Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Full Day Out

Slept @ 11 something the night b4
and woke up 10am in the morning
due to that day is Japan Holiday
(ngek ngek ngek)
heading to the Kelana Jaya's LDHN (Income Tax Office PJ Branch) using LDP
and that building already become LG
thus confirmed that the office has been moved to PJ Trade Centre at Damansara Perdana
reached there 1 something
the officer told me
due to my EA form part G is 0
i cannot use that EA form to deduct RM2400 as the petrol allowance =.="
left that place in 15 mins

and heading to 1U
I bought the purse I was looking for 2 months ago
stepped out from the G shop
decided go back to RCC @ Cyberjaya again using NKVE

talked to MP ppl
clear my mind
they will draft me a letter
for me to do the claim
and I can get the letter by the next day
(i need it urgently coz there will be a long holiday for Japan till Wed)

then continue my way to PJ using NKVE agian
Stopped at Lai V's brother house
and passed my book to the maid
continue the shopping @ 1 U

finally bought something from F 21 after last visit few years ago
and also bought something from PCS
well that all for my early birthday gift to myself

and met up Lai V at Pantai Seafood for dinner
I was waiting about 1 hour in the place (due to rain and jam and someone lost the way)
with the book on the hand
I did not scold her at all
perhaps I got something to do when waiting
After dinner, headed to Seksyen 17 and passed the Taiwan book to Jasmine

wat a tired day~~

Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri PJ Branch Office has been moved to
Block C, PJ Trade Centre

I just found out that my first time done the E Filling was in 2006 (declare 2005 income) - pioneer ppl do E Filling
this is the 5th year of E Filling I done
browsing through the E filling copy of 2005
I can say , they improved alot :)

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