Wednesday, August 23, 2006

To : Good Job Tourism BUT...

Hi there,

First of all, very glad to know that Ministry of Tourism just announce Michael Wong become the spokesman to promote the Malaysia for the Visit Malaysia 2007. And again, the ads are very very nice. Good job!

But still I have something to voice up. When I browse the Ministry of Tourism website, which is , i only able to see in 1 version, which is English version. Since Michael Wong is the spokesman for Visit Malaysia 2007 and his main role is to attract more and more tourist from countries like China, Hong Kong or even Taiwan. As we all know, 99% of the residents there are all Chinese. If there is a version for Mandarin for this website, its quite convenient for them. Eventhough nowadays, high educated people from these coutries able to read English, but this doesn't mean that others who only mainly know Mandarin won't be the tourist. Who knows these group of people will be Malaysian's biggest income? So why not invest some money to create another Mandarin version to introduce Malaysia?

Another thing I would like to voice up is the information provided is wrong! Recently I watch a programme that introduce about Malaysia. This Taiwam programme mainly intro every country places. Hence, they had been invited to Malaysia by Ministry of Tourism. The name of the programme in Mandarin is "台湾脚逛世界". In this programme, the VJ had been brought around in Malaysia by a tour guide (where I guess this tour guide is arranged by Ministry of Tourism) call Penny. Able to see from here that the first place Panny bring the Taiwanese VJ around is the Twin Tower. But so disappointed is, when Penny intro to the VJ, this Twin Tower in Mandarin called 双子塔. But in fact, the name translate in Mandarin should be 双峰塔. I know its just the name of translation. But if there are many Mandarin name to be translate for Twin Tower, why not we just stick to one name. More than 1 name not only confusing Malaysiam, but also the tourist as well.

When do the research around, able to find out the so called the latest translation of the places name in Malaysia
最新出炉的国家、州与联邦直辖区、州首府、新城市、建筑物及大马货币华文规范译from the website,
and this website get the resource from Nanyang newspaper online which is:

If the Nanyang Online Newspaper is publish the correct translation name for Twin Tower, WHY Ministry of Tourism still giving the wrong and confusing information to the oursider especially the media people of Taiwan for this case.I bet, if more and more programme would like to intro Malaysia, the same thing will happen again, and the wrong information will be given again. Let say, in this programme, if the information given by Ministry of Tourism for the mandarin translation is 双峰塔 but its the so called Tour Guide in this programme is telling 双子塔, WHY still finding this kind of people who given the wrong information be the tour guide. I believe, everyone had to know very well all the information related to their job. WHY this tour guide, still can give the wrong translation? This is not the first time happen, because the same thing happened on our famous singer, FISH LEONG, also giving this name 双子塔when intro Malaysia in of the programme. Really hope the person in charged beware of the name of translation. If erally only stick to 1 name, PLEASE Announce it to let everyone know CLEARLY.

(pls:Hereby attached the screenshot of the so called tourguide, Penny with the Taiwanese VJ)


Friday, August 18, 2006

Another surprising day..

Another working Friday, the last day of the week..
listen to the MyFM just bcoz oredi used to it, even i prefer more 988 -- bcoz got michael wong news more mah ..

during the contest of Gor Zai Gu Gu Gu Gor Zai, the DJ, Lam Tak Weng sudenly put guang liang song...

not realy interested in the prize but juz wanna call & try try...
1st call, cannot get in..

2nd try.. opps since manage to call in but nobody pick up the call..
3rd try... tu .. tu .. tu.. shit, someone talk in cantonese, force me to use mu lousy cantonese to talk ..& give the answer in mandarin! but then this DJ quite fast response, lsiten me talk in mandarin faster change to mandarin~ really good..

feel stun and nearly 4got wat to say coz never think of call in & really make it~ yeah...
use the cool voice, not even say hi to him, juz giv the answer..

canot remember wat the DJ crap about after i giv the asnwer
juz know he sound like very very happy for congratula but i still in the shock , & still not able to give back the so call "happy" mood to him
i tot this is live oredi, manatau once he finish congrate, he ask me to say 1 more sentence: "Thank you My FM". Zha dao, i know i have to be so polite to say thank you but bcoz i too shock until 4got oredi, and never never think for ppl will ask for the so call "thank you"
quite "pui fuk" MyFm bcoz one of the reasons they can bcome so successfull bcoz they never 4got to ask ppl to advertise for them!

i might not really get the thing bcoz of no fate.. but anyhow i really hope i can get another thing since i also participate for the web contest.. if i confirm get this, might no chance for the web contest coz all the winners unable to partiacipate in the contests within 1 month...
but i know i wont so lucky, coz anything hope for normally wont get,but sometmies if juz want to play for fun or try try, normally will have the surprise.. another 2 good examples are those contest for movie of magazines..

haha jen also quite shocked when see my call as she confirm the jocelyn is who in the radio oredi.. gosh.....really feel appreciate..