Thursday, December 22, 2005

Concert Of Celebration For YTL

very excited to attend this ochestra as this is my 1st time to attend such occation
heard from fren's bro that even the PM also attend

reach my fren house using the NKVE
start to prepare by simply "coloring the faces" & change the dress
then 2 pigs waiting at the dining

when reach KL sentral, many ppl park the car at the parking which was sponsor by the YTL
many ppl wearing formal dress v the tie & shirt going to the platform 3
pairs of eyes looking at so "dress up" ppl appear at the KTM
waiting for the KTM at the plartform 3
so long didn't have such feeling... we only have such experience when we were still at inti nilai last time...
everyone at the platform 3 with their own dinner dress
some of r the VVIP of the YTL
the train reach & headed to the Sentul
then follow by the buses
b4 the concert start, every ppl going to diff colors tent for the beverages..
the band play the song
and made me flash back for the time when my school , smkps also got the pancaragam..
every year sport day sure din miss their show time
but everytime , if better dun go to the so call"toilet"
tis is the 2nd time of using the "toilet", dont feel will go for the 3rd time..

Agong & permaisuri Agong & PM also attended the concert
the concert start at 8.30pm
Russell Watson>>a new name to me as i seldom listen to these type of songs..
i tot it was a boring concert but...
my eyes turn sharp after see the program as one of the song was the --Music Of The Night > song of Phantom Of The Opera..
He sang some of his album songs, some in diff language until duno whether he ssang right anot..
quite like another Song--Volare
he is a great singer & the chior also a great team..
the Sentul Park full with nice song & nice music..
until the end, the audience keep clapping for "enchore"

the rain come & when everyone going to leave the place..
suddenly the fireworks full up the air..
OMG, 1st time saw the fireworks juz above the head...
its so so so so amazing & the air also filled up v the smoke..
playing around for 5 mins, then one part of the concert showing the "YTL50" fireworks
my fren, she keep recording this
feel so touch~

good job for all the YTL employees include those ppl from JWmarriot (F&B) , starhill , ritz carlton & so on...
-start to search these kind of songs~

Monday, November 14, 2005

Star & Sun Day

wahhaa today getting a goood moood
first, early morning 1st time saw the star wearing different than normal days
hehehee looks a bit different & a bit taller than b4

then juz now juz saw my SUN
OMG this is the 5th week then only able to see my SUN
well, to me this is the last 2 weeks i work morning..
the last 2 chances to meet both of the sun & star
well really have a good moood this morning


hurray for star & SUN,have a nice nice day~~

Monday, October 31, 2005

Days Without Sun

Another Monday morning, as usual , this is another raining day
feel very cold & very sleepy for such nice weather
this is the 3rd weeks raining, tat means 3 weeks no sun at all
juz like i also didn't see my Sun for 3 weeks continuouesly oh no
my mood seems like the weather , nothing can warm me up at all except the hot hot sun


sun & star had gone out bcoz of their duty far far away
juz now went to refresh myself.. suddenly spotted something
is STar, Star is back... hahaaaa
star is back , is this also meant that Sun also back?
or Sun still on duty alone there?
star still very dark esp wearing the dark color shirt sumore
where is my Sun? feel very cold...
i need sun to warm me up...


jieio>> how about ur stars?

Sunday, October 09, 2005


yesterday on the way back home, along the Jalan Genting Klang, had a wrost experince in my life
i move from the right lane to the middle lane with the speed of 80km/h
the distance between my car & the car infront of me (CAR A) still got 200m
there still got 2 cars in front of car A
but all of sudden, i have no idea why the 2 cars in front of the car A suddenly stop in the middle of the road
it seems tat one of the car want to take over the other car
hence the Car A also stop
had no choice & need to have emergency break
even the whole road can hear my emergency break
the high pitch sound suddenly surround that area & even my tyre also got the smoke come out
i duno wat to do beside try my best to stop my car between this distance..
luckily.. juz like the movie... the car managed to stop b4 hitting the car A
so so so lucky man.. & there is no car bhind me.. else i also need to spend my night at the police station oredi..
thanks for my car break
everything happen on 8 oct 11.50pm, few mins b4 9 Oct
the car stop & i was totally stunned...
my mind was blank & even feel very helpless if anything happened to me
i duno wat to do at all...
may be its time for me to find someone can giv me support in my life

Monday, October 03, 2005

Fish Leong Concert

3rd concert i watch in this year....
but 1st time go stadium putra watch....
from Jay concert at stadium merdeka, Jolin concert at Arena Stars until Fish concert at Stadium Putra, diff time go v diff ppl
i start the Sat day when fetching my dearest cousin, Ann Ann at KJ then straight go to Low Yat
park the car at BTS as usual (bcoz i prefer the parking there) then across the road to Low Yat
suddenly notice one familiar ppl..
even can meet my exclassmate during coll when accrossing the road..
teoh, lip tatt & jeff.. wat a surprise
after bz squeezing v ppl at low yat & sg wang..
we start our next destination, Bikit Jalil
its raining along the road esp at sg besi there..
but quite lucky as its so smooth all the road & we reach the BJ at 5pm..
its very very early but the BJ oredi crowded v yellow red & yellow blue ppl
so many supporters bet Sel and Perlis
although we r perlis lang but if compare v selangor fans, perlis supporters juz queater of them
sumore the 1st malaysian idol, jacklyn victor also performing at the sel stage
the concert delay from 8pm to 9pm.......
so sleepy at the hall there...
b4 the concert start, still need to be forced to heard the" negaraku"
oh gosh...
Fish is a great singer can sing very well in LIVE
she really got the voice
like the songs since the "YI YE ZHANG DA"album's song like"only can hug you" v guang liang, and "sorry, i love you"
since F1 start to 'yan xiong' michael & victor, aldo find out that local artist are quite well also like fish & penny & Z chen
support them bcoz they r malaysian also.. 'kaki lang' mah

