Thursday, July 26, 2007


冷冷的天气 又在走廊遇到他
他原来也是合约的 还以为他会是员工
他的类型 说不出像谁
曾经看见他在走廊通电话 也许他已经结婚了
不敢胡思乱想 不想再陷入谷底
知道他的位子换了 只是肯定他的英文名是左

有时就是那么巧 会在走廊或电梯前遇见

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

More Than Meet The Eyes

duno y... recently not able to put any title when creating the blog

yesterday when finish work, met J when waiting for lift
well, guess that ppl also finish same time
walk to the parking place v my colleague
and J was following us behind..

Sunday, July 08, 2007


back to hometown and enjoyed 9 days +
went for breakfast v papa one of the days in Coffee's shop
met his mama and eventually i never think of asking her how or where is coffee now when she was talking v my papa
haha bit regret after i finished the breakfast
as Coffee is the person who i really dun have his news since he grad from our school and there are no senioors' friendster got link v him :(

another breakfast morning v papa in lai lai coffee shop
accidentally saw lim yee lin's bro and another one senior, not really knew them well in 2ndary school last time

waiting for the Friday and Sat which i oredi planned to visit Jennifer after quite a long time never meet her in Penang
haha very curious who is the lucky guy and they are really really enjoy their life now
plan was changed when ah hui koko is back to Msia now.. wow.. wat a good news

cann't remember how many years didn't meet him when the last time met him was on his wedding days
could be > 9 years or more
it should be his first time of their whole family (his wife+3 sons) back from Ireland
since he was going to have a party in 2nd aunty house, so Fri plan of overnite in Jen house was cancelled

this is the 2nd big gathering among our relatives after Chui Ling Jie Jie wedding ceromony~yeah~~

party always fulll of foods, dessert, drinks, kuih muih, laksa
guess we would be the first family who leave that place after 9 something and ended up by taking photos v their family..
kekeke.. yes.. this is the one i want, just wanna to collect more photos when having fun time v cousins who are not always meet>> at least, i won't regret (just like ah heong koko one will never have the chance to take photo v him)
and i m still wondering who would be the person in "july"? well time will prove it
just wish everything is fine and everyone is healthy

back from the party, listerning some story from papa..
haha always like to hear story
juz being told some sad news, about one relative bcoz of the gambling and owe huge amount of $$
as a result, the wife need to build some story in order to borrow (get) $$ from relatives
many ppl already kena
this is quite sad..
gambling and ignore the job is very bad
aiii, this might cause one of the ppl kena in "july"?

from the day i step into 2ndary school, my papa even warn me not to patto during study time
and never never discuss v me more than that
but bcoz of this kind of incident (no, is after i working), papa even request me not to find these kind of ppl and here are the 3 NO>> No Taking Drug, No Gambling and No Drinking

well drinking, probably, to him, someone who drink sure will gamble or take drug gua
no drinking?? wah quite difficult to find such ppl one, normally nowadays if someone smoking, sure that guy also got drink but might not regular only
gosh, this means that, if want to find someone who no drinking = wanna find someone who also din smoke

dun want to think further anymore

ok i finally met Jennifer and her Kevin (or kelvin) 4got oredi haha
both of them quite match just waiting for their red boom
everytime met Jen, she always ask me for my resume, ask me to join her in Penang
3 hours meet is just nice to meet them in Queenbay Mall
well, her bf is quite nice person and really good in communication

they left to attend the wedding dinner and i back to the central court in Queensbay mall, i stil saw GSC event of Harry Porter was still going on.
saw my exclassmate, eric,he was still bz with his event, together with the marketing manager, Giak Lian and another one looks like Justin if not mistaken
this Harry Portar movie is not distributed by GSC hence event is handle by marketing dept but not distribution dept
Giak Lian is not much changes but i quite looking forward to see pui yee again and some 8tv shooting team. ahahaa but could be no chance anymore
told my mama this is wat my life 2 to 3 years ago when she saw the event

and more ppl i met in Queensbaymall . no, it should be husband and wife
suddenly saw this husabnd and wife when i was on the phone
well, penang really a small place, any floor also can meet hometown ppl
both of them not much diff from their wedding photos hahaa sumore they both looks quite enjoyed

almost miss out 1 thing, after few years, back to visit the dentist Tan again.
not really know whether he can recall who m i as i was a regular customer since i was 3
went there for check up and "wash teeth"
(after wash teetth and bloog donation, hope won't get any xue guang zhi zai liao)
well, he advice me to use floss else my teeth going to have 2 "hole" and visit him after 6 months
ok i will if i remember :P

other days at home, keep on switch channel to 31 TVBSASIA, just to watch Rynn Lim's MV.. hahaa
duno is his company throw lots of $$ to promo or TVBS ASIA like to show his MV, whole day can see few MVs of him
quite enjoy~~ :)