Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Well Done, Japan

I went to IOI Boulavard to watch the match of Japan VS Paraguay
the possession for the both are 60 (Paraguay) :40 (Japan)

this time , the Goalkeeper, Eiji Kawashima was the main player in the team
Credits to Kawashima, Marcus Tulio Tanaka (Brazilian-born Japanese) and others defenders did their job very well in that match
they really gave a good show where they were not kicked out from the match in 90 mins
sumore still play on + 3 mins + 30 mins extra time
until need 5 penalty goal
and then lose bcoz of the penalty goal

in that match, we saw Japanese defenders always got 4 ppl to block their opponents (this is definitely better than England where they only got 2 defender to block ppl)
Kawashima and Tulio even hit accidentally and hurt
when trying to save a ball

Nobody will expect , as the only Asia team, Japan played such a long game compare with other 16 teams
too bad the Goalkeeper, Eiji Kawashima, failed to
I believe
If the Goalkeeper is Yoshigatsu Kawaguchi, a renowned penalty stopper, would able to save the balls.
(this is Kawaguchi 4th WC, and this year, he was only the backup player)

Keep it up ur good job, Japan

**IF you are from Asia, this is a match that you SHOULD NOT miss out
please watch reply of this match**

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