Sunday, August 21, 2016

Look back

this year resolution was pretty straight forward
helping other
blood donation part,  I was not done enough as of now
I met back the same uncle ( I met him last year at same place also bought food from him) who is having eye sight problem when having breakfast as ss2
not sure the real or not but i still help to buy things from this uncle
things to improve - to continue support if anyone trying to sell things by their own effort
Charity part has not done enough
- do enjoy the painting work earlier thru company event :)
- do enjoy the games for charity, pretty good job for the hungry games :)
will continue give back by supporting the event outside like One school One Year Charity event by Yu Yan Sang

At the same time, continue things as plan
continue read books - this year spend lesser time on reading
also continue the to buy list

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