Monday, June 13, 2011

London Spring 2011 Day 6 : London Chinatown On 514

When u see the signboard in dual language, you should know you are entering London Chinatown :)

I joined a walking tour after few weeks later and the person brought us around said that this was given by China

Dai Kar Lok seems a common name here..

Chee brought us walked around many parks and then went to Chinatown for lunch.


Ripley's Believe It Or Not nearby Chinatown

I like this kind of phone booth..very classic

Date: 14 May 11
Venue: Chinatown, London

Walking around Chinatown while we were waiting for the restaurant open at 12PM
So far only 1 shop in Chinatown is selling the London olympic 2012 souvenir and its very very expensive
and most shops are selling the royal wedding's souvenir now

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