*note: 4 Oct, my Sun is coming ... hahahaha but unable to see my star....

this is quite touch concert...
the 1st surprise VIP is a sweet Vj send a flower to her
this sweet VJ is Jay gf, hou pei chen
1st time saw her but still dun like her style of talking
she talk seems uneasy & not natural at all

She sang alot of her nice nice song...
All of her songs she sang is the complete song
it bcome a super large KTV that everyone follow her to sing together

the 1st VIP in her concert is her cousin, Biao Ge, Z Chen
both of them talk back the old days when they stay together
sound like the story around us
ZChen always ask' LuLu' go to buy the mamee & mimi for him
Z Chen only giv 1/5 mamee for the so called'lulu'-- Fish

the soecial part of this night is a game for the couple seat's couples
those couples need to kiss their partner once the camera was on them
hahhahaah wat a lovely memory
some couples very shy but still got steady couples
those couples who able to get 1 envelope from their seat will come out the stage to propose to their partner
sumore got Victor & Fish sang a song bside this couple.. sure quite memorable for them
1st time saw Victor at the concert...
very nice & humour
like the words go : A Smile A Day, Keeps The Bad Mood Away...
for the "End Call" part, all the audience didn't corporate to shout"END CALL" thisword
& this made the musician until to follow the audience "End Call" by playing the drum
anyway Fish still going out
sing last 2 songs..
the screen show many singers include MAY DAY , penny, JIA QIAN, & so on sing her song"FEN SHOU KUAI LE" together...
Fish started singing this song & suddenly 2nd surprise VIP come out & sing v her together
she is >> JIA QIAN
what a nice VJ
seriously, everyone surprised & the environment seems very very high
once they finish this song..
fish start her story again
she keep on crying when her mind flash back the day she start to be a singer
she thanks LEE ZHONG SHENG alot & this remind her bout her papa..
the VCR showing some pic s of her papa bcoz her papa passeed away
she cry & cry & also her mum
both of them look alike
this is the most touch part!

sharp 12am, everything over
concert last for 3 hours
step out from stadium & fond out perlis lost 0-2 to selangor (my dear Ann Ann quite concern about perlis, hahahaa...)
this is the 1st time hang out v her after she back to Msia for so long
hope still can hang out v her for the next year Michael concert~~

Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Star, My Sun

Since when me & her start to have our own star from the company
at the beginnnig, they are the ppl that motivate us to work everytime met them
but my fren, she got many stars , from outside and also from inside
for me, i only got 1 star
until now i still wondering y i take this as my star
my star is a cool ppl,... never smile to ppl if u not the person who smile to him 1st
my star seldom meet him here as we work diff time
my star always bring a bag
my star is too dark until my dear fren tot he was malay>>wahahhaa
Star could be very cool as night is very cold
but the Sun must be very sunny
Since sometimes i working at morning, starting to find another one to be my Sun
My Sun is the ppl who always block the sight when look at the star
My Sun only appear if my star is not around
My Sun always can hear his voice everytime he was here
My Sun is more talkative (due to his job) than star
My Sun always use the Skpe until here also can hear the conversation
My Sun & star also quite dark due to thier job functions
never met My Sun at old place
My Sun & My Star bcome the motivation to come to work
they are the ppl who can cheers up me

suddenly thinking of my ex colleague, Kreisler Buy
he is the first ppl come to intro himself when my 1st day at GSC
he is a happy go lucky ppl
always can cheer ppl up when u r sad
he always cheers me after i scolded by my dear boss last time
never had a nice colleague b4
anyhow after i left there, he also resign...
i like the movie Kreisler handle>> The Shutter
He really proved to other ppl this movie can earn more profit after iimplement his marketing plan
ppl expect the movie only can be 300k but at the end the movie managed to reach 900k
feeling very warm to had such a nice colleagua last time..
appreciate for his encouragement ,thanks my dear fren
In Fact, i still finding the ppl to be my star & sun in my life

**Jieio>>Jie li is NA de... someone juz inform me.. hahahaaaa...


today at the lobby, met 2 guys from other companies...
one of them keep smiling & look very sunny...
great man.. when see someone smile, the mood also bcome nice...
hahhaa no wonder my colleague said my mood is good..
seriously i prefer frenly ppl v smiling faces..
Mood change very fast at night
after chatting v tat N, found out he quite like Mr S
hahaha... well.. i wont so stupid this time,..
but duno y..
feeling wanna cry..
may be mind flash back the stupid thing again...
sumore the YiDa song>>Yi MIAO DE GAN DONG keep in my mind..

