Thursday, February 02, 2017

Judgement. Me

I had been reading on an article in mandarin
is about a lady has been introduced to meet a guy of a relative
the gal dress up the way she likes, and at the restaurant, she just order the food she love and with no make up (be herself basically)
after that there is no more news between the guy and her
and her relative then found out some story after the meal.
She has been told that the guy judge her from ordering expensive food (the rest i cannot recall)

the gal then just relief that there is no more meet up with that guy
the guy never know that is her favorite food, the looks expensive handbag she brought is from her own hard earn money and she just dress up as herself.


suddenly i recall ST's friend whom contacted me via fb chat many years ago
ST and L are also Intian
haha that was a funny experience
I had been judged of having good food for certain years in certain restaurant
but L never know the good food was due to birthday celebration of friend from different gangs in the 3 years when these friends are still in Klang Valley
I kinda lazy to go explain if I had been judge in this way when someone does not bother to understand first
and then remain as just never meet again facebook friend after left Inti for so long

I had been blogging since 2005
I blog from anything to certain years only focus on the food I had, and share the restaurant  i been before (wanted to do like other food blogger)
I share the same information in my fb photo album
after that I stop to blog any food or good restaurant or even share any food I had due to this kind of judgement

I guess nowadays people only judge you having good food is a death sentence
people will never wanted to go understand what occasion of having these good food (whether is bday celebration for friends, or company related)
but people think sharing travel around the world is better than the rest of the interests where other people might have including having good food even maybe once a while or attending your most favorite concert every 2 to 3 years (while the rest of concert ticket perhaps you attend with other reason)
never wanted to know what supports (songs) you gone through the hard period 
never wanted to know what books you had been reading so far or how much you learn from the books read.

People only looks at you by judging the past , not the current
People dunno hows the feeling when your Japanese Lead whisper at you and telling you " you did a good job as your test call is the best among other Geos" 
People duno how much you had been working hard these years and duno the reviews you received from different bosses
People duno how much your mindset has been changing after reading the books for so many years
People dono how much you invest for the books and no travel = you are dead
People duno how much you had been changed 
People think you reward yourself with hard earn money for watch or bag is also death sentence.

Stay away from me if you only wanted to judge my past, not my current 

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