Wednesday, July 19, 2006

William Ma

William Ma...
remind me the story when i visited my relative last year
flash back all my cousins whether is very close or very very far far relative (like marcus) or others

WM is a quite all, fair, always smile v sexy and aussie slang ppl.
he is really charming..
haha this isthe first time find out i also got such a so called "goodlooking" cousin..
He always like to play PS 2 v my another cousin everytime he at my cousin house.

Miss the chance to visit his house as during that time i went to find my buddy in Curtin.
well, when the time at the airport, bit disappointed he is not there to sent us..
and also quite regret that never took photo v him..

Okie, 2007 , would be another chance to meet him if still got chance to visit there again.
this time will never miss the chance anymore.
Really look forward for this. Hope that time he still in Perth.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Bye ~Sun, Star ,Moon

Friday again..
times goes on..
may be juz only got 2 or 3 more days can see those star,sun & moon
long time din write bout the sun..
sun looks so cool even say hi, never smiles
still look so smart v his style of walking..
his image really spoil..
by fighting v ppl in the GF
wonder y..because he fight bcoz of a lady in the other dept
both of them oredi got partner..
since ah jen so trust he is not that kind of bad ppl..
well, i trust jen, so means i also trust he still a nice ppl
hard to imagine frenly ppl like him also will act like this..
sun still so charm among them..
met the ah jen last week.,,
discuss about the sun
conclusion made of that fight might be his galgal oredi being grabbed by other ppl,,
so pity..
no wonder seldom see his smiling faces recently..
anyhow he might be the only ppl i saw in this week
due to another 2 oredi fly Away~~


Moon looks like my fren hubby..
same style , same smile
so shocked when find out this 2 ppl looks alike
is the most fairest ppl among those
but he always v his smiling faces
another frenly ppl there
well as usual..
quite hard to meet them if they are bz
may be only meet fewmonths a while here
then always be the HONG ZHONG FEI YAN
again.. this moon also fly to another place oredi..
another ppl would miss that tao sha peng. ahhaa


here is the last one, star..
here's the story goes as:
ah jen & me.. start notice this fella..
thinking & guessing.. ch or m.. ch or m??the dark fella, with the leather jacket
even the style also like mai lai ren
still remember the photos i took in perth
he describe as i helping the kangeroo doing xxx
bcoz the photo too small
today back to office..
find out he also fly again...
fly is one part of the job..
so nice can always enjoy the food & culture in that country
NO MORE chance meet him liao..
hhaahahah tat day was the last time he bye to me..
bye byebye my shining star..
thanks for sharing the opinion of the extra course,~~

Hope he get wat he want... the traveller~

=========+++++twincle twincle little Star+++++==========