Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine~~

yesterday back from the kl, jammm 2 hours at the highway there....sumore raining~~~ hahahaa... anyway... still a bit tired... although 2day no need to work...

Happy Valentine ~~>>2day still the same, nth much diff to me... may be will go out find the room to move..

Friday, February 11, 2005

Yum Cha~~

Yesterday is the 1st ever yum cha at the bamboo house in my kampung... wahlau damn crowded lo,...also be the 1st ever earliest yum cha time.. around 9.40pm reach there... saw many leng cai & leng lui which are from smps...juz we duno thier & yap lee, a gal which like micky very much(even the shirt & shoes also mcky),sit at the corner & observed ppl around.
when take order, my god, my favor--roti pisang pun tak ada.. wat place oh... even roti also dun have...>_< no choice... juz order as usual... the half boil eggs. hehehe~~ the whole nite.. juz 2 of us.. talking talking & talking... talk about yap lee flies, i think this is the worst fly for her i heard b4... about her dream, i will look forward she will bring a lot of coca cola cans for me once her dream come true..

2nd day of CNY, zoe juz went to Aus again... to continue her nutrition... anyway thanks for the junk food she brings back..really enjoy it & can even finish the junk food in 1 hour..hope she also enjoy the <> until scare to drive alone esp at the nite time..


2day///.... the gathering day~~...4something juz ngam by our good fren, ah tong>> who always think he is the most "Yao Ying" guy among frens, say this say tat... start to feel irritating although its really hard to get fren who so direct to ppl.... criticize ppl at the most...
sometimes quite confused with the word "gathering". izzit it is the time to show the fashion?haircut?bf?gf?the changes of figure? career? or juz want concern each other.... y must wear pretty to attend such event? nono... not an event... juz a small activity for freens..

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


As usual, every year CNY go to relatives house.this year a bit diff, its bcoz no need to overnite at kulim anymore. One thing i dun like when meet relatives , sure they asked:"grad oredi?" "working where?" may be after few years later, the Q will change to "when got bf?" when married" aii... why they like to "concern" so much...

still go to jobsdb,neopets,circless99,friendster as usual.. hehee/... used to be like this since in coll...few more days will go back liao..hardly to stay at home for weeks.anyhow will try to enjoy as much as i can at home...

Monday, February 07, 2005

Black Day

this morNing, i juz like a first -timer drive the car. This is not bcoz i seldom drive car, juz long time din drive manual car.. hohoo... luckily wan ling din get mad of it..

My day getting wrost when i again drop my 6100 on the floor at the kayangan square car park. Shit!!... my color screen spoil liao.. wat a heart attack for me b4 the CNy~ now only can c half of the screen & only can make calls.

after tat kena ngam by my dear fren,ah tong, keep on asking me to ask frens for the gathering...haihh.. he totally canot giv me peace time to online..

look forward for the yum cha at 9 2nite. heheee its really long time the Take 5 din gether & chit chatting again lo. hehee~~