well, suddenly got 1 thinking
wanna monitor start from today...

lunch had mushroom chicken with the source (not recommended anything v source as per WL) >> too much of calories ><>>use the staircase from level 3 to ground floor to take drinks for both way
>>gonna maintain this if can do it everyday juz bcoz to have healthy lifestyle and i skip Cal Fit last week and the coming week due to cny

Conversation Continues

Nian 29:
A: So what is ur plan for this year? Not planning to go anywhere??
B: no $$ la, u plan lo
A: yah right. ask u plan but u ask me plan
u only know to plan for urself and I m not in ur plan also
suan le la, my papa always go to play v me and the only place he always go v me is GENTING and it has been for 3 years
wahahaha... so good hor.. (teasing)
B: (show dark face) .. i did ask her but she dun wan go to (medan) mah..
A: but u never ask me
B: last time u mentioned u dun like ulu place
A: last time is last time, ppl will change after so many years!!
C: yalo yalo always go genting waste $$
B: stop mention about genting and medan liao.. it oredi passed
A: but this is fact wat...
C: (continue v this year plan)

**outsider judge someone depends on how u treat ur parents..
so if they do judge by tat, i m very super bad daughter than
but to me
i m fair enuf as how u treat me, then how i treat u back**



小弟弟说不想我尴尬 (之前是3人行-他,小弟弟和我)

什么蟑螂,苍蝇 还蛮准**


another good start of lunar new year...
found him unconscious after have a fresh start...
it gave me some warning earlier but i ignore it and didn't backup those photos and videos and even mp3 songs recently
unplug and replug (not the action when u are very high)
but still no help
no more shows or dramas at the moment until i back from perlis on Sun
lets see how...
























Friday, January 23, 2009

Old VS New

these 2 cards
both are touch N Go
but guess will return the new one b4 the expire date..

梁静茹 别再为他流泪

你走了太久一定很累 他錯了不該你來面對
離開他就好 就算了 心情很乾脆
他其實沒有那麼絕對 遠一點你就看出真偽
離開他不等於你的世界會崩潰 轉個彎你還能飛 

就別再為他流淚 別再讓他操控你的傷悲 
就算有一點愚昧一點點後悔 也不要太狼狽
他不值得你的淚 把那遺憾留在大雨的街

每段感情都非常珍貴 他的好你就放在心扉
你笑了照亮夜幕的黑 什麼夢都不比你的美

就別再為他流淚 別再讓他操控你的傷悲 
就算有一點愚昧一點點後悔 也不要太狼狽
他不值得你的淚 把那遺憾留在大雨的街

a song that speak out my mind...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Arigato Gozaimasu For The Red Wine

red wine glass + Red Wine = perfect match

get a pair of red wine glass from the Lucky Draw of RCC Annual Dinner 2008
this is the 1st time to get lucky draw gift after attending twice (RCC AD 2006 an DCC AD 2008)
although is not as big as the grand price - LG DVD Combo
but its just nice
(my aim was tat portable stove or slow cooker)

then recently chatting v a fren in Sametime
i tot he was just kidding when mentioned will bring me red wine
manatau today he really brought it for me

thanks alot for the red wine, CV =)
appreciate it

**take good rest during CNY**

Whats Wrong V Me?

the head a bit heavy heavy on that night
speed along the way finding the way back to SK
i keep asking myself, y let me see tat sms?
why let me know which suppose i shouldn't know?
to those who saw tat sms
should know wat is that...
i duno y
tears dropping when speeding all along the way tat night
until the sight in front of me getting blur....

why i so mind after knowing the truth??
Its very clear and understanding

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Joke Of The Day - Enjoy Jamming Around PJ

had an appointment this morning 8am with my PT of Carl Fit in MV
leave house by 6:45am
drive all the way to Cyberjaya then use NKVE
all the way quite clear except when reaching the Damansara exit
oh shit..
its really jam like hell
jam start from the exit to Damansara until all the way to Sprint highway =.="
then i made a u-turn in front of that newly open Tropicana Mall
use LDP and the junction of LDP to Federal Highway is so jam as well
well, wat a good morning wake up and jamming around PJ
can easily see jam all the way
then go back home again
wat a waste in terms of time, energy, and my touch and go ><"
and i had changed my appointment from Thurs 8am to 10pm

**sorry to my PT as i not really meant to ffk him but i was late d and he got another appointment on 9am**

Monday, January 19, 2009


caI m not kinda good in drinking
after had tat 4 times bottoms up in the RCC Annual Dinner on Friday night
those videos i took were shaking due to i oredi "wing wing dei"
and my body also gave me some alert
as my fingers feel very itchy after taking alchohol
these are the symtoms to show i cannot take too much of alchohol

well there are many symtoms around us happen everyday

when talkative ppl suddenly so quiet or suddenly wont be the one say hi to u first
it shows ppl wanna keep a distance from u and worry there is any misunderstanding from outsider

when ppl suddenly get a miss call and go away to make a call back
it shows something fishy is going on with the caller and the receiver

when someone suddenly treat u so good
it shows maybe the person u trust the most already betray u and the person feel guilty

when the promise has bcome an empty promise
it shows ppl juz entertain u during that critical moment and ignore u now

there are many many things happens around us and many many symtoms showing as well
how many symtoms u found today??

