Thursday, April 15, 2010

國立故宮博物院National Palace Museum - Taiwan Winter 2010 Day 5 Part 2

this is very super yummy steamboat when we on the way to National Palace Museum
We exit from the Taipei MRT station - Jian Tan 剑潭站 that time, we found a steamboat shop at our right side
too bad, I forgot the name of this shop, this is the seafood steamboat.. Rating: 9/10

the huge 貔貅, size is much much bigger than the 玉貔貅 I bought in Taipei

We managed to SQUEEZE our time and put in a slot to visit this meaningful place
I like to see the Chinese Calligraphy in the show room
nice :)
too bad the tools of Calligraphy are too expensive
especially the Mo Yan~

**not really like this place as too much of visitor and it was so crowded there**