Thursday, December 04, 2014

Recap : London Summer 2013 - Big Ben , Four Seasons Restaurant,

the best thing I ever experience is Chef On Call, Summer Sales, staying at Zone 1,2 (previous was at Zone 5)

for the sake to take good picture, went to buy this camera before the journey.

All pictures from Samsung Galaxy Camera

                             The Chef On Call - famous satay from MAS and it was delicious

                                                      Marriott Kensington

                                               1st place to go is to see them in summer

                                               no Doubt, 9PM , 18 July 2013 @ London, Zone 1

                                        First time experience the sunset at 9PM, pretty like this when day is                                                                       longer than night

                                             use video to record down nice place

         Heading to Leicester Square for dinner@ supper hour trying out the famous Four Seasons Restaurant originally from Chinatown London

                                               The yummy roasted duck

                                    The roasted pork, I prefer KL one

                                         spotted Chatime @ London, Chinatown

                                                           very long queue

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Review. 2014

2014年  因为那本欧洲的书,我开始收集肆一的书
2014年  除了很忙,还是在工作上很忙,越忙越快乐
2014年  我开始在工作方面上手,减少听《倔强》
2014年  证实其实IT业很小 我当年一直很想向对方学习的人,成为我的新老板
2014年  在南北大道经历了人生的第一场严重车祸,11年的老车报销了
2014年  我在公司里很巧的遇到另一位来自玻璃市,中学同batch的人
2014年  我的BFF的cute boy,竟然和我相差一天生日。我和她们母子俩还真的有缘
2014年  第一次觉得每天上班要搭Teksi是件麻烦的事
2014年  我继续用RM2.50Instax相机,直接记录美好的人,事物
2014年  运气还不错的我,连续遇到2位很nice的 boss


Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Recap : London Spring 2011 Day 41 - The Musical Museum, Kew Bridge

The last day in town - Visited Carluccio for the 3rd time as it was just walking distance from the hotel.

                                            finger food - fried calamari, as usual

                                                             the best seafood risotto

           The musical museum was the only museum I paid during that visit. £10 (RM49.60) per entry. Too bad cannot take pictures for all different kind of instruments displayed. The experience was marvelous as I cannot get any other special instruments from other places.

                                 The super cool performance piano. Check youtube 00:53

                                                         the hotel view from the Restaurant

                                 it used to be the wallpaper(another picture) - the office view from                                                                                  Restaurant

                                                           the walking path to office

Recap : London Spring Day 26 : My first Musical - Wicked

More into Phantom Of the Opera than Wicked. Yet chose Wicked on a Friday evening 7:30pm show, Left office before 5PM together with Anna Beddingfield. With bus and tube, we managed to reach there and had quick dinner before the show. Frankly speaking, this cannot be done in KL due to the heavy traffic.

               trying to choose the not so expensive view -  £42.50 =RM210.80 (+ Credit card                       charges) for this show (this is the price without the cocktail session drink)

                                    the background and scene were nice. Quite enjoy the theatre 

If there is a chance for revisit, Phantom Of the Opera is the next to go. #fail to get a single ticket for any theatre in 2013 with Anna again due to too last min#

Picture from the lost camera - Sony T900

Recap : London Spring Day 24 : Dining @ Blue Elephant

This is the Recap. 

This was one of the top 5 Thai restaurant as per one of the book intro. 
The food was awesome with the cozy environment but a bit pricey. 2 persons with 2 main dishes + 1 share dish + drink can hit £70+

More info :