Monday, December 25, 2006




隔天, 就如她BF所愿,由于她说要回家拿东西,就兜了1圈。我不知道她是真的忘了那东西还是依照那男的说法而故意忘了拿东西,总之,只要是我朋友开口,我都OK的。假如真的是故意的话,唉~~

逛了街后,送她回家。就在她家的路上,只有那条1来1往的小路,而原本来的路,竟然也被那些当地居民,因为要争着出那条路口儿挡住了。等了3辆,由陆陆续续的来了4/5辆,让满脸笑容的我,一直瞪着这些司机,并一直打singnal,甚至hon那些Kanasai的人。真是越来越PekCheK。等了15-20分钟,才可以向左转。Pandan Indah 的居民没有交通道德,更无家教!!

Friday, November 10, 2006

Twin Tower 的译名




请问对于"Twin Tower" 双峰塔, 到底是译名为哪一个:1 国油双峰塔2 双峰塔3 双子塔4 双子星大楼

Twin Tower 已是马来西亚具有代表性的建筑物之一,译名当然也要一致。在之前的一个台湾的节目里,让外人看到马来西亚人连译名都会出现很多版本。《台湾脚逛世界》是应大马旅游局的邀请下,来到马来西亚介绍各地旅游景点;而首站就是介绍Twin Tower。可笑的事,在一位本地导游的带领下,竟然对那节目的主持人说Twin Tower 是双子星大楼。看到都差一点儿昏了!其实这也并不是第一次了,之前本地的一位在台湾很有名的女歌手,鱼小姐就曾在节目上提到双子塔 (Twin Tower),还一直兴致勃勃地介绍大马这个代表性的建筑物。身为一位艺人,并身负重任是台X地区的旅游大事,竟然可以把双峰塔介绍成"双子塔"。假如一些台湾的游客之前到过大马,并已知道双峰塔;加上又在一些大马旅游节目听到新的名称(双子塔),没去详细地了解还以为马来西亚有多了一座建筑物呢! 不知道这是马来西亚旅游局,还是那位本地导游,或是马来西亚华语规范理事会的疏忽?? (注:并不是刻意去抨击那导游或是那个节目或是甚至任何一个人,只是我们身为大马人,尤其是华人应是用正确并一致的译名是很重要的,是一种对地方,建筑物,甚至对民族的尊重。一个地方就代表着一个国家,甚至代表着那个国家的人民)


Friday, November 03, 2006


一直不停的sms,PWH L19 to 32866
哈哈哈没两下,才topup 不久的credit用完了


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

To : Good Job Tourism BUT...

Hi there,

First of all, very glad to know that Ministry of Tourism just announce Michael Wong become the spokesman to promote the Malaysia for the Visit Malaysia 2007. And again, the ads are very very nice. Good job!

But still I have something to voice up. When I browse the Ministry of Tourism website, which is , i only able to see in 1 version, which is English version. Since Michael Wong is the spokesman for Visit Malaysia 2007 and his main role is to attract more and more tourist from countries like China, Hong Kong or even Taiwan. As we all know, 99% of the residents there are all Chinese. If there is a version for Mandarin for this website, its quite convenient for them. Eventhough nowadays, high educated people from these coutries able to read English, but this doesn't mean that others who only mainly know Mandarin won't be the tourist. Who knows these group of people will be Malaysian's biggest income? So why not invest some money to create another Mandarin version to introduce Malaysia?

Another thing I would like to voice up is the information provided is wrong! Recently I watch a programme that introduce about Malaysia. This Taiwam programme mainly intro every country places. Hence, they had been invited to Malaysia by Ministry of Tourism. The name of the programme in Mandarin is "台湾脚逛世界". In this programme, the VJ had been brought around in Malaysia by a tour guide (where I guess this tour guide is arranged by Ministry of Tourism) call Penny. Able to see from here that the first place Panny bring the Taiwanese VJ around is the Twin Tower. But so disappointed is, when Penny intro to the VJ, this Twin Tower in Mandarin called 双子塔. But in fact, the name translate in Mandarin should be 双峰塔. I know its just the name of translation. But if there are many Mandarin name to be translate for Twin Tower, why not we just stick to one name. More than 1 name not only confusing Malaysiam, but also the tourist as well.

