Wednesday, July 27, 2011

London Spring 2011 Day 12 : Dining @ MAKI Japanese Restaurant, Richmond

ocha - Japanese Green Tea

this one, so so

this yakitori (chicken) still not bad

Date: 20052011
Restaurant: Maki Japanese Restaurant
Address: 147-149 Kew Road
TW9 Richmond

this is the restaurant open by Hongkey I guess coz overheard the staff were talking in Cantonese
when I purposely tested the waitress I want ocha (おちゃ) - Japanese Green Tea as my drink,
the waitress gave me the expression of never know such thing
when I asked they got served chawanmushi (ちゃわんむし) - steam egg
the waitress asked me what is that and I , as the customer, had to explain what is that dish =.=" and of coz, they dun have this kind of simple thing
as a service line, u not even know the basic dish or drink of the line u involve
this was very disappoint me
If you wanted to try out Japanese food own by native Japanese, this one is not ur choice

quite disappointed as I was not able to try out the real Japanese restaurant that open by native during London.

Rating: 5/10

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