Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Recap : London Spring Day 26 : My first Musical - Wicked

More into Phantom Of the Opera than Wicked. Yet chose Wicked on a Friday evening 7:30pm show, Left office before 5PM together with Anna Beddingfield. With bus and tube, we managed to reach there and had quick dinner before the show. Frankly speaking, this cannot be done in KL due to the heavy traffic.

               trying to choose the not so expensive view -  £42.50 =RM210.80 (+ Credit card                       charges) for this show (this is the price without the cocktail session drink)

                                    the background and scene were nice. Quite enjoy the theatre 

If there is a chance for revisit, Phantom Of the Opera is the next to go. #fail to get a single ticket for any theatre in 2013 with Anna again due to too last min#

Picture from the lost camera - Sony T900

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