**Did cries for those symtoms i found out, but Q appear in my mind - what else i need to improve? but immediately another Qs flash across my mind ->> who cares wat u feel? what for i m wasting my time to those things are not worth at all?**

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chatting V Cousin Sister

Ann Ann Jie Jie: Do you wanna watch Ah Mei Concert this year?
Joce: har? a mei ah? not familiar v her songs
If you watch fish leong concert then i join
Ann Ann Jie Jie: me and my fren still thinking whether wanna go fish leong or a mei
: coz fish concert not much surprise
Joce: But hor, if u go fish concert v ur bf then i dun wan join, coz dunw an to be lamp post
sumore the concert is on 214 =.=
Ann Ann Jie Jie: haha

**was trying to find the website about 214 fish leong concert 2009 in Malaysia.. but fail to find any info..
Am i miss out any organizer of concert?
pls let me know the link of selling tickets... juz wanna have a look only..**

17012009 Saturday

went workout in MV again
after 1 hour of the workout, have late lunch in Nando's
and the things i ordered just orange jus + chicken salad
and i had been waiting for 45 mins b4 the food been served
what the &^$&*#*$#$*
when asking for the bill, i asked them whether got any feedback form
and as usual , for the normal or not to improve restaurant in Malaysia - they DON'T have
and they gave me this 2 packets of "lucky cookies"

Wonder really can get some luck after having this

went to TopShop but i cannot get any dress i want from this shop this year . another shop next to TopShop selling a shirt which is quite special and with special price as well... =.="

continue my CNY shopping by heading to S. Pyramid
and finally i stopped at KitsChen and this shop is having 10% off for all iteams - not bad
and grabbed 1 blouse + 1 top (< 80 and < 50 each)
this is the 2nd time visited here
their concept is special
some of the tshirts are put into the lunch boxes

that's all for this year CNY shopping
no new jeans as focus on blouse
no new shirts for him as well since he treat me like tat


this one... even yum cha time can listen from the TV
this one... my housemate , Julian, should be very familiar coz i keep blasting it most of the time, repeatedly sumore... muakakaka

as usual, this is another rock song

Windows Live Messenger 2009 - Damedesuだめです

install this latest version of live messenger
and this is really disappointed
i thought
it will have more features or something special
all the features are same
except the outlook (appearance)
and use 3 colors - red (busy), yellow (away) and green (online) to show everyone's status
and i miss the traditional alert sound of other ppl sign in that moment..
dislike this version

rating: だめです

Thursday, January 15, 2009


那种无形压力加倍 但螃蟹并认同虾的做法
螃蟹说可能人家很有效率 一早就处理好了

你有你的闲 我有我的忙
但是虾再则么无意都好 都应该顾及到其他人很忙
不应调高声量 打扰他人
当时真的很pek chek

因该知道哪些该做 或那些不该做
就算要做 也不可以太过分吧


提名了邻居和小弟弟成为今年FC Committee



came across this name when listen to FLY FM news

and their quote is "O3 E1 O1"

sound kawaii but maybe very suit for those youngster

immediately give ppl impression of " ONE FM = cute" =.="

dun expect so much

as this would be another WAFM which stop broadcasting after 2 years i guess (please correct me if im wrong)

but a bit diff is this new station play with some english pop songs

lets see how far it can go..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Someone Familiar

met SSaturn (JH) in MV when workout last fri
it has been few years ( 2 to 3 years) since last met him in BTS
and he looks more fit now..
due to he put on his mp3, so din go greet him
haha :D
wat a small world

**those staying in ICM hostel sure very familiar with DC++
SSaturn(JH) was one of the admin of DC++**

Recap Saturday

spent half of the day
go to service the car b4 go back perlis for cny
there are some symtom shows that my car leaking the oil
well i not too confirm its leaking or that is my careless when i pour the oil
bcoz the poil spliter around the car enginge here
some time ago i quite careless when pouring the oil
lets wait and see whether i need to change tat part and see

Recap BZ Sunday

went visit Master Heng with WL on Sunday
wait from 9am till 1pm then only our turn
after knowing 2 to 3 yeas later thingy
juz worry i will make wrong decision...


saw ST missed call
called back him and his gf answer the call
hmm weird..
ST call back again and asking whether wanna join he and his gf together v Eliz go klang for BKT
end up i din join bcoz i was at Air Panas there

juz feel weird...
if join them

evening workout in MV with Eliz
she suddenly asked " is that okie if joined st and his gf out?"
hmmmmmmmm well, sometimes okie de.. but dun too frequent...
bcoz its really really weird la..