Net Fren

recently know a net fren from i think... really cannot recall
as usual, we chat in msn messanger..
again the chatting life
this netfren, N
while chatting v N, find out he really similar with Mr S
N start thinking tooo much b4 even really meet...
Really dun wan to repeat the last experience anymore
dun wan to hurt myself again
may be last time too easy to blieve things that chatting at the messanger, tat y cause the 66 happen
for me, i wont take things too fast.. coz i know, i will hurt myself
As a normal Taurus ppl, i only suitable to take things step by step
if ppl unable to take things step by step , then very sorry...
this is my way to protect myself..

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

these few days really did somethings that i had planned for long time
Firstly go for ear piercing at S Piramid...
it jus took 2 hours tp eat & finish all my things at Piramid...
so crowded there on sunday....
even the ATM also full v ppl...
after finish ear piercing, both ears a bit pain
but quite luckly coz until now my ears stil not yet bengkak or itchy
may be i control the food... not dare to have itchy ears like last time


Monday, 29 August
finally go to the uptown to apply another line for the internet
really very malaysian, all the things done by last minute
hahaha luckily, its very fast & easy
Appreciate the TM ppl there... so frenly & patient
on tuesday TM ppl oredi come to the house to install the phone
hopefully they can faster settle my modem...
hehehe waiting for the day~~~~

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Tayar Puncat

1 week ago.. after come out from Giant...
accidentally spotted something
omg, tayar puNcat Again..
faster do a quick search my HP
-oh no.. unable to find any guys which are close to me & can help me to solve this thing..
-its time for me to maintain my frenship v my guys' frenz...
hahahaaa... pity.. the only ppl tat i can look for is tong.. but this fren he helps me alot.. cannot always trouble him...
luckily the workshop i always go got open on sunday
this is the chance i can take out the workshop name card & calling the ppl
thank god, everything settle after the work shop ppl come and fix it..
sometimes, its quite important to take the name card from ppl & always keep it on the purse as u will need it one day~~

Mega Sales

最近在杂志上看到的1件裙, 很适合dinner dress
可是没缘分, 从midvalley 到One U 甚至 Sunway Piramid,
Miss Selfridge brown color dinner dress 都卖完了


these few days... really wasted a lot..
anything i tot i can finish, manatau everything left half then through away..
Not sure whether is bcoz of last week the mood was not good bcoz influence by SOMEONE
hahhaa... anyway.. spend the money is my most happy way to release myself..
feel very 败金 oredi..
Its so enjoy spending when u use the money tat u earn by urself..
Rm500 in 5 hours habis at Mid Valley...


i slep very early form sat until last nite..
after back then stuck in front of the TV then nap at the sofa..
wake up then go to rooom continue sleep
not sure is my mental tired or my body tired or juz wanna escape something... or juz wanna hide myself out


speding the whole evening at the Apsent Spa at TTDI
start another course
then trying the spa which included in the course..
very shy when changing the clothes..
really had fun time at the bath tub... hohohoohooo
next time wanna try the"hot Blanket"
hope i will finish my couse b4 Dec....

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Haze Gone, Mood Back

2day... finally able to see the KLCC & KLTower from the office..
hehe yeah.. everything get to normal..
even my mood.. also get to normal..
although sometimes still geram of the ppl
>>coz never choi me for the msg..
but anyhow.. thanks those show the concern on me..
hey frenz.. i know wat i mm doing,,
so dun worry k? hehe..

Friday, August 12, 2005


this morning, finally raining after hazzy for so long..
finally can feel ab it fresh air....

browse some web & go to one blog....
read & read,,,,
suddenly i clear my mind....
push myself out from the pass memory
yess PASSS memory...
then i moody again...
dunno y i always so easily influence by ppl.....
suddenly feel very diff to breath...
so sad in heart...
long time dun have such feeling oredi...
i think i was addicted....
not by the drugs but by ppl...
I believe i can manage to control myself...
will recover as long as no more contact, chatting, msn, yahoo or anything ...
pls bless me...

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Bless You, Fren

Someone very happy & having sweet times recently..
may be this fren finally found wat she want...
as her goodfren, i always support her choices ( although i wanan be the HONG NIANG but no choice, i dun have the chance to be the HONG NIANG )
just wan my frenz bside me always happy
sadness go far far away from her..
She is a nice & "straight forward" ppl....
she is the one who always acc me go to the sri petaling pasar malam every tuesday to eat the "Tau Fu Fa Tong Yuen"


Someone very down recently
He got alot of choices need to decide,...
study ? work? work? study? gal A? gal B? gal C?
he also facing his problems since the secondary school until now..
there is no returns in love
just be urself..
i know he might be angry me.......
he seems to be so bz until 1am still in the GSC IOI Mall
hey my dear fren, morning is ur part time only... better concerntrate on ur study although its twice a week at night
this fren really enjoy the time working part time there..
this means that my recommendation for u is the right thing right? hehehhee


Someone is looking forward to going back home..
Almost 5 months working in the new company....
feeling that she is a bad gal...
Always only think go back home everytime facing problems & getting hurt & sad
but this time..
she just wanna go back watch her fav Astro.... ahahahhaah
bad again.. so miss the Tv right there
anyone wanna meet this bad gal, pls meet her bet 8 Sept until 16 Sept in Perlis

Saturday, July 30, 2005


I was so angry when i trying to make the booking at the Air Asia juz now

the stupid AirAsia calendar didn't show the month of September.... keep showing 2 months of October..feeling very irratating & totally not convenient to do the so call online booking...

