Monday, July 19, 2010

Dining @ FullHouse, Sunway Pyramid

Hot Lemon Grass, RM 6.90

Mango Grape Blended, RM 6.90

Sea Coconut, RM 5.90

Mushroom Soup (with almond on top), RM 8.90

Tomato Soup (with crab meat on top) , RM 10.90

Chicken Chop, RM 16.90

Smooties Fish, RM 22.90

Mix Seafood RM 28.90

Date: 12th July 2010
Venue: FullHouse lifestyle store and cafe @ Sunway Pyramid
Addresss: LG1.96

sometimes I doubted how come don't have any feedback form
the waitress took the wrong order for my Mix Seafood, without repeated the ordered took
1st time served me with Chicken Chop, 2nd time served me with seafood pasta
and only 3rd time served me with correct thing
the decoration there is nice
service is really need to be improved alot
The food there is not bad

Food Rating: 8/10
Decoration: 9/10
Service: 5/10
Overall Rating: 7/10 (minus 2 marks for serving me with wrong food twice)