When do the research around, able to find out the so called the latest translation of the places name in Malaysia
最新出炉的国家、州与联邦直辖区、州首府、新城市、建筑物及大马货币华文规范译from the website,
and this website get the resource from Nanyang newspaper online which is:

If the Nanyang Online Newspaper is publish the correct translation name for Twin Tower, WHY Ministry of Tourism still giving the wrong and confusing information to the oursider especially the media people of Taiwan for this case.I bet, if more and more programme would like to intro Malaysia, the same thing will happen again, and the wrong information will be given again. Let say, in this programme, if the information given by Ministry of Tourism for the mandarin translation is 双峰塔 but its the so called Tour Guide in this programme is telling 双子塔, WHY still finding this kind of people who given the wrong information be the tour guide. I believe, everyone had to know very well all the information related to their job. WHY this tour guide, still can give the wrong translation? This is not the first time happen, because the same thing happened on our famous singer, FISH LEONG, also giving this name 双子塔when intro Malaysia in of the programme. Really hope the person in charged beware of the name of translation. If erally only stick to 1 name, PLEASE Announce it to let everyone know CLEARLY.

(pls:Hereby attached the screenshot of the so called tourguide, Penny with the Taiwanese VJ)


Friday, August 18, 2006

Another surprising day..

Another working Friday, the last day of the week..
listen to the MyFM just bcoz oredi used to it, even i prefer more 988 -- bcoz got michael wong news more mah ..

during the contest of Gor Zai Gu Gu Gu Gor Zai, the DJ, Lam Tak Weng sudenly put guang liang song...

not realy interested in the prize but juz wanna call & try try...
1st call, cannot get in..

2nd try.. opps since manage to call in but nobody pick up the call..
3rd try... tu .. tu .. tu.. shit, someone talk in cantonese, force me to use mu lousy cantonese to talk ..& give the answer in mandarin! but then this DJ quite fast response, lsiten me talk in mandarin faster change to mandarin~ really good..

feel stun and nearly 4got wat to say coz never think of call in & really make it~ yeah...
use the cool voice, not even say hi to him, juz giv the answer..

canot remember wat the DJ crap about after i giv the asnwer
juz know he sound like very very happy for congratula but i still in the shock , & still not able to give back the so call "happy" mood to him
i tot this is live oredi, manatau once he finish congrate, he ask me to say 1 more sentence: "Thank you My FM". Zha dao, i know i have to be so polite to say thank you but bcoz i too shock until 4got oredi, and never never think for ppl will ask for the so call "thank you"
quite "pui fuk" MyFm bcoz one of the reasons they can bcome so successfull bcoz they never 4got to ask ppl to advertise for them!

i might not really get the thing bcoz of no fate.. but anyhow i really hope i can get another thing since i also participate for the web contest.. if i confirm get this, might no chance for the web contest coz all the winners unable to partiacipate in the contests within 1 month...
but i know i wont so lucky, coz anything hope for normally wont get,but sometmies if juz want to play for fun or try try, normally will have the surprise.. another 2 good examples are those contest for movie of magazines..

haha jen also quite shocked when see my call as she confirm the jocelyn is who in the radio oredi.. gosh.....really feel appreciate..

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

William Ma

William Ma...
remind me the story when i visited my relative last year
flash back all my cousins whether is very close or very very far far relative (like marcus) or others

WM is a quite all, fair, always smile v sexy and aussie slang ppl.
he is really charming..
haha this isthe first time find out i also got such a so called "goodlooking" cousin..
He always like to play PS 2 v my another cousin everytime he at my cousin house.

Miss the chance to visit his house as during that time i went to find my buddy in Curtin.
well, when the time at the airport, bit disappointed he is not there to sent us..
and also quite regret that never took photo v him..