SUmore when i check on the call center... trying to make the toll free call.. 1300 889933
the operator sound" thank you for calling Air Asia, our operating hours are off from 8am to .... bla.....

shit.. cannot make booking right now.. feel very low mood.. & wanna punch ppl.....

Friday, July 29, 2005


The moment in the snow house
Step Into this place after 1 year ++
same place, same snow, same staircase but ppl are diff
having a fun time with 2 frenz by thowring the "ice" to each other..
but their attack still can tahan
but still unable to play something in the snow house


juz a bit miss the time when we finish our viva on Friday last year...
most of us go up genting..
we gather in the small snow house..
each other release the tention by throwing the "ice"
some give fierce attack..
i was the victim..
even the shirt inside also wet
really miss my ex classmates..
this is the first time & also last time so many ppl gather & play around after so many semester
now everyone at diff places...
hope they enjoy their life now
hope they really Xing Fu -- 幸福

wish everyone 幸福

Saturday, July 16, 2005

Blind Mind

Recently my mind getting blur blur...
i like to lay down during the raining day & start day dreaming...
dream a lot of things...just as if i was in the movie... put myself into something...
& think of the romantic thing... m i getting someting wrong???
but in fact.. everythihng i dream wont come true...
most of the time if my mind suddenly cross by something... tat thing might bcome true as i had experience for many times like
If i was the gal inside the red iswara car next to the driver seat... But at the end, he fetch me using the bike... had some sweet & sour memories for few days.. I need to thanks him for giving me the chance to force me to learn & grown up after 1 week
Suddenly thinking of sumore & praise him deep in the heart & he was one of the ex classmate in ICM & after the trip from genting, theres rumours between us...and the guy now still in his hometown while i in kl...


quite enjoy the raining day ... may be bcoz of the wet wet weather & can have a nice dream night.. but most of the time i sleep at the morning...
its very very very very irratating if somebody call at the time while i was still asleeep especially during my working days..
hopefully the person ask for the favor "SEK ZOU" la..
if wanna call me, also call me during my off days...
else i also lazy to lend a hand

Sunday, July 10, 2005


很多時候 不知道自己是為了甚麼而活
也許只是 盲目地過著重覆又重覆的日子
時間一天一天過了 心卻一天一天老了
是自己太累了 還是太早看穿了,看透了?

從小 一直不停地聽到很多關於自己身邊的事物


Saturday, June 11, 2005


Has anyone take 1 min to double check on ur car after u lock it?
just to make sure everything has been lock?
I think.... i will spend more time on lcoking & checking after i lock the car...
After today~

My colleague... on the way to work..
he spend 20 mins to talk to his frens at the Maju Junction after he park his car along the small path... the car juz park bside the shot lots....

Once he back from the ATM & he got shocked bcoz the Kancil has been disappeared...
He tot somebody has play some magic that cause his car disappear from his sight
but after that, he got stunned once the old chinse ah pek told him his car oredi drove away by some Malays
he totally blank & the thing cross in his mind>> he lost his car since he has counted Malay frens
He call his fren then only they call the police..
At the other side, our TL keep calling to the colleague to come for working but still nobody pick up the call... just like someone has lostin the world... totally no response (this is because we need to inform TL earlier if we not able to come for work on time)
9pm ...
10pm ...
12 something.... finally saw the familiar face, our dear colleague is back to work!!
then the story continue>>>suddenly all of us gather to hear the story~
after call the police...the police came & told him will go ronda for his car without asking the num plates!
Deep in his heart, he keep scolding the police how to find the car without asking the plate number
Once they reach the police station, the police start to SHOW them how to break into a car in few mins... He got Stunned Again..
he claimed he never lock the gear lock bcoz he tot he only away for some time...
he did the police report without the IC, Lisence, Handphone, & some important document for the Court...
Reason>> all gone with the car
after long long bla bla bla....
everyone heart keep beating... the hearts start to flies out from the 14th floor of John Hancock & go to the parking place...
all keep worries about own car...
during break... we all go down to double check on the car.. finally our cars are safe..
time passs again..
6 something am.....
the call from police to my colleague...
i keep hearing "thank you sir , thank you sir" to the ppl he talk to
later check with him, they finally found his car
there is a road block on tat nite
the police block a car...
the kaki drug ppl unable show the lisence..
the malay was caught....
so lucky that found back....
else he will lost rm25000++
pls spend 1 more min after locking the car...
juz to make sure everything is lock firmly...
else u will be the next victim..

Thursday, June 09, 2005






























在我最美的時刻 為這

我已在佛前 求了五百年






當你走近 請你細聽




朋友啊 那不是花瓣





this is a very very nice article... it show those ppl feeling.... i had such feeling b4... but not now...

