Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ian Birthday Celebration

Sexy mummy, Celina + leng cai Ian

Ian scare the mascot

big box with the cake inside

tang tang tang tang - Ian's first 3D cake
sponsored by Tat Kee, Susan, Kim Lee & Joce
Design selected by Sexy mama

Susan + Isabelle

busy mummy

hehehe this little gal want me carry her... kekeke
this show kid still like Joce (ops, only Ian hate me :( )

Date: 28th Aug 2010
Time: 4- 5:30pm
Venue: A&W Subang Jaya

During Ian's 1st birthday celebration
I spent almost 2 hours to collect the cake @ Puchong Kinrara
coz the GPS bring me to no where =.=
thank god i reached the A&W on time

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