Sunday, August 21, 2016

Get Ready... Just Rock It 2016 KL

Back to IBM moment
I start to listen to Daughtry songs (2006)
from Daughtry to Kelly Clarkson
it shows that i more into rock type related songs after college time
switch from Fly FM to 988 recent years
I have not even watch any rock concert before
until the Now Here 2013
quite impressive on the responsive of the audience can sing so well even the singer suddenly stop
first time so impressive with the concert settings compare to so many concert I watch before
quite regretted I bought the wrong light stick as the original LED light stick sold out
end up i can see others light stick keep chainging colour according to the music and the controller
I wanted to buy the original one if I watch again
and today
ticket is ready
original LED light stick
and next is the T shirt of StayReal
the 17th Concert also the 13th concert (paid tickets) - Just Rock It 2016
I am ready :)

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