Friday, April 10, 2009

Unforgettable Experience

This happened in 2005
when i was still working in ITT @ Menara Keck Seng , Jln Bukit Bintang
during the training period, i was on normal shift..
that was my only lrt and monorial life
one day after work, passed by the JW Marriot Hotel entrance
suddenly a guy blocked my way
started his own story
his wallet had been stolen, went to police station report it and police did not want to borrow him $$
he was rushing for a flight to fly back Sarawak and need $$ to take KLIA express have no $$ now
I knew he might be lying that time
but I worried the more I spent time with him, he might play some tricks on me and make me go to atm to take $$
I dun wan this kind of things happen, no more words but rm50 gave him
I knew his number never work and he also never call me back to return the $$
but its hardly to believe it just happened in front the entrance of this 5 star hotel
after I gave him that rm 50, I was regretted
I should buy him monorial ticket to go to the KL Sentral with him since I also need to go there
I should go to the KLIA Express booth in KL Sentral and buy him the ticket rather than giving him the $$
but nothing else I could do since it already happened
this was my lesson as a fresh grad

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