Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Restaurant Ole Sayang Nyonya Food @ Melaka

the boss and wife who are baba and nyonya

the old style wooden chair u can find here

Reserved table

the Sour Duck soup , Rating : 7/10

this fried egg just normal, Rating: 5/10

Asam Fish, another nice dish , Rating: 7/10

Ayam Ponteh (one of the dishes of baba nyonya) , yummy , Rating: 8/10

Kang Kung Belacan with Cencalok - nice , Rating : 8/10

Date: 4th Apr 2010
Venue: Restaurant Ole Sayang Nyonya Food , Melaka Raya, Melaka
Persons: Ember, Joel and Jocelyn

Initially, this should be the farewell meal for Jue Yin aka Ember
however our dear Zoe unable to join due to she got appointment
so we will have another makan session as farewell for her this Saturday
and during the Nyonya food time
3 gals enjoyed the maximum
can you believe that
4 dishes + 1 soup were what we ate
very super full that noon
nice one :)
and that was my 3rd visit to the same shop
again after 2009 and 2008 with IBMers

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