Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kuriya Japanese Restaurant @ Bangsar Shopping Center

this one, I 4got the name, anyhow, not nice at all

this is nice

the food of mine :) oishi ne (very very yummy)
the unagi is smooth and melted in your mouth once you bite it

Unagi Ishiyaki - RM 28.80

Unagi set lunch which cost RM32

Date: 19th Sept 2010
Venue: Kuriya Japanese Restaurant, Bangsar Shopping Center (BSC)
Type : Japanese Food
With: ex CRM colleagues - Izumi-san, Yoke Fun, Kim Lee, Susan Cho, Joce, Shiho-san

I knew this place when I saw Vialentino's blog
he mentioned need 3 to 4 digits to pay for the bill
well, we did not order any ala cart (like those sushi, sashimi)
so each person need to pay around RM50, which is quite ok
for a restaurant which always visited by Japanese native

I can say
My Unagi rice (not set lunch type) is very very delicious
And I managed to finish all the rice in that big bowl :)

Due to very hungry, I did not took any photo of the other food order by another 3 ladies

this is a good place to have a try

Price : a bit pricey (pricey even with the set lunch, but the quality of the food worth it)
Rating: 8/10
Revisiting: definitely YES


The Frangipani~ said...

i want to go !!!!

The Frangipani~ said...

i want to go !!!!