Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Recap : London Spring 2011 Day 41 - The Musical Museum, Kew Bridge

The last day in town - Visited Carluccio for the 3rd time as it was just walking distance from the hotel.

                                            finger food - fried calamari, as usual

                                                             the best seafood risotto

           The musical museum was the only museum I paid during that visit. £10 (RM49.60) per entry. Too bad cannot take pictures for all different kind of instruments displayed. The experience was marvelous as I cannot get any other special instruments from other places.

                                 The super cool performance piano. Check youtube 00:53

                                                         the hotel view from the Restaurant

                                 it used to be the wallpaper(another picture) - the office view from                                                                                  Restaurant

                                                           the walking path to office

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