Monday, May 02, 2005

long time havent got any target...
memory flash back to the time went to muar...
hahahaa... i start to ask myself..
m i blieve the words tat told by the old guy ?
i not mind wat i had been told... juz very miss the otak otak from muar... very nice..
3 more months "2 years", meant by the old guy pass
wat will happen 3 months later, i duno
but i quite enjoy the card i "play" in the muar

i know every ppl sure assume which person i always mix v will be the one they tot
but this time wanna prove something to those frens
juz wanna shut up thier narrow mind , which always guide them think too much
the only think can prove me & my "gdfren" are innocent is the time
gdfren-is the person who always help me out when i was in touble
-help me move house many times (4 times)
-the only fren tat acc me during dinner when in ex company
-the only fren tat not only ex classmate but also bcome colleague in same company(ex-company)
-always being drag by me to the gala premiere, until the last premiere he went to the wrong cinema(felt so sorry for tat time as i was at BTS but he at MV)
-always bcome my driver if i lazy drive (previously)
-always kena cheat by me for the movie after work
-teach me the ways go to 1U & leisure mall, which is the most familiar place for him
-the person who bring me to kepong --the place i not familiar, until now i oredi can go there by myself)
-thanks him for the bat kut teh in kepong but i still prefer tat jalan ipoh one... still waiting to try bat kut teh at klang
-thanks him borrow his place for me to put my things for temp & also stay there as temp ..... until his family & frens around us also misunderstand our relationship...
-thanks him bring my PIG frens came for my condo on 5 Jul 04
-thanks him for the buddies tat always hang out at BTS recently for movie v ah nan & ah mui & kevin ....
-thanks him, if not of him, i wont able to know frens like suh wuen, kia min, kevin & florence in gsc
-thanks him so patient until able to bear so many things
-thanks him tat he always show concern to my pig fren which is the most cutie one, bcoz most of the news i got from him...
-thanks him help me so much until i owe him so much
-the person who always giv me hands whenever i need while most of my pig frens are not free at that time)
-the person tat who always show his gentleman & helpful to other frens
-the person who will drop tears when sing the song <>
-the person who always bluff & bull shit all the time
-the person who directly talk bad infront of me for this & tat (hairstyle,& so on)
-the person who having same bday v my papa
-the person who sometimes very "TIAO" & always perm his hair & dye the hair until his hair has bcome the crispy maggi mee
-the person tat very like JAY but he giv chance to his bro to see the JAY concert in Malaysia
-the person tat very very perfer sumone but he always got many diff gals bside him until he is confuding which one to chose (eg, A24,J33)

Many ppl din blieve there is gdfren between gal& guy...
well in my case, there really only the goodfren relationship between us although there r lots of rumours bet us (may be most of the time we hang out in groups)
To my dear fren,
"Get the type u want & dun let the chance pass by, i know u can make it.. cheers... my dear fren" >> i still hope u will together v sumone i know>>the cutie pig

many of the frens include tat lai v & eliz keep on mention about the "2 years" thing
but to me , tats nth
may be now my feeling is diff if compare v in coll days
bcoz now oredi used to do things on myself...
movie alone,
eat alone,
drama alone,
shopping alone, driving alone

Thursday, April 14, 2005


when having the lunch yesterday, i heard one conversation... one guy mention about 1 num-0395433366. this number is very pop since its a station hotline... i also got try call in to the particular station juz to wanna attend to 2"experienced" chinese male singer - jeff chang & sky wu. that time they were having a concert during the christmas at SBJ. these 2 taiwanese singers are quite ager oredi.. can consider as "old" since they oredi in this field > 10 years..... i know at my age most of the ppl more like the singer like Jay Chow,JJ,FIR .. but to me , i prefer to the singer like jeff, sky, michael & victor who oredi >30...

Many ppl told tat if u wanna know sum1's age, u can know it from their fav singers... this mean tat the younger ppl normally will go for the younger singer who in their 20s... although i juz 20s , i still more admire those experienced singer..... may be my mind started older, although my age is not tat old...... i think most of the frens around me also knew this when i was in my school days....may be i really not belongs to this age...


0395436688 was the number that i used to call to during the gala premiere.. everytime when calling 9543xxxx its very very diff to get to them esp those who r on the air... bcoz sure no ppl pick up the call.most of the time was my colleague call to thier hp to get confirm v them..... SOme of them even giv empty promise.. hahaaaa to them oredi nth la.. coz they will think"premiere again" nth special to them oredi..

last nite saw sinchew night paper, got to know xin jie will be bck to msia v aaron kwok & gallen loh.. wow... not bad..

no chance to met stars since i left.. hhaaaa.... nvm.. hope Yen Ling will success in this star tour & also the gala premiere for "DIVERGENCE".... the 1st & the last star tour i joined was the NPS tat time v another fren(ex colleague) -- suh wuen , a gal who having her industrial training in the dept tat time...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Nice Lyric~~~

