Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lou Sang 2010 With Intian @ Pantai Seafood Restaurant

Lou Sang dish >Rating: 5/10

Thx to lai v for sponsoring us the red wine

Special Kai Lan, nice > Rating : 8/10

Dish of name 4got, prawn > Rating : 7/10

Lala soup > Rating : 7/10

Otak TouFu, nice > Rating: 8/10

Fried Sotong, > Rating: 7/10

Butter Crab> Rated : 8/10

should be yolk crab , Rating : 8/10

Date: 21st Feb 2010
Venue: Pantai Seafood Restaurant (水上人间), PJ
Persons: Ah Huan, Ah Huan bf, Sam, Lai V, Titan, Laura, Eliz, Joce

The dishes we ordered
each of us paid rm 38 only
price is not expensive
and food is tasty as well
have a try on their recommended food we ordered
for sure u will not regret

Overall Rating: 8/10

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