Wednesday, April 15, 2009


today came in by 10 something in the morning
surprisingly to see one blue color Picanto which used to park at the uncovered car park now parking at the covererd car park @ SB
passby the car and there is no sticker (sticker is use to show the vehicle is pay for the coverred car park) on the screen
I was wondering why this car park at the covered coz few days ago i just saw this car park at uncovered
wanna find out and confirm if this car oredi pay for covered or just got ppl simply park at the covered during rainny day
if the result is 2nd one, its quite unfair to us who paid more for the covered but still got ppl paid for uncovered can park at the covered place
So damn smart, this morning it rains then can simply park at the covered one..
although car owner is smart, I m not blind , ok?
if those can simply park at the covered then wats the point we need to pay more for the covered parking?

commen sense..
if wanna change from uncovered to covered also start at the beggining of the month and now is the mid of the month....
I am still waiting for the result from the Car Park Mgt office for this clarification

**Customer have the rights to clarify the things they oredi paid off, am i right?
Sorry if the car owner is ur dream gal or wat.. coz they should only get what they paid for
I just wanna get the service of wat I had paid**

Update as per 2pm..
went out for lunch and found out the car owner has removed the car
duno is the action taken by the car park mgt office or the car owner seng muk
anyhow tats it..
if 1 more time, might consider another fren suggestion, send email to RCC operation on this kind of issue..

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