Monday, February 01, 2016

Meet up after years

I just wrote about GSC movies again partner with 988 to promote their CNY movies and this is the 2nd year in my Wechat few days ago before this meet up.

and then during our team dinner time, i just managed to recognized Ms Siva when she and another lady were back from washroom to their table. Bumped into them in such a way where they were at our next table for hours. Can see they were trying to relax as before CNY is the most busy moment as they need to promote and have gala premiere for many CNY movies distributed by them (when u see any movies show "GSC Movies" means they distributed that movie).

I could not recognized the whole night next table were Ms Siva and Mr Tung.

I left Jan 2005 and it has been 11 years since we met each other. 11 years, i never meet them in any GSC or any gala premiere or in any preview show by Spotlite magazine. Greet each other with smile and hug and time is the best tool to let us remember the good memory including few gala premiere show organised by them or by other distributor :)

Good to see them back and Mr Tung took some time to recall me back hahahaa :D


learned a lot of things on this job including the press, the event, the premiere, the registration for premiere, the TV stations, the GSC cinemas in town for gala premiere and cinema checking and this is the only non IT related before i totally switch to IT field.