Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dinner @ STADT German Cuisine & Bistro

The outlook of this restaurant

decoration - so so

I wonder whether they are regular customer or only 1 time visit

2 glasses of 1 pine Hoegaarden. 1 pine RM 23.90 during Happy Hour - > Rating : 5/10 just bcoz of the big and special glass

Mash potato with little sauce - RM 6.90 -> Rating : 3/10

Calamari Rm 14.90 - > Rating: 1/10

BBQ roasted pork ribs glazed with honey - RM 22.90, Rating 2/10

Spring Chicken 童子鸡 - RM 22.90 -> Rating 1/10

the chili sauce that we requested - story see below

yeee not nice

Date : 9th March, 2010
Time: 20:00 MYT
Venue: STADT German Cuisine & Bistro , Bandar Buteri Puchong, Puchong
Address: 50, Jalan 1/4, Bandar Puteri (as per receipt)
Person : Joce + Kim Lee

this is my 1st time to have German food
Their German Pork Knuckle is the recommended one
but due to not sure about the portion
we chose other main course
after that, we feel lucky for not ordering the German Pork Knuckle
just because the normal Calamari also not tasty at all
how you expect German Pork Knuckle?

I ordered BBQ roasted pork ribs glazed with honey
and felt so regret
the sauce is sweet but there is no honey taste also
Another Spring Chicken ordered by Kim Lee
and guess what, the sauce of the SC is the sauce of Mash Potato
back to Mash Potato > only gave little sauce + not tasty
and one thing is good where in the menu they did mentioned some main course like BBQ roasted pork ribs glazed with honey need 25 mins to be served
ok juz bcoz that 25 mins
I ordered Mash Potato and Calamari as snack
MP was the 1st thing we had
and then we waited and waited
when Calamari reached, my BBQ roasted pork ribs also reached
I feel speechless
How could Calamari also need 25 mins to be served?

Another funny thing was
due to the taste of honey sauce was terrible
We requested for Chili Sauce
ok, here the waiter serve us with 1 small plate of Chili Sauce

When the SC reached, the sauce was the Mash Potato one
Hence we requested another Chili Sauce
Guess what we got ?
"that is Chilly sauce , right?" Waiter talked and pointed at my Chilli Sauce
Gosh, come on
Why you so stingy on this kind of small thing
and then he questioned us back
At last, he still served us with another small plate of Chilli Sauce
And there will not be 2nd visit to this restaurant anymore

One good point of this restaurant is the Ladies (WC) is very clean
well this one , i rate 9/10 for the washroom

Overall Rating: 2/10


Julian said...

Try these 2 restaurants next time for German food:

Logenhaus in Taipan, haven't been there but got very good reviews from a few friends of mine.

Bavarian Bierhaus in the Curve, been there myself, worth a try.

Jocelynlai said...

ok will try it :)