Thursday, April 23, 2015

10 years。blogging VS Concert

I just realised my blog has mark for the 10th year

from the first few years, mostly only wording due to don't have cameras and previous generation phone is not tat high tech

later, I shared my feeling, my frustration, my sadness , my happiness

after that , can start to see photos and videos

then I aimed to write 366 posts a year, i started to write anything in order to achieve tat 

then the blog start to cool down and slow down due to everything is easy to share and post in fb


this year also mark the 10 year concert I had attended. But it does not mean i attended every year.

Started with 2005 - first concert was Jay Chow at Stadium Merdeka

this year is countless

1. Jay Chow @ Stadium Merdeka (first concert , also stand till the end)
2. Jolin Tsai @ Genting
3. Fish Leong Concert @ Stadium Putra
4. Russell Watson - Concert of Celebration by YTL Group during 50 years of YTL groups (concert by invitation, foc, first time i watch together with Agong, PM)

5. Michael Wong @ Putra Indoor Stadium 
6. David Tao @ Stadium Bukit Jalil
7. Emil Chow & Victor @ Setia Alam by SP Setia (foc)

8. SHE Concert @ Stadium Merdeka
9. Lim Yu Zhong concert @ Plenary Hall KLCC

10. Michael Wong Never Apart Live in Genting Concert @ Genting (first time I sat the 3rd row from the stage), video clip
11. Jay Chow @ Stadium Merdeka
+looks like i stop after 2008 -.-"+

12. Julio Iglesias - Concert Of Celebration 2011 by YTL Group (by invitation, foc)
13. MLTR Live in Stage @ Setia Alam by SP Setia (foc)

14. Mayday Now Here World Tour Concert @ Stadium Putra

15. Power Station @ Genting
16. Michael Wong @ Stadium Putra

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