Sunday, August 29, 2010

NiHon Kai Restaurant

ok , i m not really into this one

Potato Salad, still ok

not really Oishi food ne

very normal Japanese rice

the saba fish, so so only

Do you see the texture of the Salmon Sushi, its NOT FRESH!!


closer look of the not fresh Salmon

the BLACK COLOR of the "fresh prawn"

the inside look of the room... aircond and pails

Tang tang tang tang.... NIHON KAI restaurant

Restaurant: Nihon Kai Japanese Restaurant
Food Type: Local Japanese food
there are a lot of LOCAL customer pack the place
and expected, none Jaapnese was there
the food (sushi) was not cheap also
very disappointed when those sashimi and sushi served
its NOT fresh and the texture not nice
Will NOT come there for 2nd time.
Overall Ratings: 1/10

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