曲:光良 词:光良 编:
忘了有多久 再没听到你对我说你最爱的故事 我想了很久 我开始慌了 是不是我又做错了什么 你哭着对我说 童话里都是骗人的 我不可能是你的王子 也许你不会懂 从你说爱我以后 我的天空 星星都亮了 我愿变成童话里 你爱的那个天使 张开双手变成翅膀守护你你要相信 相信我们会像童话故事里 幸福和快乐是结局 我要变成童话里 你爱的那个天使 张开双手变成翅膀守护你你要相信 相信我们会像童话故事里 幸福和快乐是结局 我会变成童话里 你爱的那个天使 张开双手变成翅膀守护你你要相信 相信我们会像童话故事里 幸福和快乐是结局 一起写我们的结局

曲:光良 词:葛大为 编:吴庆隆
牵着你在天空飞翔 这样看世界不一样 有了你在身旁笑的脸庞 世界或许就这么宽广 # 忽然就忘记了慌张 人海之中你最明亮 无意间的影响 渐渐扩张 你丰富我 生活感想 何必寻找所谓的天堂 原来我因为你 不想再去流浪 情愿平凡 不拥有一切也无妨 有了你在心上 依然是天堂 Repeat # 何必寻找所谓的天堂 原来我因为你 不想再去流浪 情愿平凡 不拥有一切也无妨 有了你在心上 已经是天堂

曲:光良 词:管启源 编:Azlan Abu Hassan
光: 你又想起某个夏天 热闹海岸线曹: 记忆中的那个少年 骄傲的宣言光: 伸出双手就能拥抱全世界 曹: 相信所有的梦想一定会实现光: 一切看起来都不会太遥远 合: 转眼之间过几年曹: 轻浮的语言都已慢慢沈淀 光: 即使难免会变得更加洗炼合: 我们不曾妥协 光: 那是我们都回不去的从前 曹: 幸好还可以坚持当时的信念 光: 世界尝试改变 合: 当初的那个少年 曹: 那是我们都回不去的从前 光: 当你站在那个夏天的海岸线 曹: 我们还是心里面 合: 那个偏执的少年 曹: 你又想起某个夏天 热闹海岸线 光: 记忆中的那个少年 骄傲的宣言 曹: 伸出双手就能拥抱全世界 光: 相信所有的梦想一定会实现 合: 我们不曾妥协 曹: 那是我们都回不去的从前 光: 幸好还可以坚持当时的信念 曹: 世界尝试改变 合: 当初的那个少年 光: 那是我们都回不去的从前 曹: 当你站在那个夏天的海岸线 光: 我们还是心里面 合: 那个偏执的少年 合: 那是我们都回不去的从前 幸好还可以坚持当时的信念 世界尝试改变 当初的那个少年 那是我们都回不去的从前 当你站在那个夏天的海岸线 我们还是心里面 那个偏执的少年

曲:光良 词:孔胜民 编:吴庆隆
我一个人独自开着车 在这熟悉不过回家途中 空着的前座 彷佛路没尽头 房里你睡过的双人床 浴室镜台上落单的牙刷 现在都寂寞 只有狗陪伴我 # 朋友说 你走了 劝我别想的太多 你说过 你爱我 手机里的留言你曾这么说 你给我的留言 反复听了几遍 短短几句 像看见你的脸 没了你我只能 活在回忆里面 删除它 勇敢一点 决定爱你之前 对爱轻描淡写 你微笑着说 有我你会快乐 守候我的电话 变成你的寄托 那一年的冬天 被你感动 Repeat # 站在镜前反复的思索 镜里的我样子渐渐朦胧 认不出我 那一天 你给我的留言 反复听了几遍 短短几句 像看见你的脸 没了你我只能 活在回忆里面 删除它 勇敢一点 决定爱你之前 对爱轻描淡写 担心爱情永远 难以实现 守候你的电话 不再是我的寄托 没有了你 我学着 重新生活

向左走向右走 (电视剧"向左走向右走"主题曲)
曲:光良 词:廖莹如 编:周恒毅
# 我真的迷了路 在喧闹人群中有个我静悄悄地走过 如果你是真的想念就是真的 分两头 从每一条路到每一个错过 一直走 也许不知道往哪里走 我相信 梦就是轮廓 而我们围绕着在寻找中 爱在某个角落 向左走还是向右走 几天几遍我一直走 晴天雨天没有停过 你一定要等我 向左走还是向右走 我努力选择 努力记得 不管世界有多辽阔 只要向着你走 Repeat # 向左走还是向右走 几天几遍我一直走 向左走还是向右走 我努力选择 努力记得

曲:游家豪 词:娃娃 编:陈熙
# 黑夜落在你的肩膀 你的脸有一些忧伤 oh 爱有看不见的重量 一个人在黄昏游荡 车灯漫成一片海洋 ya 没有方向也是方向 * (oh~)把一点光 把一点亮 放在左心房 路有些长 寂寞来时 你要自己坚强 那一点光 那一点亮 那路边的窗 有没有人 还会把浪漫当回事 我偶尔也会想 Repeat # * * 还是早就遗忘

