Friday, December 25, 2009

Super Kichen's Chilly Pan Mee

the shop

Chilly - that make ppl cry

love the pan mee

this is another famous Thai Style Tou Fu

Spicy spicy

Date: 8th Dec 2009
Venue: Super Kitchen's Chilly Pan Mee - 5th Branches in Taipan USJ
Persons: Tomomi, Kim Lee, Cho Hyun Jung (Susan), Belle, Jocelyn

ok I had visited this shop for 4 times in a month, and twice in a week
I m not a person who love pan mee so much
but once I try out this Chilly Pan Mee
I keep bringing my colleague and my friends to the same shop ahahhaaa
and now I fall in love with it

Hint: if u wanna get a space, u would need to be there b4 8pm
and this shop Open Daily

**Photos taken by Sony T900**


Joel said...

i want i want!

Jocelynlai said...

hahaha jom lets go..