Thursday, December 04, 2014

Recap : London Summer 2013 - Big Ben , Four Seasons Restaurant,

the best thing I ever experience is Chef On Call, Summer Sales, staying at Zone 1,2 (previous was at Zone 5)

for the sake to take good picture, went to buy this camera before the journey.

All pictures from Samsung Galaxy Camera

                             The Chef On Call - famous satay from MAS and it was delicious

                                                      Marriott Kensington

                                               1st place to go is to see them in summer

                                               no Doubt, 9PM , 18 July 2013 @ London, Zone 1

                                        First time experience the sunset at 9PM, pretty like this when day is                                                                       longer than night

                                             use video to record down nice place

         Heading to Leicester Square for dinner@ supper hour trying out the famous Four Seasons Restaurant originally from Chinatown London

                                               The yummy roasted duck

                                    The roasted pork, I prefer KL one

                                         spotted Chatime @ London, Chinatown

                                                           very long queue

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