Monday, October 31, 2005

Days Without Sun

Another Monday morning, as usual , this is another raining day
feel very cold & very sleepy for such nice weather
this is the 3rd weeks raining, tat means 3 weeks no sun at all
juz like i also didn't see my Sun for 3 weeks continuouesly oh no
my mood seems like the weather , nothing can warm me up at all except the hot hot sun


sun & star had gone out bcoz of their duty far far away
juz now went to refresh myself.. suddenly spotted something
is STar, Star is back... hahaaaa
star is back , is this also meant that Sun also back?
or Sun still on duty alone there?
star still very dark esp wearing the dark color shirt sumore
where is my Sun? feel very cold...
i need sun to warm me up...


jieio>> how about ur stars?

Sunday, October 09, 2005


yesterday on the way back home, along the Jalan Genting Klang, had a wrost experince in my life
i move from the right lane to the middle lane with the speed of 80km/h
the distance between my car & the car infront of me (CAR A) still got 200m
there still got 2 cars in front of car A
but all of sudden, i have no idea why the 2 cars in front of the car A suddenly stop in the middle of the road
it seems tat one of the car want to take over the other car
hence the Car A also stop
had no choice & need to have emergency break
even the whole road can hear my emergency break
the high pitch sound suddenly surround that area & even my tyre also got the smoke come out
i duno wat to do beside try my best to stop my car between this distance..
luckily.. juz like the movie... the car managed to stop b4 hitting the car A
so so so lucky man.. & there is no car bhind me.. else i also need to spend my night at the police station oredi..
thanks for my car break
everything happen on 8 oct 11.50pm, few mins b4 9 Oct
the car stop & i was totally stunned...
my mind was blank & even feel very helpless if anything happened to me
i duno wat to do at all...
may be its time for me to find someone can giv me support in my life

Monday, October 03, 2005

Fish Leong Concert

3rd concert i watch in this year....
but 1st time go stadium putra watch....
from Jay concert at stadium merdeka, Jolin concert at Arena Stars until Fish concert at Stadium Putra, diff time go v diff ppl
i start the Sat day when fetching my dearest cousin, Ann Ann at KJ then straight go to Low Yat
park the car at BTS as usual (bcoz i prefer the parking there) then across the road to Low Yat
suddenly notice one familiar ppl..
even can meet my exclassmate during coll when accrossing the road..
teoh, lip tatt & jeff.. wat a surprise
after bz squeezing v ppl at low yat & sg wang..
we start our next destination, Bikit Jalil
its raining along the road esp at sg besi there..
but quite lucky as its so smooth all the road & we reach the BJ at 5pm..
its very very early but the BJ oredi crowded v yellow red & yellow blue ppl
so many supporters bet Sel and Perlis
although we r perlis lang but if compare v selangor fans, perlis supporters juz queater of them
sumore the 1st malaysian idol, jacklyn victor also performing at the sel stage
the concert delay from 8pm to 9pm.......
so sleepy at the hall there...
b4 the concert start, still need to be forced to heard the" negaraku"
oh gosh...
Fish is a great singer can sing very well in LIVE
she really got the voice
like the songs since the "YI YE ZHANG DA"album's song like"only can hug you" v guang liang, and "sorry, i love you"
since F1 start to 'yan xiong' michael & victor, aldo find out that local artist are quite well also like fish & penny & Z chen
support them bcoz they r malaysian also.. 'kaki lang' mah

*note: 4 Oct, my Sun is coming ... hahahaha but unable to see my star....

this is quite touch concert...
the 1st surprise VIP is a sweet Vj send a flower to her
this sweet VJ is Jay gf, hou pei chen
1st time saw her but still dun like her style of talking
she talk seems uneasy & not natural at all

She sang alot of her nice nice song...
All of her songs she sang is the complete song
it bcome a super large KTV that everyone follow her to sing together

the 1st VIP in her concert is her cousin, Biao Ge, Z Chen
both of them talk back the old days when they stay together
sound like the story around us
ZChen always ask' LuLu' go to buy the mamee & mimi for him
Z Chen only giv 1/5 mamee for the so called'lulu'-- Fish

the soecial part of this night is a game for the couple seat's couples
those couples need to kiss their partner once the camera was on them
hahhahaah wat a lovely memory
some couples very shy but still got steady couples
those couples who able to get 1 envelope from their seat will come out the stage to propose to their partner
sumore got Victor & Fish sang a song bside this couple.. sure quite memorable for them
1st time saw Victor at the concert...
very nice & humour
like the words go : A Smile A Day, Keeps The Bad Mood Away...
for the "End Call" part, all the audience didn't corporate to shout"END CALL" thisword
& this made the musician until to follow the audience "End Call" by playing the drum
anyway Fish still going out
sing last 2 songs..
the screen show many singers include MAY DAY , penny, JIA QIAN, & so on sing her song"FEN SHOU KUAI LE" together...
Fish started singing this song & suddenly 2nd surprise VIP come out & sing v her together
she is >> JIA QIAN
what a nice VJ
seriously, everyone surprised & the environment seems very very high
once they finish this song..
fish start her story again
she keep on crying when her mind flash back the day she start to be a singer
she thanks LEE ZHONG SHENG alot & this remind her bout her papa..
the VCR showing some pic s of her papa bcoz her papa passeed away
she cry & cry & also her mum
both of them look alike
this is the most touch part!

sharp 12am, everything over
concert last for 3 hours
step out from stadium & fond out perlis lost 0-2 to selangor (my dear Ann Ann quite concern about perlis, hahahaa...)
this is the 1st time hang out v her after she back to Msia for so long
hope still can hang out v her for the next year Michael concert~~