Sunday, September 26, 2010

Dining @ Rakuzen, Hartamas Shopping Center

soup in teapot - Dobin Mushi (どびんむし), RM 16

yum yum... another favourite - Hotate Mentai (ほたてめんたい), RM 26

Tempura Udon Set, RM 23

This tempura come with set

All time favouritate - Chuka Idako (ちゅかいだこ), RM 10

Nato(なと), Japanese bean with Lotus Root - Renkon Kinpira(れんこんきんぴら), RM 12
Nato is nice

the food we ordered :)

One of my Favourite, Saba fish - Saba Shioyaki (さばしおやき), RM 16 > taste quite nice

Hotate (ほたて) , RM 12 and Yakitori (やきとり), RM10

Unagiうなぎ and Ebikkoえびっき (again, Unagi.. hehe )

Joce with Jasmine

Suh Wuen with Jasmine

Joce with Suh Wuen

Date: 25th Sept 2010
Venue: Rakuzen, Hartamas
Address: P-17, Plaza Ground Floor,
Hartamas Shopping Center
Tel: 603 62012060
Food Serve: Japanese

This is to treat Jasmine for her birthday
hence I suggested this place
this is my 2nd visit
after the first visit with my ex CRM colleagues 1 year ago
and this place was introduced by Japanese

again, I ordered the Unagi..
I still prefer the one in Kuriya
Renkon Kinpira is quite nice and nato is good for beauty

Some compliments for them:
their service is good , where they keep filling up the Ocha (おちゃ) - Green Tea for us
and U will not find very hard to get them to serve you bcoz they keep passing by
Besides that,
We paid by using credit card and one of the waitress
informed us that the line was busy and she apologize for keeping us waiting
this is good to inform customer instead of waiting for no reason

Service : 9/10
Food: 8/10
Average: 8.5/10
Revisited: Yes, of coz

Note: you will able to find Japanese visit this place :)


pang said...

Bcoz of Jocelyn, she is "食神" i can eat a lot of delicious & variety of food if follow her out..haaa..
Thanks lo pretty...;p

Jocelynlai said...

hahahahaa thanks too kekke