Okie, 2007 , would be another chance to meet him if still got chance to visit there again.
this time will never miss the chance anymore.
Really look forward for this. Hope that time he still in Perth.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bye ~Sun, Star ,Moon

Friday again..
times goes on..
may be juz only got 2 or 3 more days can see those star,sun & moon
long time din write bout the sun..
sun looks so cool even say hi, never smiles
still look so smart v his style of walking..
his image really spoil..
by fighting v ppl in the GF
wonder y..because he fight bcoz of a lady in the other dept
both of them oredi got partner..
since ah jen so trust he is not that kind of bad ppl..
well, i trust jen, so means i also trust he still a nice ppl
hard to imagine frenly ppl like him also will act like this..
sun still so charm among them..
met the ah jen last week.,,
discuss about the sun
conclusion made of that fight might be his galgal oredi being grabbed by other ppl,,
so pity..
no wonder seldom see his smiling faces recently..
anyhow he might be the only ppl i saw in this week
due to another 2 oredi fly Away~~


Moon looks like my fren hubby..
same style , same smile
so shocked when find out this 2 ppl looks alike
is the most fairest ppl among those
but he always v his smiling faces
another frenly ppl there
well as usual..
quite hard to meet them if they are bz
may be only meet fewmonths a while here
then always be the HONG ZHONG FEI YAN
again.. this moon also fly to another place oredi..
another ppl would miss that tao sha peng. ahhaa


here is the last one, star..
here's the story goes as:
ah jen & me.. start notice this fella..
thinking & guessing.. ch or m.. ch or m??the dark fella, with the leather jacket
even the style also like mai lai ren
still remember the photos i took in perth
he describe as i helping the kangeroo doing xxx
bcoz the photo too small
today back to office..
find out he also fly again...
fly is one part of the job..
so nice can always enjoy the food & culture in that country
NO MORE chance meet him liao..
hhaahahah tat day was the last time he bye to me..
bye byebye my shining star..
thanks for sharing the opinion of the extra course,~~

Hope he get wat he want... the traveller~

=========+++++twincle twincle little Star+++++==========

Monday, June 26, 2006

Rest In Peace --- Pei Ying

Pei Pei, Pei Ying & Cathy

after cny, finally back to perlis again..
as usual, every time back here, sneeze again
feel relieve after settle my little AL thing & the new start day...
received a call from my 1st ex roomate, crystal toh
quite long time never heard from her,
the most thing juz sms each other
she bring me a news
our floormate, Pei Ying, passed away
really stunned for this news, duno how to react
heard tat she attacked by the virus
now she in kluang..
it has been along long time seldom keep contact with those block A ground floor fren liao..
but still remember the days we always watch the tv in the TV room
espcially the 才华横溢出新秀
time time i keep notice tat gary yap-- 叶俊岑
everyday every dinner always will see 4 of us, crystal, me, pei pei & pei ying..
2 diff rooms homemates always hangout in the campus in 2001
but after move to block E, seldom meet them
after grad, totally lost contact..
never ever think of the fren bside me will never had any chance to meet again, coz she left forever
Rest In Peace, my fren, Pei Ying~~

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


recently juz fail 1 thing...
haihhh feel very useless
where got ppl fail the 2nd interview?????
shit joce..
pass the walk in one.. but fail the phone one
dream to be in pg broke into pieces.....

long time never cry when driving car
that night, on the way to the office...
duno y..
tears drop..
& outside raining heavily
its really my moody day..
cry may be recently bit stress..
feel sad about the frenship
also feel useless...
cannot see my road in front of me
duno which step i need to take...
this the 1st time i cry after i left GSC (previously cry more times)


is the time for me
to decide wat i going to do...

Friday, May 19, 2006

Weird Day

Another OT Friday..
Notice another leng lui join here..
either is TS or NOC
recenlty the star keep stay until very late
wonder y he suddenly msn me
then only know he interested in the leng lui
unfortunately i duno her yet.. hehee
so still not able to intro to him
it seems sumone also quite 8
even sumone said bz , still so free to notice the new ppl in company
when i was on call.. suddenly someone juz stand bhind me and stare at me
really shocked when turn around, find out is tat star v his smiling face
OMG, really feel weird
then again notice the star with his black glasses waving his hand when he want to go back..
again, feel shocked
once again, he said bye to me.. v his smiling face..
wat a weird day..
this is the 2nd time say hi after met him at the entrance tat morning..
+++ +++++++twinkle twinkle little star++++++++++

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Luck -- where r u..

