Friday, January 26, 2007

The Preferred Host

Browse to and saw the discussion between Malaysian Idol& others singing competition..

suddenly brings me back to the host i preferred-- Jien (Soo Kui Jien, the Malaysian Idol host)..
host mah, of coz the look is the 1st point tat attract me..
anyhow, not really know or siao him..
but once met him in one of the restaurant in Taman Tun in 2004..
wahsai~ dark, smiling faces, not really tall >> really charming hahaa..
just like a beachboy..
that time still working in GSC, always hangout TTDI for dinner v my goodfren, marcus.
if not he told me this person looks familiar, I also not realised..
honestly, he really not tat tall..but really charming~

Monday, January 15, 2007

Dicey Business 赌场风云


每当一看到Dicey Business,就会想起4th episod里的一些情节很相识。。


Recently flood again attached Johor state...
in the 1st attacked of the flood, immediate sms a fren who study in Skudai..
that fren should be ok after read the reply...

2nd time of flood, read the newspaper that Yong Peng also infected.
SMS again to another fren..
really long time never meet or keep contact v this fren.
Due to my goodfren issue, i also less contact v this fren..
juz sent an sms to show concern as a fren..
not feeling want to pick up the call from tat fren sumore i m still working..
hope these 2 frenz will have better improvement of the ffrenzship after so long time ago..