期限 (2004马来西亚"为光良写主打歌"活动得奖歌曲)
曲:郑亿华 词:郑亿华/谢嫣薇 编:Mac Chew
九月天没下雪 走过牛津街 到皇宫剧院买两张天鹅湖入场券想让你今年生日过的有些特别 # 十二月下了雪 白茫茫一片 覆盖了蓝天 覆盖了所有感情的细节爱情城市瞬间变成了一个从前 我的心情像下雪 像被冷风刺的感觉 再也看不见蓝天 点燃了一根香烟 开始了孤单的黑夜 * 我们之间已经到了期限 冬季以后多明媚的春天 溶化不了结冰的感觉 我们之间已经没有期限泪水流下只剩有过的甜 不能再对我自己欺骗 爱没有残缺 Repeat # 若是爱情抵挡不了 时间的考验 何必还要相信 承诺会有永远 woRepeat *

曲:陈熙 词:陈熙 编:陈熙
# 海边 冷冽的风吹来 隐约 听见你在呼唤想念 你当初给我的一张旧照片相信时间还不够久让我们改变相约明天再见 虽然已过了好几年 相约明天见面 你一定会出现 只要你仍记得我吻过你的海边 Repeat # 已经过了很久 又回到那海边 我望着天 好像远方有人慢慢向我走来 不可能是幻觉 原来已经是明天 你回到我身边 又回到我们的海边 你就在我身边 不让你离开视线 还好你还记得属于我们的海边 我想 怀念不如想见 That's right现在 我手中仍然握着那张旧照片 相信时间已证明我对你的爱不变

曲:林宥佐 词:娃娃 编:吴庆隆
你笑说风好大 没说两句话 泪就像雨下 好好哭一哭有没有带走 眼里那颗砂 # 看着你在挣扎 还是爱着他 说什么话都多余啊 爱情像个长假 再美的回忆 结束了还是要回家 不管是苦涩还是甜蜜 * 忘了他 他是个傻瓜 他不值得你 还为他流泪牵挂 有太多好男人是你的选择啊 想再看到你笑的灿烂如花 忘了他 我的妹妹啊 虽然他也是 我最喜欢的朋友啊 我打算从此再也不见也不理会他 我们把他忘了吧 Repeat # 你说你不怪他 你还是会想他 对爱你已不再有想法 成长的痛苦 原来有那么多的代价 Repeat *

记得我爱你 (电影"英勇战士俏姑娘"主题曲)
曲:光良 词:彭资闵 编:林挥斌(弯的音乐)
恋人们等星星老 我爱你天荒地老 能不能停在这一秒 多希望爱不乱跑 爱一生中不多不少 会有一次不得了 其实没人比我知道 你就是我的不能不要 记得我爱你好不好 记得心最暖的拥抱 如果有一天你过的糟榚 当你悲伤记得有我靠 有些爱最后才明了 有些爱一生遇不到 不管谁最后陪着你到老 记得有我曾爱你这么牢 不变的心跳 如果黑夜太难熬 我陪你日夜颠倒 爱一场该付出多少 因为你我不计较 人一生能浪漫几秒 抱着你我就知道 其实我不怕你走掉 如果已拥有这么多美好 记得我爱你好不好 记得心最暖的拥抱 如果有一天你过的糟榚 当你悲伤记得有我靠 有些爱最后才明了 有些人走了找不到 不管谁最后陪着你到老 记得有我 曾爱你这么牢 有些爱最后才明了 有些人走了找不到 不管谁最后陪着你到老 记得有我 曾爱你这么牢 不变的心跳 我的心跳 我的心跳

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

simple life~~

this is the 2nd week i move to kelana jaya... the days without job really very very relaxing.. nono is call boring.. i utilize the facility here include the mini mart here>>to buy the newspaper, the chinese restaurant here>>to have dinner, and of coz the most important is the CC here>> to online mah... bcoz i still havent go to apply the telephone yet.One thing i not yet use is the gym & swimming pool.....

tat day went to red box v the gangs...long time din sing for so long oredi,,, almost 5 hours sit there & juz keep on singing & adding the song...woww.....very enjoy those few days ..may be next time i dun have the time to go out v them again since my new job off day is diff at all..


2day having the lunch v my ex colleague....juz update some news of the company... one of the excolleague which same dept v me last time is going to leave soon...... he is the 1st person who came to me to intro himself... very glad to know him coz he really a cute & nice person.... every time i kena cincang by my boss, he used to show some funny expression ..... he always in the good mood and he is the happy person in the dept..... but if we din hear his voice ... tat mean he is up set or juz quarrel v his bf.. hahahaaa..... hope he got a better job later...

yesterday was the gala premiere for the . This is the 1st premiere at the BTs was without me... haaaa..... very miss the time when having the gala premiere or the star tour with my colleague... bcoz we really enjoy it although we still need to work until night... its so great to work v them since they all r very nice & humour.... but most of the time we also went to watch the premiere once all the guest oredi in the halls.

for me, the most unforgotable gala premiere was . tat time me & YH kena make up as the grudge.. hahahaa wahlau eh.. very scary face .... at that time... i met a hometown senior... she was shocked to c my make out...haahahaha very pai seh also... like this also kena reg by ppl...


start from monday... going to start another new life of the job..... take this job a bit challenging since my working time is diff v other... now having finish read the data com borrow from ah tong... anyhow try my best...