**Who will go out together v fren + ex and ex'f gf together le?**


this kind of feeling haunted me again
everytime my head bit heavy heavy + eko biscuit i took as breakfast = feel like wanna vomit...
i did vomitted last Thursday after only had 7 hours slept for previous 2 nights + dizzy in the morning
wats wrong now?? =.="

CAFF Italian Fusion Restaurant - Jacky's Farewell

Time: 7:30pm
Date: 06012009
Restaurant : CAFF Italian Fusion Restaurant
Venue: Bandar Puteri Puchong
Address: No 44, Jalan Puteri 2/2,
Bandar Puteri Puchong. (opposite Giant and behind station 1)
Phone: 03-8061 5606


Mushroom Soup > must try

Smoked Duck Pizza > say NO to this

pasta > should be ok

Salmon Fish - say NO to this

4got the name > should be ok

Ceaser Salad > yummy


say NO to this

Turkey ham pizza > must must must must try **thumbs up up**

Jacky with Turkey Ham pizza

sorry for the blur photos...use the wrong one..

Sunday, January 11, 2009

My New Stock

this is my first ever Just Do It sport shoes
according to the sales person, this one can put the ipod chip in the left shoe
you can
1. track ur runs
2. view ur programs
3. set goals
4. challenge friends

well it willl show the distance of running, speed, time and calories burn
but not yet try it out..

**work out closely v it recently**

Thursday, January 08, 2009



鱼换了新装 全世界都有赞


Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Keep Changing

they keep saying I changed recently
well i admit
not very big change
juz a little bit
day by day
from the appearance to the mind set
hmmmmm mind set of inti guys = shake head need some time to change
hope i can really keep changing from the 1st day until the last day of 2009

Monday, January 05, 2009

Bee Sin Big Day

Slap? haha

having high tea v Eliz in MV
and I again mentioned about " inti guys are like tat one de la"
she smiled and said :" If that time I knew my brother (ST) like tat, for sure i will slap him one. But that time u din told me"
quite surprised she suddenly mentioned like tat
"hahaaha" i laughed
( i never told her wat happened between us but she still stand by my side)
wat a very old story and pass memory
bsides lai v, she is another person who feel wanna slap ST =.="
well that already passed
and even had bkt as dinner v eliz, ST and KC juz now :D

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Full House @ NZX

this shop is quite special as u will be attracted by the display car of Full House

when the moment we stepped into the shop
we were welcomed by "anyoung hase yo" (ok i knew this is not correct spelling)
they are using the concept of the Korean Drama Full House
and the concept of the shop is selling lifestyle things include shirts for gentleman and ladies until clocks + etc
funny thing is, they even have the bathroom in that shop where bathroom is the changing room as well >> creative **thumbs up up**
with the main color of white + they do serve food as well

u have to make reservation if wanna have a seat at the 1st floor
well, we were lucky as one of the guests of a table of 1st floor left during tat time
their western food really not bad
if u would like to have lunch there
their lunch sets are quite cheap
1 chicken chop + drink + another 2 things where i 4got already = RM 15

Surroundings : *****
Creative : ****
Food : ***1/2
Overall : *****

**please note that most of the shops in NZX closed by 11pm**

BLack Pepper Chicken Chop

Jenn punya sandwich

Cute Drink

view of downstairs capture from upstairs

say yeah


the things behind us are for sale

Dun Go Car Wash Opposite Neighbourhood @ Equine Park

browsing Maxis web after reading the sms
then continue login to check my bill of last month
suddenly 1 section - International Calls drag my attention
Click on the IDD call and see the details:
07/12/08 13:32:16 Central (3G) India M 00919626108480 00:05:58 - RM 14.34
the ppl who stole my phone when i sent my car to the car wash opposite Neighbourhood (hao peng you) there made a call to India
confirmed the person is working in that place
call and waive the bills made on that day i lost my phone..

**please dun leave any valuable things in ur car when leave the car**

Sifu's Visit 2009@ NZX

Time: 8:00PM
Date: 03012009
Venue: NZX @ Ara Damansara

Jen + Joce = 2J

Si Fu + Tou Dai

Special Plant, names: wu dai tong tang (meaning 5 generations together)


CNY Stalls on the road side