Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hunt For Food Month

Lately I seldom post in the blog
bcoz most of the time
we went to hunt for some food
2 weeks continuously
show us really enjoy our single life
more photos will be out soon

*perhaps keep eating is one of my way to release the Qs throw to me during the Tuesday call , the warning received recently and the silent response from the link I keep clicking
my luck is not good as more and more sev 2 or sev 1 issues are belong to me
I can't even smile during dinner @ Tony Roma's last nite
and I guess my blood pressure is increasing monthly by monthly*


. said...

OMG.... U still in IBM?

William Heng

Jocelynlai said...

arhh is u, William...
hahaha yes lo
i still here...
wei any Service Mgt job intro? heheheh