Sunday, March 20, 2005

Idol--- Michael Wong...

2day is quite meaningful to me...not bcoz i aeroplane interview again... not bcoz i aeroplane my fren again... juz bcoz finally i can did wat i plan to do long time ago.. juz last time i didnt have such time & transport to do..

Bcoz scare of no parking at s.P, so i reach there around 2pm./. then juz hang out alone there... but i totally no mood to shopping alone.. not bcoz i dun have fren acc me.. juz bcoz i was waiting the time to reach.... keep on looking at the watch.. but 7pm was still havent reach yet....

at last... i spend the time at TGV and watch the hk movie <>... at 1st i tot it is scary movie.. manatau.. acheh... juz a normal murder movie..Once the movie finish , the watch show 4:45pm..... keep on hanging there and started to find a plce to rest and refreshing myself... my next desti is the mph and starbucks... once waiting for michael reach there... i juz flip through the i Feel i bought...

6 something... 988 dj -- ah mei start to warm up the surroundings... sum games were carried out. pass by the counter,which was selling michael alblum and his music book, and i as if kena kong tao , take out 45 to buy the music book.hahahaa really siao liao... but very enjoy it..


finally 7:05pm.. the VIP reach liao... wahlau eh... damn crowded... the surrounding start getting high...he bring to ppl some of his new songs... and wat i can say is his live performance is very very good.,... especially he play the piano on the spot while he sing the <> .. everyone very enjoy of the songs brought by him.. if one day can play all the songs in his album book, so nice..

He seem very nice to all his supporters... of coz all supporters feel very touch once he said: he will sign for everyone until the last person...really can imagine how tired after he signed.,.. hahaa.... very unforgeteble day//... since got the chance to be "ah Lian". really... it is a nice experience for me.. juz heard the idol sing.. then queue up to get the signature from him.. hahaa... this is the 1st time and might be the last time... Michael... Ganbade!!!

Friday, March 11, 2005


2day juz get the room key from my new housemate.. yeahh... finally can move into the new room liao tomorrow... Hope i realy stay stay longer in this place & no need to move here & there oredi..

sometimes feel very upset...
sometimes feel very stupid..
sometimes seem very useless...

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentine~~

yesterday back from the kl, jammm 2 hours at the highway there....sumore raining~~~ hahahaa... anyway... still a bit tired... although 2day no need to work...

Happy Valentine ~~>>2day still the same, nth much diff to me... may be will go out find the room to move..

Friday, February 11, 2005

Yum Cha~~

Yesterday is the 1st ever yum cha at the bamboo house in my kampung... wahlau damn crowded lo,...also be the 1st ever earliest yum cha time.. around 9.40pm reach there... saw many leng cai & leng lui which are from smps...juz we duno thier & yap lee, a gal which like micky very much(even the shirt & shoes also mcky),sit at the corner & observed ppl around.
when take order, my god, my favor--roti pisang pun tak ada.. wat place oh... even roti also dun have...>_< no choice... juz order as usual... the half boil eggs. hehehe~~ the whole nite.. juz 2 of us.. talking talking & talking... talk about yap lee flies, i think this is the worst fly for her i heard b4... about her dream, i will look forward she will bring a lot of coca cola cans for me once her dream come true..

2nd day of CNY, zoe juz went to Aus again... to continue her nutrition... anyway thanks for the junk food she brings back..really enjoy it & can even finish the junk food in 1 hour..hope she also enjoy the <> until scare to drive alone esp at the nite time..


2day///.... the gathering day~~...4something juz ngam by our good fren, ah tong>> who always think he is the most "Yao Ying" guy among frens, say this say tat... start to feel irritating although its really hard to get fren who so direct to ppl.... criticize ppl at the most...
sometimes quite confused with the word "gathering". izzit it is the time to show the fashion?haircut?bf?gf?the changes of figure? career? or juz want concern each other.... y must wear pretty to attend such event? nono... not an event... juz a small activity for freens..

Wednesday, February 09, 2005


As usual, every year CNY go to relatives house.this year a bit diff, its bcoz no need to overnite at kulim anymore. One thing i dun like when meet relatives , sure they asked:"grad oredi?" "working where?" may be after few years later, the Q will change to "when got bf?" when married" aii... why they like to "concern" so much...

still go to jobsdb,neopets,circless99,friendster as usual.. hehee/... used to be like this since in coll...few more days will go back liao..hardly to stay at home for weeks.anyhow will try to enjoy as much as i can at home...

Monday, February 07, 2005

Black Day

this morNing, i juz like a first -timer drive the car. This is not bcoz i seldom drive car, juz long time din drive manual car.. hohoo... luckily wan ling din get mad of it..

My day getting wrost when i again drop my 6100 on the floor at the kayangan square car park. Shit!!... my color screen spoil liao.. wat a heart attack for me b4 the CNy~ now only can c half of the screen & only can make calls.

after tat kena ngam by my dear fren,ah tong, keep on asking me to ask frens for the gathering...haihh.. he totally canot giv me peace time to online..

look forward for the yum cha at 9 2nite. heheee its really long time the Take 5 din gether & chit chatting again lo. hehee~~