Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Took With Someone

Jewel with SG Flyer
Mr Low + Siva
Mr Low + Alvin
Mr Low + Joce
Mr Low + Ali
Mr Low + Mevis Liao
Mr Low + Sripriya
Mr Low + Resti

Alvin (FTS SM MY), Joce (HD MY), Ali (SME HK), Siva (SM SBL MY). Azmi (HD TL MY), Mevis Liao (SME TW), Resti (SME ID), Francis Chia (SME SG)
TW SME- Mevis Liao + Joce
Joce + Su Fei (IBMer that time)
Sharon, Siva, Azmi, Francis, Jesse
Nathaniel (the middle)
how many of them you can recognize?
Jarupan (SME TH), Jeanette (SME PH)Yin Yoke, Sharon, Jewel
Sharon T VS Joce
Joce VS SG Flyer

Date : March 2008
Venue: SG Flyer, IBM Office

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