long time din hangout v them at KLCC
quite happy after 2 years finally can have early celebrattion v them
enjoy the food at secret resipe until 2 good buddies straight run to the toilet after taken the cakes v empty stomach
once everyone okie oredi, is the time to go back
3 of us keep busy giving the $ to the machine for paying the ticket..
while i was bz taken my coins ,nobody aware about the paid ticket
once in the car, juz realize none of us took the ticket
oh shit.. we loss it
sumone has been taken it
wat to do, go to the secutiry office and paid rm50 for such a good lessons
continue our next stop at BU starbucks
i tot i cancountdown & having a wish there after 12am
already finish my only cake before 12am in 10 mins
manatau our goodfren, marcus called
keep asking to come over MV starbucks
whats diff between BU starbucks & MV starbucks?
thinking of marcus just bluffing v us.. so doesn't want to come over there
but when Nan called, still thinking he juz helping his bro to convince us to come over there
by telling tat might be some surprise
straight away back hom after 12am
continue with zoe for some TW programmes of Jimmy Lin & Jolin when i slep also no idea
I was dreamed of "William Ma" on such particular day
William is one of my far far relative i met at perth tat day..
also the most regret thing is never took picture v him
dreamed of we are actulaly having some performance
when me & William are going to have our performance together that time, i was awake by Nan called
wat the ....
when Nan told me i throw Marcus alone at the MidValley starbucks alone last nite
feel abit guildty
guildty, guildty & guildty
IF went to meet him last nite.. i think will still spend the time at the genting for such day like last year
Haih..Sorrie my dear fren........

Monday, May 08, 2006



6/6/06, 是蛮特别的日子。

大略的让她知道从RedangTrip 到KLIA看飞机甚至到他家看《Hi上班女郎》
从《May I Love You》到《我难过》

Wednesday, April 26, 2006


有没有试过和别人pillow fight 呢?有
也有试过和别人打架。。甚至有body contact & eyes contact
原来这么久没有updated blog 了
Suki, Ah Tu, Ah Tong 都应该还好吧。

Thursday, January 26, 2006


今天回到校园看看... 果然改变面貌....
踏入校园,发现在bilik guru 旁的 kolam不见了..变成3层楼的课室...
tennis court 旁多了玛涞猪的地方...还蛮新的..
连以前PK SIGN IN 的bilik pengawas都变成课室..
和ZOE 回忆起中一到中五...

F1...1A 时,"盯"上COFFEE (80的)...这多亏华文学会....
F1 时也尝试申请成为pengawas, 但是没中...

To Be Cont...

Sunday, January 15, 2006


还记得当时的星洲日报的学海学生记者是学校代表;就是由华文学会选出来的代表, 而每一届的学记大部分都是华文学会的理事。。

为梦想而踏的第一步。。 呵呵

踏入学长室 SignIn 时,问我那句话的那个人(组席)就通知我被选。。
感谢他,让我从Pelatih Pengawas 到 Pengawas Keceriaan
感谢他,从Pengawas Keceriaan 有机会做了1个月的KetuaPK 到真正成为Pen.KetuaPK
感谢他 那句:“要责怪人之前,先要称赞那个人”〉〉真的很管用哟
要感谢的那个人,他不但是华文学会组席,也是Ketua PK。。


而每次“独导”(独自报导)是,都会给我爸审查过。。 哈哈
很怕“ying sui" 他嘛。。


Saturday, January 14, 2006


                ** Jocelyn & 婉琳**

挥春-- 是很多年前的事
也从小四到中五,硬笔字体起了变化, 得奖名单中并没有我。。很无奈。。



这也许是我一直参加华文学会的原因。。Coffee 也是在那时出现的。哈哈

小4 :庄彩妮老师--提拔和推荐我参加大楷班的班主任,当时大楷班的只是小5&小6的人
小5 :一位吉打的退休老师,也是当时潮清比赛的评审之一,一直和他学习,也是令我的大楷生活有了美好回忆


Saturday, January 07, 2006

Finding PPL

browse through the frenster...
oredi getting 2 of 3 ppl i wanna find
just wanna see hows the life of them recently..
but still unable to find the Coffee
y so many ppl none of them also got contact v Coffee??
weird weird..
anyway i won't giv up...