Saturday, May 29, 2010

Perth Summer 2005 - The Time We Were Together

William's papa, Wei Lie koko, Papa, William's Mama (my papa's cousin sister), 5th Aunty, Mama, Aunty, Uncle
281105,Dome, Last Day at Perth Int Airport

@ Uncle house

Papa was the camera man

Cute Kangaroo

Joce with the Kangaroo

@ Fremantle


Joce @ Kings Park

Joce + Mama @ Kings Park

view from Kings Park

another view from Kings Park

with Wan Ling aka Zoe at the roadside of Curtin hostel
this prove that Joce was visiting Zoe when she study in Curtin last time.. hehehe

Lobby of Inter Continental Burswood Perth Hotel

Inter Continental Burswood Perth Hotel - this hotel internet supported by Inter-Touch

Burswood Resort Casino

191105, 2nd Day here.. Dim Sun Place

Date: 18th Nov - 28th Nov 2005
Location : Perth, Canning, Curtin U

I just realized
I did not take any photo with my papa before :(
entering Summer that time
It was hot in the morning
and cool at night
a nice and memorable trip
too bad I chose the wrong size of photo when I took it
this was my last family trip

Ladies and Gentleman
Have u ever took a photo with ur Papa or Mama
Do it b4 u regret it..

*this is his 5th 7 of him
and at this moment, I am at my hometown
I miss you so much, Papa*


zoe said...

yoyo, tat was ages ago...

Jocelynlai said...

haahaa yes lo..